Best Printer For Crafting

6 Best Printer For Crafting in 2021

When you want to print something special in a shop, you probably worry if the format of your design will suit the shop’s printer. Will the print be exactly as you wanted? The good news is you can get a printer to do the job at home if your needs are not just the everyday A-4 sheet paper prints.

Choosing a printer isn’t as easy as you thought. That’s why you are here. You need what suits you most. A printer that can fulfill your requirements.

Here, you will find all the information you need to know before you order your own crafting wizard. We also have in this article reviews of what we thought are the best printers for crafting depending on the varying conditions of the user.

list of top Printers For Crafting

Crafting Printer Reviews

1. Hp Officejet 3830 All-In-One Wireless Printer | Best Inkjet Printer For Crafters

An affordable everyday use printer, the HP Officejet 3830 is designed to serve as your all-purpose standard household printer. It borrows the quicker print outputs which you would expect from a laser printer and mixes it with the sharp resolutions of an inkjet printer.

This printer allows you to do the common tasks desired from every printer such as copy, scan, fax and plain prints but also carries with it a wireless printing function. This works directly even without a network by connecting with your desktop via a hotspot.

Its design is simple and sassy, and the compactness of this printer allows you to put it over any shelf or desk you would typically have at home. A touch-screen panel allows easier navigation through the menu so that adds up to the user’s convenience.

An integral feature of this machine is that it supports both your windows and Mac systems, not only that, it can also work with phones and tablets running on both of the mentioned operating systems.

To allow this, this printer comes with two mobile apps; HP ePrint – for android phones, and Airprint- for devices running iOS, which enable the so-called mobile printing.

The printer has a hidden and often overlooked feature – quiet mode, which could be an additional sale point to some customers.

It comes with a standard-issue USB cable, a power cord, and an optional ink replacement service. The last one automatically reorders ink cartridges when they are low should you subscribe to this added service.

Highlighted Features:

1.  Affordable inkjet printer.

2. Mac and Windows supported.

3. Allows wireless and mobile printing.

4. Quiet mode to cancel out printing noise.

2. Canon MX492 Wireless All-IN-One Printer | Best Canon Printer For Crafters

A high-performing printer from Canon, this printer does everything that an inkjet printer is capable of doing, but does it better. Canon has always had that little edge when it came to imagery-related technology, and with this product, that fact is only further solidified.

It’s designed for crafters especially looking to print using glossy materials such as photo paper, cards, etc. The resolution in this printer is magnificent, even for the standards of an inkjet printer. The color spread on printed documents are vibrant and lifelike.

A fully wireless printer, the MX492 gives you the option to print from your iOS and Android devices using the Air print and canon print apps. A very welcome feature in this printer is the inclusion of an auto document feeder to hold up to 20 paper sheets. This saves a lot of time as you don’t have to keep adding sheets after every print.

Even though this printer can be considered a high-end printer, its small size may surprise the buyers initially because powerful printers tend to be larger. Nevertheless, for any crafters who are looking to work with paper-based materials, this printer is sure to deliver with its performance despite its size.

Highlighted Features:

1. High-resolution inkjet printer.

2. Wireless and supports iOS, Android, and Windows systems.

3. Includes an auto document feeder.

4. Has a quiet mode for noise cancellation.

3. Brother MFC-J895DW All-In-One Inkjet Printer | Best Printer For Arts And Crafts

Perhaps an underdog in this list, but not in terms of performance. This printer is your ideal heavy-duty office printer. Introduced as an underdog because of its brand, a brother printer is not as popular as you would see a canon or HP printer to be, but that doesn’t stop this printer from exceeding expectations.

Bringing a wide number of connectivity options in terms of accessibility, this printer is the only one in this list which supports an Ethernet network setup. This makes it a perfect addition to any office.

But it doesn’t stop there, not only does this printer support wireless and USB 2.0 connections, it also is the first in this list to bring onboard an NFC module. For those who are unaware, NFC allows mobile phones and tablets to connect with this printer without the use of a network for printing and scanning.

