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Best Pull Down Projector Screens Available in The Market 2020

You finally did it — you got yourself a projector. Be it for home use or for your office, a projector is a massive improvement over having to watch things on a tiny laptop screen. When it comes to movies, there’s no better way than to experience them on a widescreen — that is what a projector provides.

It’s not just movies, either. Do you have an important presentation to show to a client? Perhaps a company video to show to your new hires? No matter what, it’s better done on a projector than on a cramped screen.

While a projector all by itself is still a massive upgrade over smaller screens, many people overlook a certain key element that makes the projector truly worthwhile. What would that be? A pull-down screen for projectors!

You’ve never truly experienced the joy of owning a projector until you equip yourself with the best pull-down projector screen. Shopping for one may seem intimidating, but we are here to make this experience as easy as possible.

Keep reading below for our comprehensive buying guide about the best pull down projector screens & pick your own when you’re ready!

What is a Pull Down Projector Screen?

A pull-down projector screen is a screen that is installed on the ceiling. It can be pulled down when needed, usually via a remote or a button, sometimes through simply tugging it down. When not in use, it’s rolled back up so as to not take up any space in your room.

Projector screens have steadily grown in popularity over the past few years. That is because as projectors get better, the difference between casting on a wall and on a screen becomes more and more jarring.

When you use your projector to play a movie on your wall, the quality will always be rather poor, with washed-out colors and uneven lines. However, a projector screen was made specially to combat these problems. It’s almost like having a movie theater in your own home!

Pull down projector screens find their uses in many venues of life. As mentioned above, many people choose to install them in their own homes for the ultimate home cinema experience. However, pull down projector screens are also indispensable in areas unrelated to entertainment.

Often found in classrooms and conference rooms, these screens make it so much easier for everyone in the room to see what is being discussed. Ideal for PowerPoint presentations, videos, graphs, spreadsheets, and more, projector screens help educate and elevate people all over the world.

Do projector screens matter?

Projector screens make a massive difference in image and video quality. You’ll know it when you see it, but even without experiencing it firsthand, you will be able to tell how superior these screens are compared to a plain white wall. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why projector screens matter.


Even if the walls in your home are fairly smooth, they’ll never be quite as smooth as a screen. Uneven texture affects image quality, worsening it considerably. The end result is that your images will look more pixelated, with much lower contrast and high-gain.


People have cast projector images on all kinds of walls, but a wall never provides the same kind of vivid, high-quality imagery as a projector screen does. The black or white screen of a pull-down projector evens out colors and returns them in a manner similar to a cinema screen.

Contrast & light

Typically, using a projector on a wall results in an image that is washed out and low-contrast. The colors all blend in together, with the chief majority of them often being tinted with a blue-ish hue. However, a screen projector will bring you true-to-life colors in high contrast.

Which Pull Down Screen is Best For a Projector? Product reviews

We hope that we’ve helped you with all the knowledge you may need. Now, it’s time to show you some of the best pull-down screen projectors on the current market! Familiarize yourself with our favorites and take your pick.

Elite Screens Manual 100-Inch Pull Down Projector Screen

Elite Screens Manual B Series, 100-inch Diagonal 4:3, Pull Down Projection Manual Projector Screen with Auto Lock, M100V

If you’re looking for the best value combined with the best performance, you don’t have to look far. Elite Screens provides you with a manual projector screen that other brands can only dream of. Backed by thousands of happy users all over the world, this Elite Screens screen flawlessly combines a good price tag with great features.

This Elite Screens pull down projector screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3 diagonal. It’s a 100 inch screen, so it’s sizeable without being overwhelmingly huge. This is a white screen, but the solid build ensures that Elite Screens projectors don’t suffer from the typical problems white screens may encounter. The image quality in this Elite Screens product is more than satisfactory, allowing for high-quality 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D images. That puts it amongst the best projector screens of all time.

Elite Screens has the perfect, much-desired screen gain of 1.0 and a 180-degree viewing angle. It delivers a true-to-life cinema experience from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is pull it down by hand and then, your viewing experience can begin.


