Best Presentation Remote For Mac

6 Best Presentation Remote For Mac in 2021

The best presentation remote for Mac untether Mac users from their devices and gives them the freedom to mingle and interact with their audience during presentations or lectures. Almost certainly, these remotes are equipped with laser pointers.

Students, professors, and most professionals in the corporate world will undoubtedly have to make presentations at some point. It could be to a class, to business associates, or in the case of students, to your professor. The response from your audience depends on the mode of delivery.

A presentation remote prevents you from being an obstruction for your audience to the screen. Besides, a presentation remote makes your audience to put more focus on what you say rather than what you do with your Mac.

However, while the availability of several brands and models presents you with a range of options to choose from, it makes your choice quite challenging. It even becomes harder if you do not know what you are looking for. We aim to help you through this elaborate review.

List Of Top 10 Presentation Remotes For Mac

Top 5 Presentation Remotes For Mac reviews

1. Logitech Professional Presenter R800 | Best Remote For Mac

The Logitech Professional Presenter R800 is a perfect tool for students and professionals who make PowerPoint slides regularly. You have to trust Logitech to provide you with a device that not only makes your presentation a breeze but also engaging and exciting for your audience.

The device features a powerful green laser pointer that is easy to see. Unlike most laser pointers that are not visible in brightly lit rooms, the R800 is. Moreover, you can use it on a range of projection screens including LCDs and plasma screens.

The remote features an LCD timer that enables you to effectively manage your time. So, you get to focus more on the presentation and not the clock. The timer is pretty easy to set and adjust. Additionally, the timer features silently vibrations for effective time management.

The Logitech R800 is a perfect tool for presentations in all sizes of rooms. It features a transmission distance of up to 100 feet. This means that you have enough freedom to move around the room and mingle the attendants. There’s a reception level indicator to ensure you don’t go too far.

Talk about a presenter remote that is easy to use and this one meets the bill. Plug the receiver into the USB port of your Mac device and you are good to go. The fact that there is no software to install makes this device simple to install and use. The plug and play model is hassle-free.

Highlighted Features

1. The remote conveniently stores the receiver.

2. Advanced intuitive navigation enables all presentation functions.

3. It doesn’t have any software to install hence easy.

4. It features a level indicator to ensure that you don’t wander too far.

5. It features a versatile transmission range of up to 100ft.

2. Logitech R400 Presentation Wireless Presenter | Best Presenter Remote For Mac

Another Logitech device makes it to this review, this time the Logitech R400 Presentation Wireless Presenter. The manufacturer of this piece of presentation equipment designs it to help you make your point in the easiest way possible.

Firstly, it features a bright red laser pointer that remains visible against most common projection backgrounds. Red lasers will also stay visible in moderately lit rooms.

The Logitech R400 presenter gives you the confidence to navigate through your slideshow, thanks to the intuitive controls. You can move your slides up/down as well as to the next or the previous slide. The controls are ash to find and highly responsible.

There’s no doubt that you are at one point going to use the remote for an hour or longer. Such a case requires that the device you choose is guaranteed a comfortable feel on your hands. Well, the Logitech R400 does not disappoint with its ergonomic design that fits well on your hand.

It is a perfect tool for small and medium-sized rooms. It lets you seize the moment with a strong RF range of up to 50 feet. That’s an equivalent of 15 meters of moving around and engaging with your audience.

At just about 4 ounces, the device is perfectly compact, lightweight, and portable. Slip it into your briefcase or pocket and carry it wherever you go. What’s more, is that a power indicator lets you know how long your battery will last before it drains.

Highlighted Features

1. It has a strong 2.4 GHz RF wireless range.

2. It is a plug and plays model with no software to install.

3. The ergonomic design feels great on the hands.

4. It features a battery power indicator.

5. It is ideal for small and medium-size offices.

3. DinoFire Presentation Remote | Best Presentation Remote For Macbook Pro

Are you looking for a presenter remote that is compatible with nearly every computer gadget at your disposal? Well, the DinoFire for Bluetooth Presentation Remote is a perfect choice. It works well with all the common operating systems with a lot of dependability.

