Best Portable Scanners For Mac

Best Portable Scanners For Mac 2020

Are you looking for a compact, portable scanner for your Apple MacBook? You see, many business travelers currently find the convenience to do document scanning while on the move. They will confess to you how the best portable scanners for Mac run through contracts, receipts, invoices, and other documents.

Mac devices are some of the slimmest, most portable, and easiest to use machines. It is for these reasons that the devices are becoming increasingly popular as business tools. Pairing Mac machines with equally portable scanners for outdoor document scanning further enhances their versatility.

While almost all scanners out there are compatible with Windows; there's also quite an excellent range for Macs. Just be mindful to stay on the lookout for compatibility.

Well, any mobile business person with a MacBook acknowledges that the need for a Mac-compatible scanner goes beyond portability and convenience to necessity! Now, how do you choose the most appropriate portable scanner for Mac?

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Top 5 Portable Scanner For Mac Reviews

1. Epson Workforce ES-50 Portable Scanner | best desktop scanner for mac

Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner for PC and Mac
  • Fastest and lightest mobile single sheet fed document scanner in its class(1) small, portable scanner ideal for easy, on the go scanning
  • Fast scans a single page in as fast as 5.5 seconds(2) Windows and Mac compatible, the scanner also includes a TWAIN driver.

Epson is a big brand, arguably the biggest in the industry today. The company's Epson Workforce ES-50 Portable Scanner is an ideal tool for anyone who does a lot of office work in the field. It is incredibly small and portable hence great for people who are often in the move.

The Epson Workforce ES-50 is a versatile tool that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. So, you can use it in the field with your Mac or at the office with your PC.

Apart from being one of the most lightweight in its category, the device boasts of unprecedented fast speed. It features a scanning speed of 300 ipm, and it is capable of scanning a single page in just 5.5 seconds. But more importantly, this scanner is amazingly easy to use.

Apart from the fact that the scanning machine works with both Mac and PC, its ability to handle a wide range of paper sizes further enhances its versatility. It can conveniently handle papers of up to 8.8"x72". As you may know, not so many portables will scan documents that are 72 inches long. Such a feature makes it ideal for scanning IDs, contracts, receipts, and extra-long documents.

The manufacturer includes Nuance OCR into the system. The importance of such software is its ability to create and store searchable, editable PDF files.

Highlighted Features

1. It allows wireless connection and cloud storage.

2. It's powered by USB.

3. It's lightweight and portable.

4. It provides convenient scanning for extra-long documents.

2. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i | portable scanner macintosh

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner for Mac or PC, Classic
  • One touch scanning with Quick Menu options for PC and Mac
  • Scan up to 12 double-sided pages per minute - Holds up to 10 pages in the automatic document feeder

If your wish is to deal with a reputable, tried and tested company, then Fujitsu answers your desire. The company has been in the market for decades. It stands out for its honesty, unbeatable quality, and unmatchable performance.

The company's Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Scanner is a perfect tool for your Mac or PC. It is easy to use and makes organizing your paperwork a breeze. It features a single button that enables instant scan.

You see, there's no faster way to scan your documents than with the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i, thanks to the exciting combination of features. Firstly, it has an auto document feeder of up to 10 sheets. It also has a super-fast speed of up to 600dpi. Finally, its duplexing feature also enables fast scanning as it will scan two pages in one pass.

The integration of intelligence software into the system guarantees an excellent way of organizing your paperwork. It features reliable OCR software to help organize your scans into editable files. It also features an intelligence scan correction. The feature allows crop and deskew, auto color detection, and auto removal of blank pages.

Highlighted Features

1. The device is reliable for scanning photos and drawings.

2. Intuitive software allows scanning directly to cloud apps.

3. One button operation makes it easy to use.

4. The auto document feeder takes up to 12 sheets.

3. Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner | best scanners for mac

Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner, DS-620, Fast Scanning Speeds, Compact and Lightweight, Compatible with BR-Receipts, Black
  • Fast Scan Speeds up to 8ppm in color and black/white
  • Compact and lightweight measures under 12 inches in length and weighs less than 1pounds

Brother is one of the most reputable scanner and printer brands. The company's pieces of office equipment are famous for their high-quality. The Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner is no exception. It is as functional as it is fashionable.

Do you want a reliable scanner that goes beyond scanning ordinary documents to scanning and organizing your old photos? Well, you have a solution in the Brother-DS-620. It is a multipurpose device that scans documents, receipts, laminated IDs, drawings, and pictures. Well, the tool will also scan small, intricate, and odd-shaped documents without trouble.

Another lucrative feature that is worth talking about is its portability. It weighs under 1 pound and has a length of 11.5 inches. This combination of features ensures that the device fits well in your handbag, back, or laptop bag. It is, therefore, ideal for the traveling professional.

Apart from the fact that the device can handle a range of documents, more convenience comes with the unbeatable speed that the scanner offers. It provides rates of up eight pages per minute for single-sided documents and five pages per minute for duplex scanning. Isn't this convenient enough for a USB powered scanner? We all agreed it is.

Highlighted Features

1. The mobile scanner is ideal for desktop and out of office operations.

2. It can handle a variety of papers, including photos and drawings.

3. USB powered means no need for electric source.

4. Sufficient versatility enables scanning to local and cloud destinations.

 4. Brother DS-720D Mobile Duplex Color Page Scanner | document scanners for mac

Brother DS-720D Mobile Color Page Scanner, White (DS720D)
  • QUICK SCANNING: The Brother DS720D Mobile Color Page Scanner delivers lightning quick scanning at up to 8 ppm, and 5 ppm in duplex model (1)
  • MULTIPLE MEDIA HANDLING: Easily scan photos, documents, receipts, business cards, ID cards, and more, up to 8.5 inches wide × 32 inches long

Another Brother Solutions scanner makes it to our list of scanners that are appropriate for Mac. Brother Solutions is a reputable company with a range of portable scanners. So, the Brother DS-720D Mobile Duplex Color Page Scanner makes it to this list for all the right reasons.

