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6 Best Spare Bowling Ball in 2021

Do you ever go bowling and feel really good about hitting a couple of strikes but then you see all these other people who walk in with extra bowling balls in their hands? And you think to yourself, why do people need to carry extra bowling balls when there are plenty over here?

Well you can stop wondering about them now because the answer to that is those are spare bowling balls. No, spare bowling balls aren’t their “lucky charms” or magical balls. The best spare bowling ball is a different kind of bowling ball that is used to pick up those tricky spares.

list of top Bowling Ball For Shooting Spares

Spare Bowling Ball Reviews

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball | Best Bowling Ball For Backup Bowler 

While your friends and colleagues excitedly talk about the last bowling match that took place in between them over the lunch break, you might have wondered if it’s really worth all the fuss, right?

Well, why don’t you give it a try and find out?

If you are just curious and don’t want to spend a lot of money on this item initially, then take a look at the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space for instance, which is an excellent starter bowling ball for a beginner.

Although all ball looks similar at first glance, soon you will begin to notice some fine details that make each of them pretty unique!

Brunswick Tzone features a swirl pattern with a Royal Blue, White and Black color combination. Don’t like what you see? You will also be able to get a chance to pick a color of your preference from its collection which includes Blue, Gold, Green, Pink and several other variations.

The easiest way to get your hand better at this game for a beginner is to shoot straight for the target. And that’s exactly what Tzone excels at!

The polyester coverstock allows it to glide straight towards the lane with no additional assistance. The symmetric core gives you the flexibility to control the movement, which comes in handy for a newcomer.

The ball is fairly lightweight. It moves graciously and keeps you safe from getting injured even if you become a little bit clumsy and uncoordinated on your first training session!

Highlighted Features

1. It’s suitable for people of different age groups including kids and women.

2. It offers you different color options to choose from.

3. Tzone is an excellent spare ball that’s great for beginners.

4. It weighs less than others and keeps you safe from getting injured.

5. It performs well on dry and medium-dry lanes.

2. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball | Best Custom Bowling Balls

Being the middle child of a family is an awkward position. On one hand, you can’t behave childishly like your younger sibling, on the other, not everyone will take your opinion as seriously as they do in the case of your big brother!

The same theory applies when you are stuck at an intermediate level in your game. You can’t call yourself as a pro yet, again, an amateur style doesn’t suit you at this stage!

The best decision at this point is to choose a good quality ball that gives you enough flexibility to lean on both sides at the same time.

Take a look at Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball for instance. With its mid-performance range, the ball allows you to thrive as a newbie as well as shows great hook potential depending on your delivering techniques.

The color you choose reflects your personality to others. That’s why this bowling ball comes with 9 different color combinations that you can choose from. Unboxing this item is a treat to the eyes, as the product comes finished with its 1500-grit polish, looks all sharp and ready to roll at this very moment!

The Pyramid Path Rising model believes in versatility. With the New Era 139 core, it gives you the option to choose your drilling location all by yourself!

Whether you want a stronger backend or go long and hook hard like a pro, you can explore all your wishes and level up your skill quite easily.

Highlighted Features

1. It comes with a wide range of weight options for your convenience.

2. Reactive Pearl coverstock allows you to experiment with different techniques.

3. It performs well on medium-oil lanes.

4. It comes with a polished finish and gives you a smooth experience.

5. You have the option to choose your preferred drilling location.

3. Motiv Midnight Sniper | Best Motiv Bowling Ball

As the name suggests, the Motiv Midnight Sniper actually works like a sniper to pick out those spares. What makes it so special? It shoots exactly the way you intend it to be. It can go straight down the middle or any path you want it to go to.

In terms of weight, the Motiv Midnight Sniper ranges from 12 pounds to all the way to 16 pounds. This basically gives the users a variety of weight ranges to pick from meaning you can pick the best one suited to your comfort.

The cover stock or the material of the Midnight Sniper is made of polyester and urethane. This is a strong and durable spare ball that’ll last for quite some time.

Finally, when it comes to performance, you can use the Midnight Sniper in almost any bowling lanes whether it is dry lanes or lanes which are covered in oil. Your performance won’t face any declining effect thanks to the quality of the ball.

Highlighted Features

1. High accuracy to pick up spares

2. It comes undrilled so you can fit it perfectly to your measurements.

3. Able to play on a number of surfaces so adaptability isn’t an issue.

4. Storm Clear White/Navy | Best Storm Bowling Ball

Next in line for our spare bowling balls is the Storm Clear White/Navy. This is the ultimate spare bowling ball for people who prefer the simplistic design of Storm Clear.