The DinoFire works well with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Even more excitingly, the pointer allows for wireless compatibility with Android devices such as tablets and smartphones. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about the kind of device you own.

Connectivity is enabled by both a reliable Bluetooth mode and a strong 2.4 GHz radio frequency transmissions. You can easily switch from Bluetooth to RF options and vice versa with the included independent pad. However, it’s important to note that the BT option best applies for Mac but not iPad.

As you’ve probably experienced in the past, a reliable remote battery power determines how you deliver your presentation. The DinoFire comes with a dependable 160mAh rechargeable battery. The device takes one hour to gain full charge and that should last you for up one week!

The remote and pointer produce a bright red light that is easily visible. Irrespective of the type of background you use, your audience will stay glued to the screen as they will easily follow on what you point at as well as what you say rather than what you do. Such a convenient comes handy for any presenter.

Highlighted Features

1. It is easy to control with a range of presentation features.

2. Enjoy the convenience of shifting from BT and RF frequencies

3. The plug and play mode is easy to use.

4. A rechargeable battery ensures you are not always looking for replacement batteries.

5. Long-range control and pointing are ideal for many room sizes.

4. JACKISS PRO Wireless Presentation remote | Best Remote Control For Mac

If you are looking for a presentation remote that goes beyond the ordinary, then the JACKISS PRO Wireless Presentation Remote is what you are looking for. The device is a hybrid of unique design, immense versatility, and great performance. There’s no doubt that you will fall in love with it.

It features a finger-ring design and stands out as a tool with the finest design to free your hands during presentations. All you do is slip it on your index finger and begin to press commands. The design also ensures that you won’t put it down so fewer chances of losing your remote.

This is one of the most versatile options when it comes to compatibility. It works perfectly with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems. So, a change in device won’t affect your presentations. Moreover, it supports all document formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Prezi, and more.

The JACKISS PRO is moderately priced and comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery runs for up to seven days on a single charge. More essentially, the auto sleep function during long moments of inactivity helps to save power. Touch any button to put it on again.

Highlighted Features

1. The stable battery enables long working hours.

2. The auto sleep function helps to improve battery life.

3. It produces bright red light for easy visibility.

4. The pointer control features a range of up to 328 feet.

5. The finger-ring design frees your hand for other functions.

5. DinoFire Wireless Presenter Rechargeable Green Light | Best Remote Mouse For Mac

The DinoFire Wireless Presenter Rechargeable Green Light remote is the green light version of the DinoFire model that we discussed earlier. It comes with more flexible controls and an easy to use interface. Moreover, the green pointer light is stronger and more visible.

The presentation remote features incredible support for an array of intuitive controls and features. It supports black screen, full screen, hyperlinks, volume control, and an efficient mode to switch windows. More importantly, you can easily scroll up and down the pages.

The device supports long-range transmission and control of up to 300 feet. Such a feature makes it a great tool for use in conventions and other large conference rooms. Even from the furthest end of the hall, the green light pointer remains strong and visible.

The device is a great pick for students and professionals who do not may use any type of device for their presentations. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Again, it supports common presentation formats such as Google Slides, PDF, PowerPoint, and iWork just to mention a few.

Finally, this is a complete package that comes with the remote, a powerful receiver, and a carry pouch for easy storage and portability. The package also features a user manual and a USB cable.

Highlighted Features

1. It allows easy navigation.

2. It features a long-range control of up to 300 feet.

3. The sleep mode function helps to save battery.

4. The device is compatible with a range of operating systems.

5. It features a power output of less than 5mW.

6. BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter Remote

If you are particular about spending money on an affordable but high-quality and reliable brand for your presentation remote for Mac, the BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter Remote is a worthy option to consider buying.

Not only does it feature a sleek and one-of-a-kind design, but the remote is also made with environmentally friendly ABS plastic, so you know that you aren’t contributing to the worsening condition of the world around you. 

The product features a stunning and ergonomic design, something that’s comfortable to hold, especially when you have a long presentation to give. The plug-and-play wireless receiver is another benefit to this product.

The easy-to-use function of this presenter remote allows you to make the most use out of the remote with ease. All you need to do is plug the device into the USB, switch it on and you are good to go to follow the instructions. 

