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6 Best Pex Manifold in 2021

The integration of Pex plumbing systems into construction ensures better and more centralized water and heating throughout your home. Manifolds are crucial parts to such systems as they reduce the hassle that comes when you want to add a new component to your plumbing.

Pex manifolds have diverse functions that include, setting up an automatic flow, control of water flow, and monitoring temperature. For this reason, there are various types of Pex manifolds in the market.

The best Pex manifold systems also save a lot of time when compared to installing individual components like ball valves, pipes, and other fittings. This optimization is more cost-effective in the long run.

When selecting a Pex manifold system, the main factors to consider are- whether it is for cold-water distribution or heating and the size of your piping. The size of Pex piping used in in-floor heating is the determining factor when selecting Heating manifolds. However, when it comes to cold or hot water plumbing, a separate manifold may be required.

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Pex Manifold Reviews

1. Veiga 50243 PEX manifold | Best Pex Manifold System​

First on the list is the Veiga 36183. This product is the right manifold system for those in search of something dynamic that covers all your water supply fitting needs.

The Veiga 50243 has a proven durability thanks to a quality poly-alloy material construction. This attention to detail ensures that the product is 100% corrosion-free. So you don’t have to worry about the effect chlorine have on the manifold system. There’s also less noise as water runs into the system.

This alternative comes with 24 ports. 15 of these ports can handle cold medium while the other 9 deal with hot water and air. This product also comes with poly-alloy port adapters that enable you to control the entire system more effectively.

Each component of this system is located in a specific area to ensure that it works as effectively as possible. It is highly durable even in the face of very high hydraulic pressure. The only major drawback to the Veiga is that the components and parts are made especially for the system.

This lack of compatibility does not necessarily mean you have to customize the parts as you can find and order them online. You will also enjoy the intuitive nature of installing this product. A handy hook up installation system lets you install the system on the fly, saving you a lot of time.

The tightening and adjustment are quite slow, which means it might be a noble idea to keep a wrench handy when installing. One of the best things with the Veiga 36183 is you don’t even have to be a plumber to fix it. The product comes with effective setup and use instructions.

Another aspect of the product to take note of is that it requires three additional fittings. These fittings are widely available and allow for convenience when adding the device onto a supply line.

Highlighted Features

1. Poly-alloy adaptor for the ports

2. Highly resistant to chlorine

3. Effectively reduces noise

4. Energy-saving and sustainable manifold option

5. Free from corrosion

2. VIVO 2 Loop ½ inch PEX manifold | Best Pex Connection​

Vivo branded products are considered one of the highest quality the market has to offer. The Vivo 2 loop is no exception to this rule.

This product is designed specifically to enhance the effectiveness of radiant floor heating systems. However, thanks to its practical design, you can use it for almost any plumbing system.

The Vivo ½-inch Pex manifold comes in various models. You can go for the 2 loop as well as hot and cold water ports or more extensive systems that can have up to 12 ports. The fact that it uses ½-inch connectors is not a limiting factor as it can be adapted to fit all kinds of tubing. All you need is an additional adaptor compatible with your plumbing.

As mentioned earlier, this product has in-built drainage valves. These valves have a ¾-inch size and an easy to cap mechanism. This diameter and cap mechanism ensures that the system can fill up or drain with additional ease. An automatic vent featured on the Vivo 2 loop ensures there are no airlocks in the system.

Stainless steel features in the construction of the manifold assembly as well as the Pex outlet valves. A handy extra is the heavy-duty mounting brackets. The Vivo 2 loop also has adjustable flow indicators to help you keep track of the entire system. Such features enhance the durability of the product.

Isolation ball valves set this product apart from the competition. These valves come in a 1-inch size and allow you to monitor the supply and temperature.

This product comes with a 100% one-month money-back guarantee. You can take advantage of this guarantee if the product is shipped with defects or you are unsatisfied. Furthermore, the Vivo 2 loop has a 1-year warranty.

Highlighted Features

1. Comes with automatic eliminators and air vents

2. ¾ inch dedicated air vents and drain valves

3. Sturdy manifold and valve construction

4. long-lasting mounting brackets

5. Two outlet and flow meters

3. Apollo PEX 690784CP | Best Pex Connection Method​

Despite a relatively low price point, this cheaper alternate comes with all the bells and whistles one looks for in more costly option. The Apollo Pex 6907984CP is as complex as its legacy Pex-B model but more convenient.

