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Best Toilet Auger 2020

Dealing with a clogged toilet is quite a messy affair. Having the right tool comes in handy in helping you clear the mess without much hassle. A toilet auger is purposely designed for this and is one of the tools you should consider having in your home. The benefit of having a toilet auger is in the versatility of applications it can accomplish as compared to tools such as a toilet plunger.

With a toilet auger, you also have the advantage of that you can easily use it to unclog other parts of the drainage system such as sinks which are also prone to clogging. As a result, it makes it an ideal purchase for your home due to its effectiveness and numerous applications.

 When it comes to the purchase of the best toilet auger like in the case of any other tool, it is important to consider things such as functionality and cost.

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Toilet Auger Reviews

1. RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH | Best Plumbing Auger

The RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH is potentially the ultimate toilet and sinks auger there is in the market. This auger offers a plus in every aspect there is to consider and it is not cheap. Indeed, it is on the high side but for what it offers, there is value for the dollars spent. As a result, this toilet auger is highly recommended where the budget allows.

Manufactured in the United States, the quality is superb and it is made to cater to the local needs without taking any shortcuts. This makes it a great buy since you can be assured that this will be a one of purchase.

Six feet in length, the RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH offers great functionality since it will be able to handle even the most disturbing clogs you are likely to encounter. Combined with the strength, this toilet auger makes quite a handy tool. Also, the tool comes with a vinyl guard. This is purposely designed to offer protection to the porcelain and other plumbing surfaces and thus chipping and scratching is eliminated.

With the kink-resistant cable that comes with this toilet snake, the process of unclogging is made more effective. You are also able to work on even the most stubborn stoppages that you are likely to encounter in a home setup. This includes rages, sticks, and even roots.

Highlighted Features

1. Protects porcelain from chipping using the vinyl guard.

2. The cable is kink resistant.

3. The toilet auger is 6-foot long.

4. Offers easy snap-on cable attachment.

5. It is manufactured in the United States.

2. Cobra Products 40030 | Best Plumbing Snake For Home Use

Cobra Products 40030 3/8-Inch by 3-Feet Home Toilet Auger, 3/8 in X 3 ft, Black & Gray
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • The product is highly durable and easy to use

When looking for a compact plumbing snake for home use, the Cobra Products 40030 is a great choice. It is reasonably priced and it is sized at 3 foot making it a great choice for most mild blockages. This is because most blockages happen within the first few inches of the toilet, sink or a drain.

With the small size, it is also easy to work with in terms of ergonomics as well as storage while it is not in use. The plumbing snake is also stylish while also being effective and easy to use making it ideal for any modern home.

The Cobra Products 40030 is well built featuring a molded plastic for the handle making it easy to work with. At the same time, it also ensures that it is strong and durable when well taken care of. The unclogging bit is made up of a high carbon spring wire measuring 3/8 inches by 3 foot. This makes it the best plumbing snake to work with around the house.

When it comes to handling and installation of this plumbing snake, the process is quite easy and fast. This makes it an ideal tool for virtually everyone in a home. Also to ensure that the surfaces in which it is used on are not damaged by scratches or even chipping, the Cobra Products 40030 features a poly safety tube which is a big plus making it the best sink snake.

Highlighted Features

1. This plumbing snake is made in China.

2. Comes with a poly safety tube to prevent scratching.

3. Has a high carbon spring wire measuring 3/8-inches by 3-foot.

4. Turning handle made of molded plastic

5. Easy installation and handling of the plumbing snake.

3. MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner | Best Toilet Snake For Home Use

MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner Drain Auger,Sink Dredge Pipeline Cleaner,Drain Snake Hair Catcher for Bathroom Tub, Toilet,Clogged Drains, Dredge Pipe, Sewers,Sink, Kitchen Sink Slow Drain Relief
  • This drain cleaner is an extra-long 39.30 inch clog remover to reach deep into drains to remove any clogs and debris.
  • The drain snake cleaner great for sinks, tubs, basins, showers and more. simply insert drain clog removal tool down the clogged pipe, give it a few twirls and remove.

Featuring a simplistic design, MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to handle unclogging in their home. It is easy to use based on the design and it can go around in most of the areas you are likely to encounter clogging.

For cleaning and disinfecting the toilet snake, it comes with a silicone handle that is resistant to high temperatures. This allows you to use hot water for cleaning and disinfecting. As such, storage and handling of this tool is greatly enhanced as it does not pose any health hazard. This is quite important especially when it comes to DIY tasks around in your home.

This amazing toilet snake comes with wound-steel spring that is flexible and bendable. As a result, it can get into tight spaces that could be challenging to most other tools in the category. Also, with the upgraded tail spring design, you can be assured that this toilet auger will reach and unclog crevices and even narrow curves.

With a length of 39.30 inches, the MIBOW Drain Snake Cleaner is among the small best toilet snake. For the majority of the applications, this is a plus as it offers flexibility when it comes usability. Also, the fact that it is a one-piece is another plus as it eliminates the incidents where you might get the tool snapping while using it. This could be a disaster and potentially lead to high plumbing costs.

