Best Scanner For Medium Format Film

Best Scanner For Medium Format Film 2020

Shooting photographs from an analog film camera is not only nostalgic but also comes with an array of benefits. Think about the surprise element occasioned by not being able to preview your shots.

Or, think about the distinct organic feel and look that you get from the films and prints and the extreme level of care you need when developing the photos.

But you won't like them when your precious film negatives begin to languish in the attic. No one does, anyway. Every dedicated analog film camera photographer, therefore, longs for a more relaxed and more convenient way to digitize the films. Well, your solution lies in getting the best scanner for medium format film.

These devices help you to scan and save digital copies of your negatives into a computer device. So, you don't always have to print the photos in fear of tampering with the negatives.

List of Scanners for Medium Format Film 

Scanners For Medium Format Film reviews

1. Epson Perfection V600 Scanner | Best Film Negative Scanner

Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document Scanner
  • Create extraordinary enlargements from film: 6400 x 9600 dpi for enlargements up to 17 Inches x 22 Inches. Maximum Scan Area 8.5 x 11.7 inches. TPU 2.7 x 9.5 inches
  • Remove the appearance of dust and scratches from film: Digital ICE for Film

Not so many manufacturers come close to Epson when it in the computer accessories industry. They have been in the market for years and built a reputation across the borders. Well, the Epson Perfection V600 Scanner adds to this illustrious reputation.

It is a remarkably versatile product that delivers high-quality scans from slides, films, negatives, photos, and your everyday type of documents. The high resolution of 6400x9600dpi offers excellently precise and vivid productions. Well, the device provides sharp enlargements of up to 17 by 22 inches.

A Dmax of 3.4 and a staggering 48-bit rating further adds to the scan quality of the Epson Perfection V600. The lucrative combination of features makes the scanner an excellent tool for any film photographer — particularly those who want to go beyond merely printing negatives.

The manufacturer includes a digital ICE for prints and films. It is a powerful technology that removes scratches and dust from films, slides, and negatives to produce professional scans. Besides, ICE technology eliminates the appearances of creases and tears from old, damaged photos hence no expense in unnecessary retouching of old photos.

Highlighted Features

1. It provides comprehensive photo restoration capabilities.

2. It comes with an energy-efficient ReadyScan LED source.

3. It supports scanning of a range of items, including 3D objects.

4. It is easy to use.

2. Epson Perfection V370 Scanner | scanner for medium format negatives

Another Epson product makes it to the list, this time the Epson Perfection V370 Scanner. Well, this is the number one best selling Epson scanner. Do you want to know why? Read further through the features.

Firstly, there's no better way to archive your films, photos, and bring older photos back to life. The Perfection V370 is a top performer that delivers beyond your everyday scanner. Its reliability and versatility extend its usage to scanning books, 3D objects, and photo albums. Well, who wants a device that will only scan limited types of materials?

The device does well with standard 35mm low format negatives, thanks to the inbuilt transparency unit. However, we would be doing a lot of injustice to this compact tool if we ignore its extensive enlargement range. You will be pleased with how superbly the device performs when there is a need to scan oversized artwork, documents, and prints.

The pronounced buttons also make the device is also easy to use. But versatility and ease of use without admirable quality may not mean much to you as a passionate photographer. Well, the device features 4800x9600dip, which guarantees unbeatable clarity and detail. You will also love the 13x19 inches enlargement capability of the scanning tool.

Highlighted Features

1. The inclusion of document capture software allows you to scan to cloud.

2. The device efficiently restores the color of old faded photos.

3. It delivers instant scanning with no warm-up time.

4. It provides comprehensive scanning of photos, films, and other documents.

3. Epson Perfection V550 Scanner | best negative scanner

Epson Perfection V550 Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document Scanner with 6400 DPI Optical Resolution
  • Create sharp, vivid reproductions 6400 dpi optical resolution1 for enlargements upto 17 x 22 inches
  • Scan 35 millimeter slides, negatives and film built in transparency unit

Does the name ring a bell? We've discussed two amazing products from the company at the beginning of this review. And being a top brand in the industry, I bet you know about the company just as much as we do. But wait, the EpsonPerfectionV550Scanner is a unique product worth featuring here.

The company brings into the device an amazing blend in terms of performance, versatility, and quality. It features an optical resolution of 6400dpi, which is undoubtedly a prerequisite for sharp images. Moreover, this is necessary for an essential image enlargement of up to 6400dpi.

If you want a medium format film scanner that is fast and easy to use, then the Epson Perfection V550 Scanner is a tool you should consider. It features pronounced buttons hence easy to operate. More importantly, the device prints instantly without having to warm up.

Most buyers fall for this product primarily because of the quality that it promises. Firstly, the inclusion if a Digital ICE guarantees massive photo restoration. There is also an Easy Photo Fix technology in the 48-bit scanner that helps to bring photos back to life. Faithful to the promises, the device meets and surpasses the expectations.

Highlighted Features

1. An edge detection feature enables simultaneous scanning multiple photos.

2. OCR software effectively converts scans into editable texts.

3. It is fast and efficient for unmatchable productivity.

4. Epson Perfection V800 Photo scanner | best medium format scanners

Epson Perfection V800 Photo scanner
  • Precise color and detail - get extraordinary scans with 6400 dpi resolution. Grayscale Bit Depth: 16-bits per pixel internal / external1
  • Remarkable tonal range - 4.0 Dmax for smooth gradations & fine shadow detail

Are you looking for a precise film and professional scan productions? Well, look no further. The Epson Perfection V800 Photo scanner is a perfect way to digitize your work. As to why Epson dominates this list, you can make a guess.