In terms of weight this one once again comes in ranges from 12 pounds to 16 pounds. However, most users prefer the 16 pounds ball as it gives them a very good momentum when swinging for those spares.

So if you are a strong person who has no trouble with heavy bowling balls the Storm Clear White/Navy should be your top priority.

The material of this bowling ball is clear polyester or plastic. As is the case with most plastic balls, there is no hook which gives you the chance to bowl straight.

When it comes to performance the Storm Clear is your best bet to get straight shots. The polyester cover stock resists hooks so there is very little chance of you missing the spare. If you are someone who always ends up with spares down the middle then this should be your choice.

Highlighted Features

1. Hook less than most of the bowling balls made of plastic.

2. Cheaper than most counterparts.

3. Perfect grip for the player.

5. Storm Ice Storm Blue/White | Best Mid Performance Bowling Ball

Our final nominee for the top bowling spare bowl is the Storm Ice Storm Blue/White. This is one of the bowling balls that can ensure a consistent performance. It is also the perfect spare bowl for beginners.

As it stands, the ball only comes out in 15 pounds size meaning it is quite heavy. However the performance is almost perfect, rolling down the lane like a laser. This could easily be the best bowling ball for shooting spares.

The polyester pearl cover stock gives it a shining appearance but it also allows the ball to not collect any sort of dirt. This ensures the ball never goes off its trajectory and help pick up the spares.

Highlighted Features

1. 3500 grit polished smooth surface.

2. Very little traction on most lanes.

3. Keeps its shine and does not collect dirt.

6. Hammer OTB Black Widow Black Spare Bowling Ball

If grunge and dark vibes is your thing, the Hammer OTB Black Widow Black Spare Bowling Ball is the perfect spare bowling ball that you can consider buying. Aside from the fact that it’s pretty expensive for a bowling ball, you can’t forego the quality it comes with.

The ball is made with high-quality and extremely durable polyester material, something that is meant to last you for longer than you’d ever imagine it to be. Keep in mind that the image isn’t embedded into the ball, so it will eventually come off after years of playing.

If you are a recreational bowler and want to get your hands on a good quality bowling ball with a sleek and premium design, this is your safest bet. Also, the ball weighs in at 10 lbs, which is not that hard for you to lug around, in case you need to.

The one good and unique thing about this ball is how unique the design is. Aside from the good quality construction, the external printing on the bowling ball is pretty amazing and catches your attention from the get-go.

Highlighted features

1. Premium design with a unique print

2. Made with polyester material

3. Weighs around 10 lbs

4. Print isn’t embedded into the bowling ball

Why Use A Spare Bowling Ball?

You’ll see most people who bowl usually carry two bowling balls. One is the strike ball which is initially used to hit the bowling pins. The other one is spare bowling ball which they use to strike the remaining pins.

The reason for that?

Different bowling alleys have different bowling lanes. Some have smoother surfaces, while some are comparatively stickier. Using a spare bowling ball allows you to adjust to any condition and help you get a good accuracy.

Best Bowling Spare Ball Buying Guide

Now there are a lot of bowling spares in the market. The main problem is to find out which one is the right one for you. In order to find that one has to look at a set of criteria that make a sparing ball perfect for you. The criteria are weight, material and performance.


In order to find the right bowling ball for spares one has to consider the weight. This is because the weight can determine how good your swing will be and how much momentum you can channel when you release the ball.

The best spare ball will always give you that perfect swing that is likely to help you pick up the remaining pins. And for that you need to get the weight just right. So having the right weight is important.


Now if you are looking for the perfect spare bowling ball then another thing you should look into is the material of the ball itself. This is because the material will determine how much grip you can get with the ball when swinging.

Apart from the grip, the material of the bowling ball will also determine how it fares in different conditions of the bowling lanes. Some of the spare balls are made of polyester while some have plastic coatings.


Of course if you are looking for a spare ball then performance should be of the utmost importance. After all, the performance of the spare will determine if you are actually picking up those spares or you losing the game altogether.

Judging the performance of the ball is harder but that’s why we are here to give you an in depth idea regarding which best spare balls For Bowling you should buy and get those wins the next time you go in the alley.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of different kinds of spare bowling balls out there. However, if you truly want to buy the best bowling ball for spares then the ones mentioned above will be the right choice for you.

Keep in mind that you have to consider your own requirements as to what you are looking for when choose the best spare bowling ball.

The ones mentioned above pretty much covers all the requirements of anyone who is looking to buy a spare ball and start winning their bowling matches.

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