As the name aptly suggests, this model comes with 16 ports, maximizing your options and ensuring the highest possible distribution through the entire system. This product interfaces with every kind of water distribution or radiant system. Thereby, these devices promote a more effective supply through your entire system.

Whether connecting to a hot or cold supply line, you will experience no problems when you opt for this Pex manifold. The ½-inch ports connect directly with any supply line and can be adapted to fit broader or narrower pipes.

The product features two 1-inch MPT lines. One of these lines is for cold water while the other one is for hot water. For added versatility, each of these lines come with 8 ports.

If you experience any compatibility issues on the inlet ports, you can adapt them to your piping by the use of ¾ barbs. Shutting off the valves is also easy as the product the has controls for shutting the valves located at a central point. This order means you can shut off the supply to one pipe without compromising water flow to the entire system.

Aside from the advanced reliability and ease-of-use, this product is highly durable. The base is of stainless steel built, and the valve body is of a PEX plastic. Such materials allow this product to stand the test of time as well as water and temperature pressure.

Highlighted Features

1. Low profile design

2. 16 ports convenient for hot and cold water

3. Independent valve closure on each line

4. Stainless steel base and PEX construction

5. Intuitive installation instructions and process

4. Sharkbite 22785 PEX Manifold | Best Pex Connectors​

The fourth pick for the list is one of the best Pex plumbing manifold, the SharkBite 22785. This budget option comes with sturdy construction and some handy features.

This product is the simplest featured here as it comes with only 8-ports. Each of these ½ inch ports is located on the same side, ensuring an easy time when installing. A ¾-inch port features at the end of the product and acts as the source inlet point.

If you need a separate Pex manifold for your plumbing, you can get the SharkBite thanks to the low price and small-form sizing. This product is also more user-friendly when compared to others on the list. You can use a clamp, crimp, or ring to install it.

The SharkBite is made of lead-free copper material. This material makes it ideal for various heating systems as it is compatible and meets multiple building codes. Therefore, you can rest assured of a clean water supply with no heavy metal content.

For a perfect fitting, the product creates an isolating vacuum on installation. Surprisingly, the inlet and outlet valves featured on this model are also the largest featured on this list.

This product is also compatible with all SharkBite installation tools. The only major drawback to this product is its unappealing design and finish. However, this is not a deal-breaker, as you will never see it once installed.

Highlighted Features

1. Lead-free copper construction

2. Budget price option

3. Outlasts every other product on the list

4. Easy to install

5. Comes with a 2-year warranty

5. CMI Radiant Floor PEX Manifold | Best Pex Connection Method​

Last on the list is the CMI, arguably one of the best manifold Pex and radiant floor needs. Featuring low on the list does not diminish the value and life service that this has to offer. It is handy to note that it comes at a very pocket-friendly price point.

CMI is one of the oldest and trusted brands in the world. The construction features a premium stainless steel grade. This material gives the product enhanced durability and excellent resistance to corrosion and mineral sedimentation.

What’s more, you can use this CMI model for a wide range of applications like hydronic, snow-melting, and radiant applications. This alternative comes pre-installed and is pressure tested.

The installation process is simple, and there is no need for specialized equipment like a PEX crimp tool. You can monitor the water flowing through each manifold branch. The CMI model also displays units of flow in a simple to understand GPM (gallons per minute).

This product comes with NPT shut-off valves. Such features allow you to monitor outgoing and incoming temperatures. This model is also more sustainable as it reduces the need for soldering copper to pipes.

An unmatched advantage to opting for this product is the 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee covers any defects or reasons you were not pleased with the product.

Highlighted Features

1. Pressure tested and pre-assembled

2. Manual and adjustable balancing valve

3. Equipped with shut-off ball valves

4. Features sturdy and durable wall mounting brackets

5. Comes with a hose on the drain/fill valve

6. CMI PEX Manifold Radiant Floor Heating

While we have mentioned a few amazing and high-quality pex manifolds in the list above, we couldn’t complete the list without mentioning the CMI PEX Manifold Radiant Floor Heating. Although quite underrated, this is hands down one of the best in terms of quality.

This is one of the few budget-friendly pex manifolds in the market that is constructed with a blend of stainless steel with chrome plating for extra durability and long-lasting usage like no other. Not only does this ensure durability, but it is rust-resistant as well.

Each manifold in this arrangement is designed with flow meters and shut-off ball valves and drain or fill valves for superior usage without any compromise. The compression connectors in the device keep the operation optimal as well.

Every single pex manifold from this brand is designed with its own set of mounting brackets that make the installation and setup process a lot simpler and less complicated. Also, each product is pressure tested, which means that you wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality.