Highlighted Features

1. High-temperature resistant silicon handle.

2. Bendable and flexible wound-steel spring.

3. An ideal DIY tool for your home.

4. Easy to use one-piece tool.

4. 5 in 1 Drain Snake Cleaner | Best Hand Auger

5 in 1 Sink Snake Cleaner Drain Auger Hair Catcher, Sink Dredge Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tools for Kitchen Sink Bathroom Tub Toilet Clogged Drains Dredge Pipe Sewers Forlivese
  • ❤ Unique Combinations: 5 pieces, 3 styles, multiple sizes for any use, suitable for a variety of pipelines
  • ❤ Multifunction: Suitable for kitchen sinks, toilets, washbasin, bathtubs, floor drains, help you clean drain, handle blockages

Clogging of sinks and other sections of the drainage system is as a result of multiple things. In most of the cases, the accumulation leading to the clog is usually gradual. For sinks, large particles and hairs are a leading. With this 5 in 1 Drain Snake cleaner, you will have a chance to run both preventive practices as well as be able to resolve a full-scale clog should you experience it in your home.

Coming with five separate bits this is an exciting package that is both practical as well as effective for home application. It offers the best combination that has practically figured out virtually all aspects of unclogging any drainage in your home. It is a multifunction tool that is suitable for kitchen sinks, toilets, bathtubs, wash basins, and even floor drains with great ease.

The five different tools offer varying lengths and this is important in cleaning the different areas in a home. Ranging from 40 inches to 20.1 inches, you can be sure to handle most of the different needs that might arise.

The cleaners are made of PP plastic and stainless steel. Both of these materials are environmentally friendly and are also durable making it a great combination. As a result, they are strong, highly flexible, recyclable, and effective when it comes to cleaning. At a cheap price, this is definitely a great purchase and one that is worth considering.

Highlighted Features

1. Made of stainless steel and PP plastic.

2. 5-in-1 with three styles and varying lengths.

3. Multifunctional across multiple home plumbing surfaces.

4. Environment friendly and recyclable tools.

5. General Wire SpringI-T6FL-DH | best drain auger 

When looking for a drain auger that will for sure not disappoint, the General wire springl-T6FL-DH is the tool to turn to. It is solidly built to ensure that it will perform all the required tasks as far as unclogging of systems is concerned. The build quality is also meant to ensure that it lasts for a very long time.

Coming at a total length of 6-foot, this is one of the longest toilet augers available in the market and this guarantees that you will be able to handle even the blockages that might occur even deep into the drainage system.

Featuring a vinyl grip handle and a die cast aluminum turning handle, the General wire springl-T6FL-DH is surely strong and durable and when working with it. Also, there are no constant fears of breaking it as opposed to other tools in the same category that has a weak handle. In addition to the strong handle, there is also protection to the surfaces with the use of a vinyl bowl guard. This ensures that there are no scratches on the surfaces when the tool is in operation.

The General wire springl-T6FL-DH has also proven itself to work as it is supposed to and with great convenience. This is very important in avoiding making plumbing calls which are not only expensive but also inconvenient. It is, therefore, a tool that is recommended for every home and it is well worth the dollars spent owing to the overall savings achieved over time.

Highlighted Features

1. Comes with a down head wire end.

2. Turning handle made from die cast aluminum.

3. Vinyl handle grip and bowl protector

4. 6-foot overall length for great functionality

Best toilet auger Buying Guide


Generally, toilet augers come in a variety of sizes and as a result, it is important to consider the size you would wish to work with when making your purchase. Typically, you will find the most common sizes to be six feet and the three feet.

The three feet tend to be easy to work with and deploy when it comes even to other areas such as sinks due to the small size. It is also easier to handle and work with especially on tight spots.

A six feet toilet auger offers the best practicality as well as assurance that you will be able to clear out most of the clogs that you might find around your home. The sheer length ensures that you can work around virtually any mess.


The cost of an item is an important aspect when it comes to the purchase of any item. In most cases, you will find that different items in a particular category have different prices and the case is not any different for a toilet auger. In some of the cases, the disparity is quite big and consideration has to be made on what best suits the need within a particular budget.

In all cases, value for the cash spent is what matters the most. With prices ranging from $5 to $54, this is surely one of the things you have to deal with. As a result, it is important to settle on the toilet auger that offers the most functionalities for the money spent.


In most cases, the issue of quality is highly related to the cost of an item. However, it is good to note that quality should never be compromised when it comes to the purchase of any item and it is the case when it purchasing the best auger.

The country where the toilet auger was made can also be another pointer when considering the issue of quality as it is a fact that some countries are synonymous with good quality as compared to others. Also, the material used to make the item is an important aspect of how well built an item is and should also be considered.

Ease of use

Given that the reason you are seeking to purchase a plumbing snake is so that you can be able to use it around your home. This is indeed the case with virtually any other tool and as a result, the best plumbers snake will be the one that is easy to use while at the same time being effective.

In most cases, the innovative products in this category will ensure that ease of use is achieved. It is also common to find other aspects involved in determining a purchase such as the price. This is because an easy to use tool has a high preference among customers and consequently a high demand.

Mechanism of the auger

With the different plumbing snakes, it is common to find that the mechanisms used for operation are different. Therefore, the mechanism of the auger is an important aspect of consideration when it comes to the purchase of a sink or a toilet snake.

Essentially, simplicity is important as well as the effectiveness of the auger when it comes to the final application. In this, the fewer the moving parts involved the better though this might hinder other aspects that are important such as ease of use and effectiveness. However, with a solidly built toilet auger, regardless of the mechanism it deploys, you can be assured that it will be effective.

Final Words

Toilet augers or as they are popularly referred to toilet or sink snakes are important tools to have in every home. They are quite practical and their applications are quite diverse. Also with the diversity on the price points, you can be sure to find one that will suit your needs and at your budget. In fact, there is no excuse for not having one for your home given that they come in all size and shapes.

When it comes to determining the best toilet auger for a home, this is quite a challenge as different people would settle on different tools due to their unique requirements. However, the best thing is that there are sufficient tools to choose from.

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