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6 Best Wand Scanner in 2021

Do you also find the need to execute business without chaining yourself to your office desk or workplace? While this is extremely possible, there is a need for the right devices. One such piece of equipment is a portable handheld scanning machine.

A wand scanner is an indispensable tool for library researchers, students, and mobile business personnel. It gives you the convenience of carrying out a quick scan of memos, business cards, and library references. Such a portable scanner also excellently scans contracts, receipts, and photos.

Thus, these essential machines are practically useful in courtrooms, public libraries, and wherever you may need to scan a document on the spot. They are portable and operate on batteries to enable scanning from anywhere.

However, like most devices, not all scanners are the same. It’s, therefore, important to state that only the best wand scanners will deliver an excellent piece of work.

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1. VuPoint ST470 Magic Wand Portable Scanner | Best Wand Scanner For Books

Vupoint’s ST470 Magic Wand is arguably the most famous wand scanner that you will find in the market today. It is a multifunctional device that mostly works as a wand scanner while also performs remarkably well at the workplace for auto feeding photos and paper.

It is a piece of ideal equipment for scanning books. The feature makes it a perfect machine for students and researchers. So, scanning books or historical documents using these neat little gadgets save a lot of time. Well, the VuPoint ST470 Magic Wand Portable Scanner also does well when you need to scan old photos. If you like the 2-in-1 characteristic of this device, then the product is worth every coin.

Feeder type scanning machines will not scan bound pieces or larger volumes of work like books or magazines. The ST470 does this flawlessly. All you need to do is move your wand over the source to capture the image.

It offers a DPI of 1050, but this can go up to 1200 if you decide to dock the device. The considerably high image density enhances image enlargements. More conveniently, the scanner comes with a rechargeable battery that’s capable of making at least 400 scans in a single charge.

More importantly, you got the convenience to preview your scans, thanks to the 1.5″LCD screen.

Highlighted Features

1. It features an 8GBSD card, but the slot accommodates up to 32GB.

2. It can scan documents of up to 8.5″ wide by 125 inches long.

3. It features both auto-feed and handheld scanning modes.

4. A Li-polymer battery powers it.

2. VuPoint Solutions PDS-ST415-VP Handheld Portable Scanner | best handheld photo scanner

Are you looking for a way to digitally save your kid’s drawings? Or, are you interested in digitally saving newspaper clippings for future reference, or maybe sharing images with friends on Instagram or Facebook?

Either way, the VuPoint Solutions PDS-ST415 Handheld Portable Scanner provides you with a reliable solution. You don’t need to hire someone.

The company, VuPoint Solutions, has continued to churn high-quality scanning devices. In the PDS-ST415VP, you have a tool that faultlessly helps you to scan and organize a range of documents digitally.

Another unique feature of this VuPoint magic wand scanner is the inclusion of a bonus Optical Character Recognition capability. The software, as you may already know, helps to convert files into editable text documents. That means that you’ll be able to edit documents on any Windows device.

The device is incredibly lightweight and portable. Therefore, it is possible to tag your scanner to any destination. Take your scanner to family gatherings, sales meetings, courthouses, and libraries.

Finally, a lot of conveniences come with the auto white/color balance included in this system. This feature, coupled with variable scan resolution settings, enables high-quality scanned images.

Highlighted Features

1. Variable resolution ranges from 300/600/900 dpi.

2. It comes with a protective carry case for portability.

3. The package includes an 8GB microSD card to store scans.

4. It has a fantastic scanning speed.

3. MUNBYN WiFi Document Scanner | Best Handheld Document Scanner

If you are looking for a high-quality portable scanner with reliable connectivity, then the MUNBYN WiFi Document Scanner is what you need. Bearing in mind that mobile scanning devices are standalone tools, it’s only logical that they have a suitable transfer mode.

The inclusion of WiFi connectivity into this device makes it possible to transfer photos, documents, and other files without any computer interface. Moreover, you will be able to do this without using a USB cable.

The scanner also features a massive 16GB memory card. Indeed, there is no doubt that 16GB space is enough to hold thousands of files before you transfer them. More importantly, the MUNBYN portable scanning tool has a maximum resolution of 1050dpi.

Again, additional features to this mechanism include OCR software and a color LED screen to help you preview your scans before you share them. And, like most handheld wand scanners, this device scans in both JPEG and PDF formats.

The fact that it facilitates faultless A4 size scanning makes it an appropriate tool to scan legal and other official documents, including receipts and contract papers.

Highlighted Features

1. It comes with a 16GB microSD storage.

2. WiFi connectivity enables smooth transfer of files.

3. You have the convenience to choose from a range of resolutions.

4. LED screen enables preview options.

4. Aibecy Portable Handheld Wireless Scanner | Best Handheld Portable Scanner

You’re probably working on a budget and wondering if you can find an excellent portable wireless scanner!  Well, don’t fret over it. The Aibecy Portable Handheld Wireless Scanner is your ideal solution. It comes at an amazingly favorable price without sacrificing the primary features of a portable scanner.

It’s a portable wand that perfectly fits in your palm. Moreover, the device is one of the most lightweight handheld wands at a paltry under one pound. These features, together with the inclusion of a well-fitting carry bag, make the machine the most portable in its category.

Well, like more costly scanners, the scanner has up to 900 dpi in resolution. The feature ensures that you can conveniently produce functional quality scans. Again, the scanner scans up to A4 size papers making it a necessary machine for students and business people on the move.

Look, this is a very easy to use piece of equipment. Interestingly, the device features a real-time scanning detector built into the system. Intuitively, the light turns green when scanning is on course and red when you are too quick. The feature helps to avoid image distortion.