Talk about portability, and this piece of scanning equipment leads the pack. Just like the DS-620 we just reviewed above, this device weighs much less than 1 pound. It also features a sleek, compact design with a length of less than 12 inches. The superior design characteristics ensure that you can easily fit the device into a briefcase or backpack, and you are good to go.

You see, not so many scanners are as versatile as the Brother DS-720Dduplex scanner. It is a multipurpose machine that can handle a variety of media. It will quickly scan receipts, laminated ID cards, business cards, contracts, and other documents. Therefore, the machine is ideal for students, sales assistants, researchers, and business professionals.

Well, this scanning tool allows flawless integration to Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Such a feature makes it an incredible tool for executing business in the office and on the move. Finally, the machine comes with a suite of software that helps you to manage, store, and distribute files conveniently.

Highlighted Features

1. It is easy to use.

2. Multiple media handling guarantees your ability to scan any document.

3.It is ideal for both desktop and mobile use.

4. The duplexing feature enables scanning of double pages in one pass.

5. Brother ADS-1700W Wireless Compact Desktop Scanner | portable scanner compatible with mac

Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds, Easy-to-Use, Ideal for Home, Home Office or On-the-Go Professionals (ADS1700W), white
  • COMPACT DESIGN AND FAST SCAN SPEEDS HANDLE A VARIETY OF DOCUMENTS - Scan single and double-sided, documents in a single pass at up to 25 ppm(1). Easily scan documents up to 34” long, receipts and...
  • EASY-TO-USE AND SAVES TIMES - 2.8” color Touchscreen display for one-touch scanning to preset destinations and device settings management. Auto Start Scan lets you simply drop paper into the feeder...

Well, this is a case of saving the best for the last. The Brother ADS-1700W Wireless Compact Desktop Scanner is a perfect product for all office and business scanning needs. It features a compact desktop design to fit perfectly in any space.

Do you want a desktop scanner that is easy to use? If so, then you can't ignore this particular Brother Solutions product. The ADS-170W features a 2.8" touch screen. Navigate your scanning needs by merely using the functional touch screen.

Look, many businesses value the time and speed in their operations. Brother Solutions, through this device, ensures that you get the best when it comes to that. You get to save time by using the 20 sheet auto document feeder. More importantly, it features fast speeds of up to 25 pages per minute.

If you are looking for a scanner that will allow connectivity to a limitless range of channels, then this is for you. You can scan directly to your PC. Besides, it will enable scanning to mobile devices, email, cloud destinations, mobile devices, and USB.

Highlighted Features

1. A 2.8" touchscreen makes it easy to use.

2. Auto document feeding saves time.

3. It allows wireless scanning to mobile devices.

4. You can optimize texts and images.

Portable Scanners For Mac Buyer's Guide

There are thousands of scanners out there. This makes choosing the most appropriate one a difficult task. We make this easy for you. Read through this buying guide and find the core features to look for when shopping for an ideal scanner.

A. Mac Compatibility

Well, you are looking for a portable scanner for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and not a Windows device. So, the most crucial consideration is that the scanner of your choice must first be compatible with Mac.

Many models come with dual software that supports both Windows and Mac OS, while a few others come with subset software for Mac devices only. Going for a scanning tool that is compatible with both types of systems doesn't hurt, mainly if you will probably be using it at the office too


B. Speed 

You see, you need to factor into the machine's speed. Speed consideration will undoubtedly depend on the amount of job you expect to have. Scanning speed is measured in ipm (images per minute) or ppm (pages per minute). In such a case, an image refers to a single side of a paper. On the other hand, a page refers to a sheet of paper.

Speed varies with the resolution of a scanning machine as well as other technical features. Thus, it is vital to make informed comparisons base on your workload.

C. Duplexing or Simplex

Simplex scanners are models that can only scan one side of a sheet of paper(page) at ago. You, therefore, have to turn over the other side of the paper to create its image. On the other hand, duplexing scanners will simultaneously create the scans of both sides of a page. They scan both sides in one pass, so you don't need to turn it over.

Duplexing or simplex scanning determines the scanning speed, but it stands on its own as a factor for convenience. It also depends on whether you want to scan in black and white, grayscale, or multi-color. Choose what you suits you best based on your needs.

D. Duty Cycle

Like most electronic devices, scanners, too, have a daily work rating. The duty cycle refers to the number of pages a scanning machine can comfortably process without wearing out or overheating prematurely. Often, the manufacturer has a rating for this, and your choice depends on the expected workload.

E. Connectivity and Bundled Software

Finally, but equally important are the connectivity and bundled software that comes with portable Mac scanners. They communicate with your Mac device to configure image formats and where to store scanned images.

Connectivity may include USB and wireless connections. You see, the best WiFi scanner for Mac allows a flawless connection to your Mac device. Such a feature comes in handy for researchers, students, business people, and sales agents.

Final Words

The article focuses on MacBook compatible scanners. It goes ahead to review the best wireless scanner for Mac.

From the reviews, you will realize that apart from compatibility, several factors are ideal when you are shopping for a perfect scanner.

Consider the powering mechanism, ease of use, ADF function, connectivity, and speed, among other factors before you go for buying one.

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