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7 Best Printer For Checks in 2021 – An Ultimate Guide

Businesses in this era have become very modern and tech affiliated in the way they operate because of the various advantages that come with the introduction of technology. Security, optimization, fluency, and human error reduction are all examples of such.

Especially when it comes to financing where often a lot of money is involved, it’s much easier and secure to hand it out as checks rather than piles of cash. If you find yourself constantly running to banks for checkbooks because you use them up quickly, then it’s time for a better alternative.

Certain software allows the printing of checks using printers – all from the courtesy of your home or office. In this guide, we will go through the factors that you need to keep a lookout for when buying a printer to print checks.

Five printers that we think are ideal for check printing will also be showcased, highlighting its features in hopes that it comes to your help when choosing the best printer for checks.

But before jumping to the best printer for QuickBooks checks suggestions, you need to understand one term that you will find everywhere while searching for the printer for printing checks,i.e: MICR Ink. Let’s begin.

What is MICR Ink and Why do you need it for Printing Checks?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is the foremost important thing you need for printing checks using any printer type. MICR Ink or Toner is used to print the special characters you find on the lower part of the check or any other document that is used for negotiation. Now you must be thinking that why you need to use only MICR ink for printing checks instead of any other normal ink? Right? So, let us tell you the reason behind it.

MICR Ink is a special type of ink that is valid for printing checks and accepted by the Federal reserves, unlike any other normal ink. This means MICR ink adds authenticity to your checks and thus it has fewer chances to get rejected by any financial institution, especially in the United States. If you will use normal ink for check printing, chances are more that your check will be rejected by the bank.

Another benefit of MICR Ink or toner is that using it you can print checks with any normal inkjet printer. If your Inkjet printer is compatible with the MICR toner, you can replace the normal ink toner with it to print characters on the lower part of the check to add validity and security.

list of top Printer For Checks

Check Printer Reviews

1. HP OfficeJet 4650 |Best Hp Printer For Printing Checks

The HP Officejet is an all in one inkjet printer that allows you to scan, copy and fax like a typical printer would, but also includes a collection of desired features bundled together.

It has an LCD display built-in which allows it to operate without being connected to a desktop, this functions well with its wireless printing ability that allows users to print through the network using their smartphones.

This printer excels in delivering laser-quality text and color for documents of various paper sizes such as Letter, legal, 4×6 in, 5×7 in, 8×10 in, No. 10 envelopes. It features an automatic document feeder for 35 sheets and a paper tray capable of holding up to 100 sheets so that it doesn’t constantly have to be filled up with printing sheets.

Two-sided printing is also available should you need your document to have printed text on both sides while borderless printing allows printed images to have a better and fuller resolution.

The Wi-Fi Direct feature will let you connect your smartphones or tablets directly to the printer without having to use internet connection and print through your phones.  A quiet mode is supported in this printer which reduces the printing noise significantly – a welcome change for any workplace surrounded by people.

Highlighted features:

1. It allows smartphones to connect to the printer without an internet connection.

2. Inclusion of auto document feeder and a paper tray holding 100 sheets.

3. Supports two-sided and borderless printing.

4. Has a quiet mode for noise cancellation.

2. HP Laserjet Pro P1109w| Best Printer For Printing Checks From Quickbooks

Considering that it’s a laser printer, the HP Laserjet Pro P1109w is a surprisingly compact and industrially designed printer able to fit into any desks or shelves for your office. It’s a quick and quiet printer with a satisfactory resolution and great print quality for your printed documents. The only downside is its inability to print in color since it’s a monochrome printer.

Moreover, users can connect their tablets and smartphones to this printer by taking advantage of both its wireless printing and Wi-Fi direct features. The only difference between both these mobile printing options is Wi-Fi direct not requiring an internet connection to be set up.

While this printer comes with a paper tray that holds up to 150 sheets at once, an automatic document feeder is missing for the combination to be complete. Though that is understandable as this is a cost-effective and affordable printer perfect for users who are looking to print a sheer volume of black and white text documents.

Additional features include an auto on/off technology that lets your printer automatically turn off when it’s not being used – being not only cost-efficient, but also energy efficient.