The system doesn’t come with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Instead, it works well with a pair of AA dry cells. You can, therefore, pack enough for your mission. Whether this is a merit or demerit is all up to you to decide.

Highlighted Features

1. It supports up to 32GB microSD card.

2. The scanning detector makes it easy to use.

3. The device comes at a favorable price.

4. It has an auto power-off feature.

5. VuPoint Solutions ST47 Mini Scanner | Best Portable Scanner Wand

Do you want a scanner that goes beyond your ordinary portable scanner? You see, you got to trust the VuPoint Solutions ST47 Mini Scanner. You are sure to use it anywhere and to scan anything.

The device helps you to document everything when you are out there. You can faultlessly scan books, letters, fabrics, and old notes. More importantly, you can scan labels on glass bottles, metallic cans, and plastic containers.

It is a stunningly lightweight and simple scanner. However, if you think that lightweight means poor quality scanning, then you are mistaken. The device produces sharp images, thanks to the high resolution of up to 1050 dpi. Also, it conveniently saves you’re your images in JPEG or PDF formats.

The inclusion of zoom features of up to x8 is another lucrative aspect that is difficult to wish away. In addition to that, the integration of Optical Character Recognition Software stands out as you can enjoy the luxury of editing images.

To cap it all, this wand scanner comes with unbeatable wireless features. It enables instant sharing of images. The perfect combination of WiFi, the 1.5” LCD screen, and the free app enables instant upload to Cloud. Indeed, there’s no better way to go paperless.

Highlighted Features

1. The device scans anything, including artwork, old notes, and papers.

2. It features a scan resolution of up to 1050dpi.

3. It is compatible with both Mac and PC.

4. The device has terrific wireless features that facilitate instant sharing.

5. The device is simple and easy to use.

6. IRIScan Book 5 Mobile Wand Portable Handheld Color Scanner

Handheld scanners are gaining rapid popularity and if you are looking for one that would suffice your needs on the go, the IRIScan Book 5 Mobile Wand Portable Handheld Color Scanner is a good option to consider buying.

Ideally, portability and lightweight enough to travel with, this color scanner supports up to 120 dpi scanning for higher scanning speed and crisp and perfect reproduction of images like no other. It takes 1 sec for a b/w document and 2 secs for a color document.

The device comes integrated with 1 battery that can seamlessly scan up to 250 pages without any issues. The highly effective and responsive functions of this scanner allow you to convert any paper to a PDF document or an image file as per your requirements.

Not just standard documents, you can also scan old photographs using this scanner and preserve them for future use, especially in the kind of format that you deem suitable. The scanner easily connects to a computer for easy transfer of the scanned documents and photos.

One unique feature of this scanner is that it comes with a bonus optical character recognition software that allows you to convert your saved documents into editable text with word processing and spreadsheet software like no other.

The plug-and-play functions of this scanner can scan 8.27 inches long documents in as little as 3 seconds, which is pretty impressive if you ask us. Also, the scanner is compatible with both PC and Mac. The only notable downside to this scanner is that it doesn’t come with any kind of warranty on the product.

Highlighted features

1. Efficient scanning speed and functions

2. Ideal for documents and old photographs

3. Can connect via USB cable

4. Comes with OCR software integrated

5. Compatible with PC and Mac

Ultimate Buying Guide For The Wand Scanner

As stated already, all these portable scanners come with different features. The following are some of the things you need to consider when shopping for a portable scanner;

A. Type Of Scanner

The only distinction to make about portable scanners is their mode of scanning. In this case, we have feeder type portable scanners and handheld scanners.

Sheet-fed Scanners

These types of scanning machines work by drawing the document through the feeder. The scanner does all the work for you to provide a perfect image.

Handheld Scanning Machines

Look, handheld scanners create images by being waved slowly and gently over flat surface objects. They do not have a lot of limitations while it comes to the size of the item you intend to scan. However, for the finest results, it will take you some practice to move the device over the object seamlessly.

B. Type Of Work You Intend To Accomplish

What do you want to use the scanner for? Well, if your primary mission will include scanning books and other bound items such as magazines, then you have no choice but to opt for a handheld scanner.

Moreover, the best scanner wand can scan nearly any flat objects, including carpets, floral patterns, and any other objects with flat surfaces.

On the other hand, a feeder type scanner works when you need to take images of receipts, business cards, and other single-leaf documents of standard sizes. While they feature size limitations, their significant advantage is the considerably higher DPI and, consequently, better image resolutions.

C. Battery Life

You will undoubtedly be working away from your office and the convenience of your power source. But there’s no doubt that these devices need electrical power to operate.

Nearly all of them come with rechargeable batteries. However, battery life is something you want to consider. Models that don’t come with rechargeables will efficiently use AA batteries.

Is the battery life sufficient to support your work for an entire day? How many high-quality scans can the battery sustain before it goes low for a recharge? Look through the battery specifications to find out if your ideal scanner has sufficient power to support your project in a single charge.

D. Storage Capacity

You will need reliable storage for your scans. Since you’ll be most certainly be working from remote areas, you need a wand scanner with an appropriate storage capacity to store keep your scans until when you can conveniently transfer them to your desktop or laptop.

Again, we know that laptops are handy and may stay connected to your scanning machine as you work. However, this is only convenient when you are at your workplace. The right scanning machine should have sufficient micoSD capacity to store a few thousands of files independently.

Take a look at the following best scanner wand reviews to find out the device that suits your needs.

Final Words

More people acknowledge the fact that not all businesses will happen at the workplace, hence more interest in portable handheld scanners. These simple devices cannot replace flatbed scanners. However, they come with a lot of efficiency and convenience.

Imagine being able to scan anything from anywhere! Yes, such efficiency ensures that you don’t miss any details. More importantly, there is a guarantee that work does not stop.


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