Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit

Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit 2020

Don’t you just hate it when you’re working on your masterpiece and your Oxy Acetylene torch is working poorly, or worse, you don’t have one when you need it?

An oxy-acetylene torch kit is one of the most essential tools for your workplace. It is used to melt and cut through different sorts of metals for a low cost. From removing a bolt to joining metal parts together, the tool is so versatile that it can be used for welding, soldering, metal heating, brazing and what not.

Doesn’t matter if you’re either creating something new or repairing an old project, you need an oxy-acetylene torch to get it done.

A new torch kit could be very expensive and it is really stressful to find the perfect and affordable oxy-acetylene torch kit when needed. So, let’s check out the best oxy-acetylene torch kit for you. Please note that these tools are hazardous and should be used by trained technicians only.

list of Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit

Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit Reviews

1. STKUSA Gas Welding and Cutting Torch Kit | cutting torch kit

Stark USA 55147 Oxygen Acetylene Welder Tool Kit w/4 Nozzles Cutting Torch 15' Hose Gauge Regulators
  • Versatile Use - Oxygen and gaseous fuels can be used in various types of portable welding, rivet cutting, soldering, brazing, surface hardening and metal heating processes. The set is perfect for...
  • Considerate Design - The welder tool set comes with readable and legible dual scale 2"-Inch gauges. A large brass handle is designed for smooth, accurate adjustments.

STKUSA, a brand that offers quality workshop equipment, stands proud with its Victor Type Gas Welding and Cutting Torch Kit. If your work involves cutting, welding, gauging, and soldering, this torch should be your go-to equipment.

Besides the torch, STKUSA Torch Kit includes oxygen regulator, acetylene regulator, welding hose, welding nozzles, and a torch handle.

Unlike heavy-duty ones, STKUSA Kit is made of plastic and weighs about 15 pounds only. That makes this torch suitable for light projects, such as pipe cutting. Cutting bar with this torch might also come in handy if you are experienced enough and know what you are doing.

You will often find your workspace crowded with tools and equipment, eating up space for you to work freely. Thankfully, STKUSA Kit is tiny in size that can fit anywhere as it has a body dimension of 16.7 x 13.9 x 4.2 inches.

Though this tool can perform a diverse set of tasks, it might be inappropriate for welding or cutting down heavy metallic objects.


  • Simplistic torch and gets the job done efficiently.
  • Added accessories are a bargain at this price point.
  • Cheap compared to the counterparts available online but performs better.
  • Sturdy and performs on a variety of conditions
  • Quite easy to detach and piece back together.


  • Some welders complained about the oxygen regulator leaking.
  • External tips cannot be equipped on this as the tip of this torch is not universal.

2. XtremepowerUS Premium Oxy Acetylene Welding Cutting Torch Kit | portable torch kits

XtremepowerUS 55148 Oxygen Acetylene Welder Tool Kit w/3 Nozzles Cutting Torch 15' Hose Gauge Regulators
  • Precision welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, hand facing and more! It'll cut up to 6" and weld or braze up to 1 / 2 " with appropriate tips
  • Various kinds using oxygen and gas fuel for portable welding, rivet cutting, soldering, brazing, hard-facing and metal heating process

If you are looking for a welding torch more towards the massive duty spectrum, this torch will suit your purpose. Made with a wide variety of materials such as brass, steel, and metal, this torch can cut through up to 6" or wield back together up to 1 / 2” with the appropriate tip.

When it comes to precision welding, this torch can perform like a beast while soldering, cutting, welding, and even hard facing. The best thing about this torch is that it comes with a variety of nozzles, hoses, and fittings that can take on any purpose of use in your workshop.

You often will find the need for carrying your welding torch to another workplace while working on different projects. This is where this torch stands out from the crowd with its striking portability feature.

Various kinds of oxygen and gas fuel can be equipped on this torch. This results in more effortless rivet cutting, brazing, hard facing, and metal heating.

Welding projects often require strength and durability to carry them out effectively. Also having a tool that can perform with high strength and is durable enough to live up to its price is always a blessing.

With deluxe single-stage -regulators, this torch can perform at a much higher strength and chew through anything in front of it. Not only that, the hands are made of brass for a more excellent grip and have reverse check flow valves for precision cutting.


  • Connects to a various set of tanks, making it portable to carry around.
  • Materials used are of excellent quality in terms of price.
  • Cuts with greater strength with deluxe singe staged regulators.
  • Brass plated and offer an excellent grip while working.
  • The gauges work great and give a precise output.


  • Hoses are short in size.
  • Might not be suitable for daily use.

3. TurboTorch 0386-0578 TDLX 2010B Carrier Kit Outfits | oxy acetylene torch kit with tanks

TurboTorch 0386-0578 TDLX 2010B Carrier Kit Outfits, Air Fuel, Acetylene
  • Provides the most convenient tool to organize, store and transport your TurboTorch Air Acetylene equipment and B tank
  • Telescoping pull handle allows you to pull the rolling tote to the work area

If your welding or cutting job requires you to move a lot from one place to another, TurboTorch 0386-0578 TDLX 2010B Carrier Kit is just the thing you need.

It is the most convenient torch out there that can be effortlessly organized, stored, and transported to wherever you like. The pulling handle is made in a telescoping manner, and you can pull it to move around with you.

You can instantly start working on your project as this torch has an extreme self-lighting tip as well as a standard tip. The handle is made maintaining an ergonomic design and also has a quick disconnect, giving it portable flexibility.

The problem with most of the torches is that you will have a wide range of attachments unorganized and needed to manage. Thankfully this Turbo Torch conveniently stores additional hose and tips.