Highlighted Features:

1. Monochrome printer printing only in black and white.

2. Wireless printing and Wi-Fi direct to print using phones and tablets.

3. Paper tray capable of holding 150 sheets at once.

4. Auto on and off technology.

3. Brother HL-L2340DW Laser Printer | Best Laser Printer For Check Printing

This amazing printer can provide greyscale prints with resolutions up to 2400 x 600 dpi at speeds as high of 27 pages per minute. Its efficiency, speed and ability to produce very sharp texts makes it suited for printing checks.

The printer is equipped with a tray that can hold up to 250 sheets and is adjustable to fit different paper sizes. In addition to that, it has one manual feed slot that enables printing of envelopes, cardstock, and labels. An automatic duplex print feature is included which saves paper and printing time, making it perfect for printing large batches of office documents quickly.

It’s easy to set the printer up. A user-friendly LCD display on the printer lets you effortlessly connect the printer to a wireless network. However, it lacks an Ethernet port so you can only connect it wirelessly to a network.

Printing can be also be done from a device via Air print, Google Cloud Print or the Brother app. Even without a router, you can print wirelessly from a computer or phone with WIFI-direct. Some users report having issues connecting the printer to a router without the “one-push connect” feature. In this case, it’s best to purchase a type B connector to first set up your wireless connection.

Highlighted features

1.  Paper tray can hold up to 250 sheets.

2.  Many wireless connectivity features including WIFI-direct and mobile printing.

3.  27 ppm print speed and up to 2400 x 600 dpi resolution.

4.  Efficient use of automatic duplex printing and has a low cost per print.

4. HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn | best micr printer

A budget laser printer for small offices, this device prints quickly at 25 papers per minute, albeit only in black and white as this is another monochrome printer on this list.

The reason why this printer is labeled as a budget printer is not only due to its affordable price tag but also due to its cost-efficient features that work wonders in the long run.

The automatic two-sided printing option allows every printed document to have texts on both sides, minimizing paper sheets used. This also reduces the rate at which the toner cartridges are used up, preventing you from replacing the cartridges often. It’s also energy efficient due to having the HP auto on/off technology embedded in the printer.

Ethernet networking is available in the HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn which allows multiple desktops in an office to be connected and simultaneously use the printer. This is ideal for a smaller office with a few computers as many printers will not be necessary for the office.

Other networking options include wireless printing and Air print for iOS devices. A large paper tray of an outstanding 250 sheet capacity makes sure that the users can print a mass number of documents before having to run out of printing materials. A quiet mode is also included in this printer for noise cancellation.

Highlighted Features:

1. A high printing speed of 25 pages per minute.

2. Monochrome printer for printing black and white texts.

3. Wireless and Ethernet networking capabilities.

4. Inclusion of a Quiet Mode.

5. Canon PIXMA MG3620 | Best Printer for Printing Payroll Checks

This All-in-One Canon printer has an outstanding print quality due to its high resolution of 4800×1200 for printed documents. Moreover, a resolution of 1200×2400 for scanned documents ensures that the scanned image is high in quality and is lifelike.

A number of wireless networking options are available such as Air Print for iOS devices, Mopria for Android devices, Google cloud print, and NFC support to connect devices to the printer without needing an internet connection to be set up so you can print checks using any of your devices.

The auto-duplex printing feature allows the users to save paper sheet usage by printing two-sided documents easily. The print speed of considering that it’s an inkjet printer is decent, measuring at 9.9 images per minute for black and 5.7 images per minute for colored ink.

While it does not feature a quiet mode, this printer is reported to be quieter than most inkjet printers at this price range. The setup is very easy and beginner-friendly, only taking a few minutes to complete and getting the printer up and running, and online customer support is almost always available for canon printers.

Highlighted Features:

1. Auto Duplex Printing lets you print two-sided documents.

2. Supports wireless printing, NFC, Air Print, and Mopria.

3. A resolution of 4800×1200 for printed documents.

6. VersaCheck Canon M15 MX MICR Laser Check Printer

Finding a good quality check printer is quintessential, especially if you are in a serious business that demands a lot of checks. While you will have access to a range of mainstream brands, there are a few unique brands too that are worth a mention.

Amidst them all, the VersaCheck Canon M15 MX MICR Laser Check Printer is one of the few options that have managed to steal the attention of the users, especially with efficient and high-quality prints from this printer.

This printer is designed to offer you up to 26 pages per minute of printing without unnecessary roadblocks, especially if you are stuck here trying to make sense of document printing without delay. 

The printer package comes with two ink cartridges, one for bank-compliant printing and the other one for standard printing needs. So, not just for checks, this can be used for multipurpose printing needs too.