The remote also supports up to 39 feet of wireless coverage, which is pretty decent when you are giving presentations in a small room. The page up and down button in the presenter remote allows you to scroll through without any delay.

One unique thing about this presenter remote is the fact that it’s compatible with the majority of the Office applications. It is compatible with almost every form of Mac, with higher efficiency and seamless scrolling as you speak.

Highlighted features

1. Constructed with eco-friendly ABS plastic

2. Plug and play design is easy to use

3. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold

4. Provides up to 39 feet wireless coverage

5. Compatible with all generations of Mac

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Presentation Remote For Mac

A. Intuitive Navigation and Ease Of Use

Look, intuitive navigation is arguably the most important factor to look for in a presenter remote. What are you able to achieve with your remote of choice? The point is, you should be able to make all the necessary navigation without going back to the computing device.

An ideal presentation for educators and corporates should provide advanced pointer functions with the ability to magnify, highlight, and circle. Such a feature gives you the convenience of putting the focus on important points without back and forth movement to your screen or Mac/Apple device.

Remote navigation should also include NEXT and BACK functions. These functions allow easy forward and backward navigation. Additionally, they enable intuitive functions for starting presentations, gesture volume adjustments, and ending navigation.

B. Mac Compatibility

You are not in the market to look for any pointer. Instead, you are looking for a remote specifically for your Mac or Apple device. While several options may be compatible with both Mac, Linux, and Windows devices, some are only compatible with specific operating systems.

Stay on the lookout and ensure that whichever model you choose supports Mac operating system. A more versatile option that works with all common operating systems is a more ideal bet. The models reviewed in this article are all compatible with Mac and other devices.

C. Connectivity

Presentation remotes come with receivers that you plug into your device. There is a need for strong wireless communication between the receiver and the remote for effective signal transfer. There are reliable low-energy Bluetooth connections and Radio Frequency options.

D. Design

Gadget designs come last for most people when choosing most equipment. But that should not be the case with presentation remotes for Mac. The size and shape of presentation remotes come in handy because these are items that you will need to hold for considerable durations.

They should, therefore, feature small and lightweight features. Many modern versions also have an ergonomic design that features a comfortable feel on your hands. Even more excitingly, some models are designed to slip into your finger like a ring.

E. Battery And Battery Life

You need to stay on top of your game during presentations, and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure reliability. How would you feel if your remote failed to function midway because you’ve run out of power? Of course, it would be a big disappointment.

Models with rechargeable batteries are some of the most popular models. They take between one to two weeks after an hour of charging. However, many other models use AAA batteries.Choose a model with a power indicator to help you know when you need a recharge or replacement.

F. Time Manager

Having to look at your wristwatch throughout your presentation may not auger well with some members of your audience. It could manifest as a sign of poor planning or lack of confidence. Why not have a timer on your presentation remote? That sounds convenient!

Advanced options feature a screen on which you can set and visualize the duration of your presentation without drawing any attention from the audience. Moreover, models with timers will vibrate to notify you that you should be summarizing your presentation.

G. Transmit Distance

Whichever the transmission distance a presentation remote uses, the best Mac presentation remote must have a versatile transmit distance. A longer transmission distance gives you the convenience to interact more with your audience. Again, such a device is ideal for all room sizes.

More convenience comes with a remote that notifies you when you are about to wander out of range. Often, this could be through vibration or beep. Bluetooth remotes offer smaller transmission distances as compared to their RF counterparts.

H. Visible Pointer

Finally, the inclusion of a visible laser pointer to your presentation arsenal is a critical factor. You get the convenience to direct the attention of your audience to key points within your presentation. Ensure that you choose a remote with a wide beam and visible pointer.

Final Verdict

Making presentations is a core practice for educators and corporate world players. When your audience finds your presentations boring and annoying, the problem could be on how you choose to deliver your content rather than the quality or design of the content.

The solution lies in investing in the best Mac presenter remote. We discuss a few models above.

A presentation remote with a laser pointer gives you the chance to seize control over your PowerPoint slides. Of course, this comes with the convenience of being able to flip your slides and point out essential points without being next to your device, nor the projection screen.

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