The compatibility of these manifolds is pretty universal as they feature the standard ½ inch radiant heat PEX tubing. Just ensure that you avoid using these for potable water as they might not be compatible with those. Every coiling in this manifold is made with the best quality material for high-tensile strength and durability like you have never expected or witnessed before.

Also, the brand prioritizes the quality of the product above anything else. So, in case it doesn’t work for you or you experience any issues, it is backed with a 30-days money-back guarantee, ensuring superior performance like no other.

Highlighted Features

1. Integrated with multiple valves

2. Comes with its mounting brackets

3. Universally compatible

4. Backed with a 30-days guarantee

Pex Manifold Buying Guide


Most of the ports on a Pex manifold are outlets. These outlets ensure a more centralized distribution from a primary source to the rest of the plumbing system. Manifolds still come with various input ports.

Such ports usually have a diameter of up to 1-inch, a width allows the device to pass enough water into the system. Some manifolds come with an additional 1-inch outlet port. This outlet can work as a filling port or for draining the plumbing system.

The additional port is vital when you want to test the distribution within the system for any problems. Having extra output ports comes in handy when you have filtered water running through your piping.

If you want to install a hot/cold water system, a manifold with two inputs comes highly recommended. Such a device offers you a two for one alternative.


The size of the devices is another essential consideration. You might have minimal space to work with when installing the system. When you have the wrong product, the whole process may end in frustration or failure.

Proper measurements of the installation space, i.e., length, width, and height, can make this process easier. Such estimations will allow you to find a product that fits into a limited space.

Luckily, most of the manifolds in the market come with a thin overall profile. Such a slim profile can fit between two walls or inside insulation panelling. Some designs can either be short or long as well.

Before committing to your purchase, please ensure that it will fit into the desired area when you are setting it up. Otherwise, you might have a very disappointing experience.


The number of loops is another vital consideration to make when purchasing a Pex manifold. You will get approximately 2 to 24 loops on the manifolds in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to check how many Pex connections you need, to choose an appropriate product.

Aside from coming with a different number of loops, Pex manifolds also feature hot or cold-water loops. Such products fit the technical specifications of various plumbing systems. You should check to ensure maximum compatibility.


Pex manifold feature three kinds of material in their production. These materials include; copper, stainless steel, and plastic or polymer-based alternatives.

The most commonly used material is copper. This metal comes as an excellent choice for buyers looking for simplicity, efficiency, and affordability. Copper is highly resistant to rust and coating from water sediments. Safer Lead-free varieties are also available and are marketed as “brass.”

Stainless steel alternatives are more durable and reliable when compared to other Pex manifold. However, they come at a higher price. Such devices can last for decades with minimal issues and less corrosion, which enhances the overall quality and safety of the water that passes through your plumbing.

You can also find polymer or plastic-based alternative in the market. Such devices work within specific pressure limits and are less durable when compared to stainless steel or copper alternatives. Plastic-made Pex manifolds are neither expensive nor cheap.

Plastic/polymer-based manifolds work best for users who continually customize their plumbing systems.


As mentioned, manifolds come in a variety of sizes and featured ports. The variation of these features allows for various levels of compatibility. Looking at the number of ports and sizes can guide you into purchasing a product that can easily interface with your pre-existing plumbing system.

Some Pex manifolds come pre-installed, while others do not. The diameter of your piping can also influence your preference for a particular product over another one. This incompatibility may create a lot of undue hassle when choosing a product and may force you to buy additional high-pressure attachment joints.

Some products like VIVO PEX manifold offer an all-in-one system. When you opt for such a product, you get the advantage of not having to set it up. All you need to do is check the compatibility before committing to a purchase.


Different manufacturers and retailers offer varying types of warranties on their products. A warranty is a sign of the producer’s confidence in their product. Many products with extended warranties last for decades with few issues in between.

Most of the famous brands offer a limited lifetime warranty. Such brands are ideal because they come with service guarantees on the product and parts. When shopping for the perfect product, please consider the warranty offered as it is an indication of the life service you will get.

Final Words

There can be no compromises for building owners and plumbers when it comes to selecting the best Pex manifolds. These devices allow a building to be more sustainable by ensuring the effective distribution of water and radiant heat.

As you can see from the list, you don’t have to break the bank to get one of these devices. Even the most affordable option can deliver value for money and an extended life service.

Some of these products are so easy to use that you don’t need a plumber to install them. Whether you are a qualified plumber or a weekend D.I.Y enthusiast, this guide will help you find the right product.

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