The device delivers extraordinary scan results. Thus, you get to archive professional-quality scans. The benefit comes from a combination of unique technical features and specifications.

The device features a dual-lens system capable of 4800x9600dpi and 6400x9600dpi. So, depending on what you want to scan, the scanner adjusts to the right lens in the optical path best results.

Better quality lies in the fact that the device features a robust color depth of 48 bits. Moreover, a dynamic range of 4.0 is ideal for creating a distinct contrast between black and light surfaces hence better scan quality.

You can further improve highlights, shadows, and color gradations using the advanced LaserSoft SilverFast software included in the system.

Like most Epson scanners in the Epson Perfection Series, the EpsonPerfectionV800Photoscanner also has the Easy Photo Fix technology. The technology reliably restores color into old photos. It is even more convincing that the technology also includes dust removal and backlight correction.

Finally, the system comes with amazingly sturdy film holders. The holders feature an adjustable height to hold up to 35mm slides, a single medium format strip, and a 4 by 5 inch frame.

Highlighted Features

1. The device comes with versatile holders.

2. It has a prolific tonal range of up to 4.0.

3. A 6400dpi delivers precise detail and color.

4. It features an exclusive automatic dual lens system.

5. It is an ideal tool for wet mount scanning.

5. Canon CanoScan 8800F Color Scanner | Best 120 Film Scanner

Canon 2168B002 CanoScan 8800F Color Image Scanner, Gray/Black
  • Color film, negative, photo scanner featuring high-luminance white LED lamps helps to scan, copy, and create emails and multi-paged PDFs
  • Batch-scan up to 4 slides or 12 35mm frames and rich, vivid color: 48-bit color depth yields over 281 trillion possible colors

We wind up our list with an exciting model from Canon. As you may know, Canon is one of the leading products in the industry. Well, the Canon CanoScan 8800F Color Scanner is popular for scanning films and slides.

You see, no model beats the Canon CanoScan 8800F scanner when it comes to versatility. The device can scan, copy, create PDFs, and mails. It is arguably the most productive scanner for medium format films with an ability to scan up to 3 medium format films in one go.

Well, it features an image quality that rivals those of high-end scanners. With a remarkable optical resolution of 4800dpi, you won't be disappointed. It works well on both positives and negatives. Moreover, an inbuilt photo retouch technology ensures that your photo is beautiful and organized for superior quality.

The machine is one of the best models in the Canon's CanoScan Series of scanning devices. They guarantee efficiency and higher productivity hence a perfect buy for any enthusiastic film photographer.

Finally, the high-luminance LED lights included in the impressive design enable instant scanning. These lights ensure that there no warm-up time hence reduce the loss of time and enhance productivity.

Highlighted Features

1. It is compact and easy to store.

2. CanoScan is an essential product for people who value productivity.

3. It features remarkable versatility hence cab copy, scan, and create PDF files.

4. The printer is considerably priced.

Buying Guide For Scanner For Medium Format Film

A. Format

Well, like every other home or office equipment, choose your scanner with your intention in mind. What do you intend to use the film scanner for? Of course, scanning films, but what type of formats? You see, film scanners commonly support just a single format, so you need to stay on the lookout.

Basic small format film scanners will accommodate strips of 35mm negatives. But if you are looking for the best medium format scanner, then you'd better go for a tool that can accommodate up to 120mm film. Take note that most films come only in one format.

B. Color Depth

Also known as bit depth, this is an essential consideration when shopping for a film scanner. It is the summation of red, blue, and green color channels. Often measured in bits, it determines the capability of a scanning device to accurately capture the nuances of grays or colors in a negative.

The higher the number is a sign of a better device. While modern scanners go up to a massive 48 bits, a machine with a rating of 24 bits is sufficient. However, any scanner will less than 24 bits may not be able to produce a smooth transition of colors.

C. Resolution

Will you use your scanner for doing large prints? If that's the case, then consider a scanner with relatively high resolutions. Take note of the fact that scanners have two resolutions; optical resolution and interpolated or hardware resolution.

Be more careful with what the optical resolution is, interpolated resolutions don't mean much to scan quality.

Just like with color depth, the higher the number, the better. However, be wary of exaggerated resolution numbers from unscrupulous manufacturers.

D. Dmax and Dmin

The Dmax of a scanning machine is loosely defined as the measure of its optical density. It is the amount of detail the scanner can capture in the darker parts of a film or the brighter parts of an image. This implies to the highlights in the positives and shadows in photo negatives.

Dmax represents how the scanner captures the details in the shadow, while Dmin is the measure of the scanner's capability in the highlights. A more extensive range is an ideal quality of the best medium format negative scanner.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not provide this essential information.

Don’t worry; most of the products in this review have a remarkable dynamic range.

Final Word

Arguably, scanning films is one of the least attractive stages for old-school analog film camera photographers. But you can't afford to forgo this stage, hence the need for the right scanner.

Scanners will help you digitize old photos and share them with friends. More conveniently, they come in handy for professional medium and large format photographers who want to create excellent prints but have no darkrooms.

The review contains not only a list of high productivity medium format scanners but also a guide to help you through. We believe that you can now choose the best medium format film scanner for your needs.

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