  • Portability at its best.
  • Great for day to day welding tasks.
  • Luggage styled setup provides greater convenience.
  • Adjustable handles provide greater efficiency to work with.
  • Suitable for plumbing businesses.


  • The pockets on the tote are not wide enough.
  • Some might find the extendable handle annoying.

4. Goplus Gas Welding Cutting Torch Kit | oxy acetylene welding kit

Even an amateur can pull off the job using this product.  The using process has been made very easy for versatile jobs such as welding, flame-cutting, metal heating, brazing, soldering, rivet cutting, etc.

Although the product is very lightweight, it can take a significant amount of damage and still be usable because of the great build quality. You can carry it anywhere with you using the provided suitcase.

It has a welding capacity of 3/16" along with the cutting capacity of ½”. The welding and cutting become more effective due to the provided tools along with it. One oxygen regulator and one Acetylene regulator of CGA 540 and CGA510 are included respectively.

Other accessories include Spark lighter, Cutting nozzle, Cutting handle, Cutting attachment, Welding pipe, Tip Cleaner, Welding goggle, Wrench, and Heating pipe.


  • You can use Goplus kit extensively.
  • The suitcase makes it easy to carry.
  • The product is much more durable than other models.
  • All the tool kits are included for ease of use.
  • Efficient welding and cutting.


  • Not all accessories are of top quality.

5. Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit | small oxy acetylene torch

Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit
  • Perfect for a multitude of applications; Welder / Cutter :Type Plasma Cutter
  • This outfit is designed for use with acetylene fuel gas but can operate on propane by simply changing to propane tips.

Hobart 770502 is a very economic product and is generally used in lower duty works. A plasma cutter is used to do welding and cutting. Versatility is what makes the product so popular.

One oxygen regulator and one Acetylene regulator of CGA 540 and CGA510 are included with the package. The 14 lbs.  product comes with Torch Handle, The durability of the handle is checked by giving Brass Forged Silver Brazing.

This torch handle is scientifically proved to be more appropriate. It can wield ½ inch within 13 minutes. The product takes safety measures by adding valves.

The product runs on acetylene fuel gas. But simple changing to the propane tips allows the operator to use propane as well. The excellent design allows cutting 6 inches deep into the metal. It is the best product in the price range it comes in.


  • The user manual explains elaborately about cutting and brazing.
  • Includes sticker and hose.
  • Oxygen regulator and one Acetylene regulator are provided.
  • Low price and economic product.
  • Can also be operated with propane.


  • Light-duty product.
  • Bad warranty services.

Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit Buying Guide

Oxy acetylene torches as a workshop tool come in a durable and robust construction right out of the box. Although you might find them varying from one another in terms of quality and longevity, they often get the job done as they are supposed to.

Also, having acetylene torches lying around in your workshop will serve several purposes to make your life easier and efficient.

However, welders often experience acetylene torches inappropriate in their hands. This might result from personal preference, the task they are performing, and the attributes this acetylene torch possesses.

To give you a sense of direction and let you know what to look for while buying a welding torch, we have constructed the following guide.

1. Weight

As these torches are handheld tools, while buying one, the very first thing you should consider is the weight of the torch. The lesser weight the device will have, the more effortlessly you can get your welding task done. Eventually, this will make your welding experience a lot efficient.

Another perk of having a lighter acetylene torch is that your hands won’t get tired often while you keep on your welding task. Resulting in you worrying less about the tool itself, and having an unrelenting focus on the welding task that you are working on.

2. Durability

You will often find that oxy acetylene torches have the option of removing several features, including handles almost instantly. This is usually done to make the tool more lightweight. Besides this, manufacturers also use thinner materials on the acetylene torches for the same purpose of making the tool lightweight.

However, the problem with using thinner materials is that they become prone to damage and breakage more easily. To counter this issue, you should look for the quality of the elements that have been used on the equipment. Check whether it is made of sturdy plastic and has metal lining or metal plating or not.

3. Duty Cycle

The duty cycle refers to the power cycle when an electronic remains active. As for an oxy acetylene machine, remaining active for more extended period results in overheating. The duty cycle not only affects the productivity of your work but also has a direct impact on the durability of the torch.

This is precisely why you should consider the duty cycle while considering buying an oxy acetylene torch. Most welding torches out there, precisely the air-cooled ones have a duty cycle rating of 60% and gets the job down without issue. But if you are working on a project that requires the torch to run continuously, you should look for a torch that has water cooling capability and has a 100% duty cycle.

4. Repairing Capability

Oxy acetylene torches, without a doubt, are used in heavy-duty workshop activities. Whether the job is to cut down a heavy metallic object, or piecing back multiple ones together, welding torches will get it done for you. However, the torches itself are likely to receive damage and in extreme cases, breakage.

Torches are never meant to be a "one-time-use" equipment, and an ideal one will have to repair capability. These torches often have removable attachments that can be replaced easily — saving much of your money and time which would have required to replace with a new one.

These should be the central area of focus while you consider buying an oxy acetylene torch. You should also figure out whether the torch fits your type of work best, the welding speed, welding preciseness, ability to perform on rusty materials, and different weather conditions.


There is a plethora of oxy acetylene torch kit available online ranging from premium to low-budget options.  So, if this is your first time purchase, it might turn out to be a trial and error process for you.

Hence, to make your job easier, we have done the research part meticulously, and presented the top five bets for you to choose from.

 Once you have worked out on your ability and needs, getting your hands on the best oxyacetylene torch will be a breeze through this guide. We hope you have a smooth and fun run on your work piece with your new torch kit.

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