  • Compatible with 4K HD & Active 3D Ready; ambient-light resistant
  • Screen size of 100 inch
  • Highly affordable & best projector screen
  • Ideal gain and viewing angle


  • It rolls back up rather slowly

AmazonBasics 16:9 Pull Down Projector Screen

Amazon Basics 16:9 Pull Down Projector Screen - 80 Inch, White

Amazon, other than delivering products all over the globe, is responsible for a well-known brand of entertainment devices. You may have heard of the Amazon Fire tablets or Amazon Fire smart TV. It’s no wonder that the next step for Amazon was to produce one of the best pull down projector screens on the current market.

Compared to some other models, this is a rather small screen, measuring at 80 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This makes it a good pick for cramped spaces, such as apartments or conference rooms. AmazonBasics is a pull-down projector that is simple to install and to use. Simply mount the projector on the wall or suspend it from the ceiling.

It comes with an auto-locking mechanism that lets you adjust screen size and have it stay the way you desire. The quality provided is sharp and clear, matching that of 4K Ultra HD.


  • Crisp & high-quality images and videos
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Easy to mount or suspend from the ceiling


  • 80″ is on the lower-end for projector screens

Projector Screen 150-inch 16:9 HD Foldable Outdoor Theater

Projector Screen 150 inch 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projection Movies Screen for Home Theater Outdoor Indoor Support Double Sided Projection by P-JING…

If you really want a true-to-life cinema experience, there’s no better way to achieve that than with a massive screen. And if you want a massive screen, this P-JING projector screen truly takes the cake. With a whopping 150 inches and a 16:9 aspect ratio, this foldable projection screen turns your home into a movie theater.

For a screen so enormous, this product is astonishingly cheap. That doesn’t affect its quality. While this is a foldable model and not strictly a pull-down projector screen, it’s just as easy to use and delivers the same results. Thanks to the anti-wrinkle technology used, the screen is smooth and even, completely wrinkle-free. You can simply hang it indoors or outdoors without any issues.

The viewing area measures at 131″ x 74″ with a 16:9 aspect ratio. As you need to hang it on the wall with the help of hooks, the entire mounting hardware comes included, so you get a 16-pack of peel and stick hooks & 2×5 meters of rope.


  • Massively big screen for all your videos, music, video games, Netflix & more
  • Smooth surface guarantees top picture quality
  • Easy to install on the wall
  • Anti-wrinkle technology


  • As it’s a foldable screen, you typically keep it on the wall as opposed to pull-down variants

Pyle Portable Projector Screen

Pyle Portable Projector Screen - Mobile Projection Screen Stand, Lightweight Carry & Durable Easy Pull Out System for Schools Meeting Conference Indoor Outdoor Use, 40 Inch (PRJTP46), White

Whether you live in a small apartment, want something for the bedroom, or something to bring with you if you travel, there are always reasons to pick up a small projector screen. Not everyone wants to, or has the means to, let their movie take up the whole wall. If this sounds like you, Pyle has got you covered with this 40″ portable projector screen.

In the spirit of portability and allowing you to travel, this projector screen is not attached to the wall. Instead, it comes with its own lightweight stand that is super-quick to setup. This means you can take it with you on vacation, on camping trips, or even on a business meeting.

Made out of premium matte fabric (PVC), this projector screen has a white screen that works better in areas without a lot of light. It has a viewing format of 4:3, but it is also compatible with 16:9. Installing it is remarkably easy — simply pull it up and lock it in its stand.


  • Portable projector screen for travel, parties, classroom, office
  • Simple to use and set up
  • Durable build that can stand the test of time


  • It may retract if bumped into

JWST Projector Screen with Stand 100″

Projector Screen and Stand,JWSIT 100 inch Outdoor Movie Screen-Upgraded 3 Layers PVC 16:9 Outdoor Projector Screen,Portable Video Projection Screen with Carrying Bag for Home Theater Backyard

Not all projector screens work well outdoor, but this one was specifically made to support the challenges of the outdoors. Whether you want to create a home cinema inside or in your garden, yard, or on the patio, this projector screen is going to be your best friend.