Aside from the efficiency and performance of this printer, the overall design is also superior, especially with the compact and lightweight design. Also, it supports automatic double-sided printing to save paper while printing.

One handy feature in this printer is the 250-pages sheet tray input that keeps you stocked for a long time before you have to worry about refilling the tray. Also, the printer is network-ready and supports Ethernet and built-in wireless connectivity.

The overall construction of the printer is pretty durable, sturdy yet compact, and lightweight. This allows you to carry this around without any extra strain on you. The warranty details aren’t highlighted in the product description, which is a bummer.

Highlighted features

1. Prints 26 pages in a minute

2. Designed with a 250-pages sheet tray

3. Integrated with Ethernet and wireless connectivity

4. Durable and stable construction

5. Comes with two ink cartridges

7. Versacheck HP Deskjet 1112MX MICR Printer – Best Budget Inkjet Printer for Checks

If you are in search of the best printer for checks in less budget and compact size, then Versacheck HP Deskjet 1112MX MICR Printer is the ideal choice for you. Designed for small businesses, this compact printer takes minimal space so you can place it anywhere.

The best thing about this MICR printer is that it comes with MICR Versaink and Versacheck Presto Software that allows you to seamlessly print checks without any hassle. Even the check papers come with the printer so you don’t have to run anywhere for printing checks.

Versacheck HP Deskjet 1112MX MICR printer let you print on different paper sizes ranging from normal A4 to A6, B5 and DL envelopes. You can print other images and documents as well using this Versacheck HP DeskJet printer apart from printing checks.

But the downside of this printer is that you cannot connect it to a wireless network. But if you will see from the security purpose, it is advantageous for you as no one will be able to access it remotely, reducing the chances of fraud.

Here are some key features that make it the best printer for checks on a limited budget.

Key Features:

1. Quick Printing Speed – 7.5 PPM for Black & White Printouts and 5.5 PPM for Color Printouts.

2. High-resolution images and text clarity with 1200 dpi.

3. Comes with a duty cycle of 1000 pages.

4. Comes with Versa MICR Ink, Checks, and Versa Check Presto Software.

5. Compact printer for printing checks.

Ultimate Buying guide to Choose the right Printer For Checks

1. Software compatibility

To print checks, the software you use or plan to use for formatting the checks must be compatible with the printer.

2. Printer Type

Laser printers are preferable for printing checks and office use in general. They are faster and monochrome printers have a lower cost per page.

If you often require color printing such as graphs and charts, a laser color printer would be optimal. An inkjet printer is advisable for printing high-resolution graphics. In the check printer reviews section of this article, you will find the type mentioned for each printer.

3. Connectivity

Business printers come equipped with a range of connection options such as a USB port to connect to a computer or connect to the office network via an Ethernet or wireless connection. Other connectivity features you may find are WIFI-direct, NFC connections; printing from the cloud, tablets or your phone.

4. Efficiency

Many business printers come equipped with built-in features to save energy, paper, and ink. Such as auto on/off and duplex printing. It is advised to pay attention to the long-term cost-saving measures of a printer.

A cheap printer presumably lacks efficiency. In addition to that, the resupplies are seemingly overpriced.

5. Paper Trays

Large laser printers have multiple trays for different sizes of papers that can each hold a substantial amount of sheets. A bypass tray can also be found in some printers for thicker materials such a cardstock which need to be fed without any folding.

6. Printer Size

Compact printers take up less office space. Furthermore, a small lightweight printer is easier to relocate. However, a smaller printer can lack many of the advantages of larger printers. For instance, a large printer has bigger and more efficient cartridges.

On the other hand, the space that larger printers take with the trays opened needs to be taken into consideration.

7. Number of Prints per Toner Cartridge

The information provided by the manufacturer and other sellers regarding prints per cartridge is just an estimate. The reason is that it isn’t possible to predict exactly how many pages you can print per cartridge. Nonetheless, you can use this information to choose a toner that won’t require replacing often.

8. Printing Speed

Speed is a compelling factor in selecting office-oriented printers. A high-speed laser printer can print up to 20-40 pages per minute without any compromise in sharpness. Speedy inkjets printers suited for business operations are available in the market as well.

You can look up the printing speed on the internet if not provided by the manufacturer. Printing speed is also affected by what you print and as a result, the speed is likely to be slower when printing images.