This is a handy addition, especially when paired with this printer’s cloud service compatibility for applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox. This is a sweet delight for crafters as they can access their designs from such apps and print them directly.

You can tell this printer was designed to function most at offices because of two very practical inclusion in its construction. A paper tray capable of holding a ginormous 150 paper sheets at once and an automatic document feeder which works together perfectly in unison.

Highlighted Features:

1.  Supports NFC and Ethernet connections.

2. Large built-in paper tray holds to 150 paper sheets at once.

3. Automatic document feeder.

4. Cloud compatibility.

4. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer | Best Printer For Crafts And Photos

Undoubtedly the most creative and unique printer featured in this list, the HP sprocket, as its name suggests, fits into your pocket! It’s a portable printer with an amazing resolution comparable to even the finest of Polaroid cameras, but much cheaper and promises a greater functionality.

A perfect travel companion, take this photo printer anywhere you go. It’s guaranteed to be a perfect pair with your smartphones, especially if you are using a smartphone with a powerful camera.

Take creative photos, customize them, and instantly have it out as a memento using this printer, it’s sure to raise a few eyebrows from your peers.

For photographers and crafters who travel a lot, the Sprocket is a must-have for obvious reasons. The quality of the photos is almost always satisfactory and the borderless printing feature only enhances that further.

It is advised to have a power bank and spare photo papers on hand because both of these resources run out faster than you would expect while on the go.

While there is no Wi-Fi connectivity, you can pair this printer with your mobile device using Bluetooth. Having a plastic body, this printer is extremely light and comfortable to carry around. Moreover, the designs are sleek and subtle and it does not feel gaudy in your hands while you are using it.

Highlighted Features:

1. Portable photo printer to be used on the go.

2. Great resolution makes printed photos look of high quality.

3. Supports Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphones

4. Lightweight and easy to carry around.

5. Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer | best printer for scrapbooking

The Epson Stylus C88+ is a heavy old-school printer designed for rough use. It’s a very robust and durable printer capable of printing in bulk quantities very quickly. The resolution is not half-bad either, standing tall at 5760 x 1440 dpi, this printer gets the job done whether it is black or colored texts.

The printing speed goes up to 23 prints per minute for black texts and 14 prints per minute for colored ones. This is a very dominating speed considering that inkjet printers are not supposed to be as fast as laser printers. The print outputs are smudge-resistant and can be touched as soon as they are out of the printer.

This printer is a little different in the sense that it looks very minimalistic and simple. There are no fancy touch screens or complicating switches, just straight-up buttons corresponding to its functions. This makes the printer easy to use and beginner-friendly.

There isn’t any Wi-Fi or NFC support in this printer but it does include wired networking support alongside the typical USB connections.

Multi-purpose trays are installed in the Epson Stylus C88+ which are capable of holding up to 120 sheets of paper. Although, we’d say an automatic document feeder is missing among the utilities.

Highlighted Features:

1. A decent dpi of 5760 x 1440.

2. Smudge-resistant printing technology.

3. Quick printing speed for an inkjet printer.

4. Inclusion of Multi-purpose trays for holding printing materials.

6. Canon TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Crafting Photo Printer

Crafting is extremely tough and tedious work, something that requires you to be vigilant and creative along the way. The Canon TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Crafting Photo Printer is one of the bestselling products in the market.

The printer comes with 5 individual ink pots that are designed to get you to crafting seriously without any complications. If you are worried that the product won’t suffice your vibrant colors and needs, you wouldn’t have to anymore. 

The printer from Canon is not just versatile but highly compatible with most of the devices including your PC and smartphone, enabling you to make the most use out of air print, more print, and even the wireless printing experience.

The printer supports 12×12 inches of paper support for seamless and uninterrupted printing without risks of damage. Also, the auto document feeder is a boon; especially when you are printing multiple documents in one go. 