As opposed to being a pull-down projector screen, this JWST product comes with its very own stand. It’s quick to set up and ready whenever you want it — simply press the metal snaps around the frame. This will fasten the home theater screen to the single-piece frame. It does come with a set of detachable legs that you can assemble without the use of any tools.

It’s lightweight, weighing in at a mere 20 pounds, but still quite huge. With a 100″ screen, it’s perfect for the backyard, for trips, camping, or even just for setting it down in your living room. Made out of PVC elastic, it provides sharp image quality while remaining super-durable.


  • Sturdy build allows for outdoor use
  • Active 3D-ready and 4K Ultra HD
  • 16:9 aspect ratio and a 160-degree viewing angle


  • Cannot be mounted on the wall or the ceiling

VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen

For a lifelike image with top-notch quality at an affordable price, you don’t have to wish upon a star. Simply check out this projector screen by Vankyo. It provides you with a theater-like image while not breaking into your savings account.

The screen is supported by a net of holes that surrounds the viewing area of it. These metal holes allow you to hang it on the wall in any way you like — using hooks, nails, ropes, or even just a double-sided tape. The screen supports front and rear projection, so you can mount it in any way you prefer.

The use of smooth polyester in this Vankyo projector screen ensures that the image is simultaneously crisp & smooth. No wrinkles will ruin your movie for you! Combined with a 160-degree viewing angle, a 16:9 format, and a 1.1 screen gain, this is one of the best ways to experience home cinema at a low price.


  • Super affordable; great cost-to-effect ratio
  • Can be used for home use, movies, video games, conference room presentations, classroom, studying, and more
  • Easy to set up thanks to the built-in metal holes


  • It’s rather thin

Portable Projector Screen with Tripod Stand

Portable Projector Screen Tripod Stand - Mobile Projection Screen , Lightweight Carry & Durable Easy Pull Assemble System for Schools Meeting Conference Indoor Outdoor Use, 50 Inch - Pyle PRJTP52

Do you want something on the smaller side, portable, easily moved, and still great quality? This portable projector screen by Pyle might be everything you need for your home theater. It’s sized at 50″, which is small for a projector, but the picture quality can match that of its competitors.

With the screen made out of matte white fabric that works relatively well both indoors and outdoors, it’s a great choice for a picnic or another group activity. It sits safely on a fold-out steel tripod that keeps it steady and wrinkle-free. The tripod is padded at the base, ensuring that it won’t fall down or be swept away by wind.

This Pyle product delivers a vivid and crisp image that could rival some much more expensive products. You can use it to project from your projection screen, but also from things such as a smartphone or another smart device.


  • Smaller projector for creating a home theater in tight spaces
  • Black border helps you get the best picture quality
  • High gain screen


  • Folding it down can be a bit of a chore

Things To Consider When Buying the Best Pull-Down Screen Projector

A pull-down projector is undoubtedly the easiest way to step up your projector game. Be it an office or your very own home theater den, you’ll see the difference from the get-go and you’ll never want to go back — that much is for certain. But how do you know which pull-down projector screen will really produce that “wow” effect?

Admittedly, pull-down screen projectors are not the easiest to shop for. With a wide range of specs and an even wider price bracket, it’s easy to lose yourself in the selection. That is why we’re here — to make the whole process easier for you.

Below, we will discuss all of the things you need to be mindful of as you pick out the best pull-down projector screen to match your exact needs.


When you are looking to get a pull-down projector screen, there is no factor more important than screen fabric. Choosing the right fabric is crucial, as this is one of those “make-or-break” aspects that will affect your viewing experience greatly.

Most commonly, pull down projector screens are made out of either polyester or a combo of PVC and polyester. Both of these fabrics do a fantastic job of preserving light. They’re thick and coated in a special light-maintaining coating. This ensures that the light stays on your screen and doesn’t jump through the fabric.