9. Duty Cycle

It is the manufacturer’s recommended maximum number of prints per month suitable for a printer. Exceeding this limit may cause damage to the printer in the long run. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a printer with a duty cycle significantly higher than your estimated usage. The best printers for printing checks usually have a high number for their duty cycle.

10. Multi-functionality and Additional Features

All-in-one printers are equipped with a scanner and a fax. Such printers help you save both money and office space. However, these printers are usually costlier because of the additional features that they come with.

If you are certain that you will not be fully taking advantage of an All-in-one printer, then it is advisable to go for a specialized printer that suits your needs. This way, you wouldn’t be having to worry about spending money inefficiently.

An LCD screen and slots for USB sticks, memory cards, and other storage media allow you to print without a computer.

An automatic document feeder lets you scan, copy or fax multiple documents quickly. This is beneficial for a busy workplace.

11. Noise Level

A noisy printer in a quiet office environment can be troublesome. Fortunately, there are printers designed to reduce noise levels or allow the users to switch it to quiet mode. If a manufacturer makes such a claim, you can check printer reviews to see if it’s true.

12. Support

Even a great quality printer can have issues from time to time under heavy usage. Moreover, a printer that is out of order can cost a business precious time. For this reason, we advise you to thoroughly check the maintenance and customer support conditions of a product before buying it.

Security Features to take care of while Printing Checks:

Getting the best printer for checks is not sufficient unless you follow the security features while printing checks. Here are some crucial security features everyone must follow during check printing to prevent any fraud transaction:

1. Correct Software Selection

Not every check printing software is reliable and secure & thus you need to be cautious while choosing the one for your printer. Always choose a printing check software that comes with strict security requirements. The software must ensure that only authorized user gets the access to reduce the fraud cases.

Also, the printing software must also generate check printing reports with details to verify the transaction details with the bank. Some printing check software comes with Positive Pay Report to ensure that a bank can address the issue in case of any fraudulent transaction or discrepancy.

2. Printer Security

Apart from Software Security, Printer security is also crucial to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of printing checks. You can control the display of the printer with a strong password that can be accessed by only authorized users. Apart from it, you can also lock the paper tray so no one can use the checks in your absence.

3. Ink Security

Ink Security is another useful security feature that comes in modern check printers. The modern check printers come with ink security features to ensure that only authorized users can access the ink to print checks. The MICR toner comes with advanced ink technologies like reactive inks, ultraviolet sensitive inks, fluorescent inks, IR sensitive inks, chemical taggants, etc. that are difficult to copy in case if someone tries to use it for printing fake checks.

4. Other Security Features

To validate your checks for security reasons, you can also use foil stamps using heat or pressure technique along with embossing patterns so no one can copy it for fraud transactions. You can also use your company logo and watermark for the authentication as these cannot be displayed in scanned or photocopied checks to prevent fraud transactions.

To add more security, you can use a unique number for each check so no one can copy it in case of any security breach.

With all these security features you can ensure that no one can take the wrong advantage of your check printer in your absence for security operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can I print checks on a regular paper?

No, you cannot use regular paper for check printing. There is a special type of check paper with some advanced features for security reasons. The paper is designed with special marks that are hard to erase so no one can tries to change or copy it for fraud transactions. Also, there is a unique routing and an account number is printed on each check with specialized magnetic ink for security purposes. You can purchase these papers from office supply stores to buy for yourself.

2) Is it essential to install the software for formatting the checks?

No, it is not essential these days to install the software for formatting the checks as most of the advanced check printers come with built-in formatting software to make your work easy. But if you want, you can use free or paid accounting management software available online like Quickbooks to customize, design, and edit your check details before printing.

3) Can we use Check printer for normal printing purposes?

Yes, you can use your check printer for normal printing purposes like printing images, text, documents (A4 or other sizes) by replacing the MICR toner with the normal Ink toner. But make sure your printer must be compatible to work with both Ink types in such cases.


To summarize, there is no absolute best printer to print checks, but certain printers come in handy in certain situations. It’s always difficult to purchase a product without knowing its full capabilities, which is why features you would need to be incentive about before getting yourself a printer is talked about in this article.

We have chosen and recommended five printers after careful analysis of each – the highlights of the capabilities of every printer are also being discussed. We hope that choosing a printer to print checks is now much simpler to you than it was before reading this article.

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