The highly compatible and versatile functions of this printer are what make it one of the best purchases that you could make for your craft and printing expeditions. The only downside to this product is how bulky and large the design is.

Highlighted features

1. Comes with 5 individual ink pots for long-lasting printing

2. Compatible with different devices

3. Supports 12×12 inches paper

4. Integrated with automatic document feeder function

Crafting Printer Ultimate Buying guide

1. Type

The first and the most important choice you will have to make is between ink-jets or laser printers. The former is comparatively lightweight, costs less initially, and can also offer very high resolutions. However, they increase running costs due to ink cartridges being expensive and need replacing after a while.

On the other hand, laser printers can print much faster and saves money on printing large volumes. The disadvantage is that the printer itself can be costly especially the ones that can print in color.

2. Printing Material

A cheap printer can still achieve high-quality print on regular paper. However, if you are planning to print on other materials then the printer should be capable to do that.

Some printers can print on different materials such as cardstock, canvas, cork, wood, leather and more.  You won’t need that many options if you are looking for the best printer for papercraft.

We don’t recommend that you try printing on a medium that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend. The same results as paper prints may not yield when printing on a greeting card if the printer isn’t meant to do that. You could end up using a lot more ink or worse – jamming the printer.

3. Folding/Bending

It is advised that you get a printer with a front or back feed so it doesn’t fold papers. This could damage any thicker materials used for crafting.

4. Paper Size 

It is recommended to check that the paper sizes you plan to use in the long run are supported. Also, note that some printers don’t allow borderless printing.

5. Printing Speed

Speed is not an issue for laser printers. Therefore, if you are interested in an inkjet printer then you would want to pay attention to the printing speed. It’s a good idea to do some research on the printing speeds of your buying options. The reason is that although you get vibrant outputs, it can get annoying when the printing is slow and you have a lot to print.

Currently, manufacturers state the printing speed in ISO standards. Be advised that the predicted number of prints per cartridge is just an estimate and is best used only for comparing printers.  It’s useful if you want to know what the best printer for paper crafting is in terms of speed within your budget.

6. Resolution

The print quality is measured as dot per inch (dpi). Higher resolutions will give you a better quality of printed output but you may not need more than 600 dpi for crafting.

7. Connectivity 

Not all printers come equipped with all connectivity options. Keep that in mind if you want to use your printer wirelessly, connect it via USB to your computer or your network via Ethernet. A wireless connection allows you to keep your printer away from your workstation, particularly useful when you don’t want to hear the printing noise.

8. Ink Replacement Costs

Cartridges can be very expensive compared to the printer itself. Laser printers are more efficient but the ones that can print in color are more expensive. Toner cartridges for laser color printers also cost more per print than many new inkjet printers’ cartridges.

We recommend that you check the ink replacement costs before buying a printer. The seller will most likely offer you an option to order ink cartridges easily when you run out of them. Caution must be advised against buying cheaper cartridges from other manufacturers as a mismatch with compatibility can prove hazardous. You risk damaging your printer or even cause it to not function anymore.

You can find information regarding how many prints the cartridge will last for from the manufacturer. This is an estimate, the usage depends mainly on what you print. If you print colorful arts frequently then you will most likely need to resupply more often than expected. The material you print on also affects the ink usage.

9. Multi-functionality 

High-grade printers may be limited to just printing. If you need a scanner or fax feature then it’s best to get a multifunctional or all-in-one printer. They will cost more but is well worth it considering you are no longer required to buy separate devices for other tasks.


In the recent past, it was quite easy to say that the best printer for crafters must be an inkjet. Today, newer developments have made it difficult to compare. It has become much easier to find a cheaper printer that can very well suit your crafting needs.

It may be tempting to buy a printer with a lot of additional features, but that’s futile if you don’t plan on using them as often.

In conclusion, the best-suited printer for you should always be the one with capabilities that you can take full advantage of.

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