We don’t recommend picking out screens made out of anything else than either polyester, PVC, or a combination of the two.

Aspect ratio & angle

This is just as important as the fabric your pull-down projector screen is made out of. Some more budget models may only offer one aspect ratio, but there are also projector screens that can provide you with two, or even three aspect ratios. This is done through the use of an additional layer of black fabric, added to the top of the screen.

As a result, the aspect ratio perfectly matches the projector’s ratio, offering a viewing experience that has both depth and clarity. It will remind you of a night at the cinema. If your screen also happens to provide a wide viewing angle, your movie night will be complete.

In general, the wider the angle, the more freedom you have. You’ll be able to watch from anywhere in the room, laying down or sitting to the side, and still see perfectly well. If you want to have huge movie nights with your friends, you should aim for a wide viewing angle.

Screen height

While this may not directly affect your viewing, it affects whether you can use the screen at all. Pull down projector screens are generally large, but with enough wall space, they don’t take up much more room than simply casting on the wall itself would.

The fortunate thing is that even if you choose to go bigger, you can downscale easily. For example, if you buy a 130″ pull-down projector screen, you’ll be able to use 90″, 120″, or 130″ with ease. This is a good option for smaller spaces, so make sure you take measurements before searching for projection screens.


Installing a pull-down projector may seem intimidating, but it’s really not bad at all. Most of these projectors are installed directly on the wall or on the ceiling. Smaller models may come with a tripod stand, preventing the need to attach them to the wall.

Some people choose to hide their screens in a nook in the ceiling, but obviously, this is not something you need to do. You’ll be just fine simply installing it on the wall of your living room, which is very easy to do.

Additionally, you should look for screens that are easy to set up and just as easy to take down when needed. You may want to remodel or move at one point, so being able to access the wall behind the screen is important. A fun tip is to put your home cinema speakers behind the screen — you save space without compromising on sound quality.

Screen material color

Pull-down screens typically come in three colors: CineGrey, white, or black. Which color and screen material is best is still up for debate. Many people prefer black screens due to the higher contrast and color reproduction, but white screens can do the job too. The upside of white screens is that they do not artificially darken the image. Conversely, they may make it too bright.

Screen gain

Regardless of the material type and screen color you choose, you need to be mindful of the screen gain number on your future best projector screen. This describes how much light will be reflected off the screen when compared to the brightness of the original image or video.

As an example, a screen with a gain screen of 1.5 reflects brightness off the screen by a factor of 1.5x of the original length. The ideal number would be a one, but you should treat two as an absolute maximum. If your movie screen has more gain than that, the image will be far too bright. As such, avoid high gain.


If you’re looking to really make sure you know it all about pull down projector screens, we’ve got you covered. Check out the most frequently asked questions below!

How do you pull down a projector screen?

This depends on whether you own an electric projector screen or a manual projector screen. When it comes to electric projector screens, you can usually operate them via a remote or a button on the wall. Manual screens are simply pulled down by hand.

Is black or white better for the projector screen?

There are some general guidelines that will help answer this question, but ultimately, this falls largely to preference.

In general, a black screen provides a sharper image with better, more accurate black levels. This is especially true for rooms that have a lot of ambient light. That’s one of the reasons why people often choose black screens — they do very well at image reproduction.

The downside of a black screen is often the cost. They are more expensive than their white counterparts. White screens may not produce the same picture quality, but they are a lot cheaper, too.


Buying a pull-down projector screen is nothing short of an adventure. From the very moment you pick yours out to the minute it arrives and you set it up, you’re gearing up for the thrill of a lifetime. There is no home cinema experience truer to life than when you use your own pull-down projector screen.

Whether you have an office in need of a solid screen or you simply want to binge-watch your favorite tv show in style, a pull-down projector screen is the way to go. Read our reviews carefully and pick your own — just don’t forget the popcorn!

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