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6 Best Osu Tablets in 2021

OSU can be quite addictive and it’s also highly competitive. As you get better at the game you realize that a mouse isn’t allowing you to do your very best. The solution is a graphics tablet that the top players claim to use.

The most coveted feature of an Osu tablet is its absolute tracking and pressure sensitivity. So you can look at tablets without other unnecessary features if you are going to use it to only play the game. However, it can also be used in digital art and illustration.

You don’t need the most expensive tablet or the one with the largest screen. If you want the best OSU tablet within your requirements that suits your specific needs, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will find information regarding what you should look for in an OSU tablet and how to choose a tablet according to your requirements. You will also find the reviews for what we think are the top Osu tablets.

List of Best Osu Tablets 

Osu Tablet Reviews

1. Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit | good osu tablets

Probably the best one for beginner artists and overall a really good product for the price tag on it. It almost does the same tasks as expensive as drawing tablets.

The pen is lightweight and has buttons at the tip that allows switching between brushes. The on/off button on top gives the feeling of using an actual pen. The pen scroll function allows easy scrolling through documents.

The screen of the tablet has great pressure sensitivity resulting in a very accurate and responsive device. Its compact and small size makes the tablet surprisingly lightweight which adds to its portability, making it perfect for being carried around and used on the go. Three express buttons featured on the tablet are easily programmable.

A plethora of compatible designing and editing software can be run comfortably on the tablet as it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

All in all, this tablet is great for Osu gameplay and makes a great gift for kids as it has a very user-friendly interface. Installation follows a simple and easy plug and plays mechanic, just connect the tablet to the computer via a USB cable and the drivers will be automatically installed.

The tablet comes with an anti-fouling glove which is great when drawing for long periods causing the hands to get sweaty. It also includes a cleaning kit and several replacement nibs for maintenance.

Highlighted Features

1. Brushes can be switched with pen buttons. Easy to set up, plug and play.

2. Includes an anti-fouling glove and a cleaning kit.

3. Suitable for left-handed and right-handed users.

4. Compatible with Windows and Mac.

2. Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet | Cheap Osu Tablet

The biggest sale point of this tablet is its affordability for a graphics tablet which packs a 4000 LPI resolution and a report rate of 200 RPS. 2048 Levels of pressure sensitivity makes it great for drawing and its small display of 4×2.23 inches makes it suitable for Osu gameplay.

On top of that, it generally supports most beginner-level designing software which is coveted by the starters in this specific field.  This makes this device to be a comfortable day-to-day pick regardless of which specific purpose the user wants to focus on. Its compatibility comes with Windows 7 onwards and Mac 10.12 and later operating systems.

Being a small and durable device for the price, it’s the best Osu tablet for users who have not used such a device before. You can go for this tablet as a starter before dropping big bucks for a more advanced and high ended device should you require.

In terms of performance, it falls short of the top-edged tablets of its kind but it is important to note that the said tablets also come with a hefty price tag in comparison to this device.

This should be your go to tablet if you are completely new to Osu tablets in general and are opting to experiment to see if one of its kind comes in service to you in any field, whether it be just gaming, art or both.

Highlighted Features

1. Light and small, it fits in a pocket.

2. Compatible with most drawing software.

3. Decent for both Osu gaming and art, sculpturing for its price.

4. Compatible with Windows 7 and Mac 10.12 and onwards.

5. Very affordable

3. XP-PEN Deco Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet Drawing Pen Tablet | Best Graphic Tablets For Osu

One of the few high ended tablets from this list, the XP-PEN Deco 01 carries with it one of its most impressive and stellar features – no cursor delay.

The USB type C integrated input system assures on the responsiveness and fluidity of this tablet like no other and virtually eliminates all sorts of cursor lag and stutters. Setting up the drivers takes a little less than three minutes.

As its name suggests, the XP-PEN Deco 1 focuses a lot of its build power and integrity on its stylus pen. Equipped with a whopping 8192 pressure sensitivity and a large surface area of the tablet to compliment it, your workflow is always guaranteed to be seamless.

The build quality of the pen itself is complimentary. It is light, robust, looks premium and most importantly is comfortable to use. The stylus being battery-free removes the need to be constantly charged after few hours of use, marking towards the convenience of the device.

Also, there is an additional attribute to the design of this tablet that supports both left and right-handed users without sacrificing performance.

Other features include express keys which can be set up as macros, edge lighting around the drawing board and extra tips for the stylus pen.

Highlighted Features

1. Flagship quality, battery-free stylus pen.

2. 8192 pressure sensitivity.

3. No built-in cursor delay.

4. Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed drawings.

5. Suitable for use in dark, lights around drawing area.

4. Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing Tablet | Best Drawing Tablets For Osu

Like the previous entry in this article, the Huion Inspiroy H640P is a tablet that is built for users looking to indulge in artistic illustrations and test their creativity. 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 5080 LPI makes it a strong performer for art and animation. With 6 express keys built-in within the screen.

As it’s a drawing focused tablet, naturally the stylus pen is required to be up to the mark, and the Inspiroy does just that. It features a light, battery-free pen with a rubber grip, supports a high hover distance and programmable buttons, giving artists that creative flexibility. These additions make the device much more convenient to use on the go.

The portability and slim design of the screen adds a cherry on top for all that this device already comes with. But the focal point of this tablet lies not in its build quality or posh designs but in its capability to pair with an android device.

Not only does this tablet support Mac and Windows operating systems, but it also supports connectivity with Android devices running 6.0 and higher via an OTG connector, making it ideal to be used for digital art in combination with your smartphone, all while being handheld, anywhere, anytime.

In terms of design, the screen is a smooth surface with a paper-like texture, further enhancing your drawing experience.

Highlighted Features

1. Supports pairing with an android device via OTG connectors.

2. Compatible with Windows 7, Mac OS 10.11, and Android 6.0 and higher.

3. 8192 pressure sensitivity.

4. Suitable for beginner-intermediate artists.

5. Portable, slim and lightweight.

5. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet | Best Wacom Tablets For Osu

If you are an artist looking to work with a variety of computer software and want to integrate your designs into your desktop often, then you can never go wrong with a Wacom tablet.

Designed to be completely paired with your workstation 24/7, even as far as being able to replace your mouse, this tablet is the perfect companion for drawing comics, sketches, and doodles day in and day out.

With its large drawing area and satisfactory pressure sensitivity, this Wacom tablet is for the entry-level designers who want to get familiar with such tablets and their trademark EMR (electro-magnetic resonance) technology. Wacom claims that this makes the users feel no different than they would if they were using a real pen with no cords or batteries required to operate.

Furthermore, users in the North American region are given three free software upon purchasing any Wacom Intuos tablet which is a bundle worth looking into as the software included in the deal can be used proficiently in any entry-level drawing tasks or photo altering.

Highlighted Features

1. 3 free software on registration (NA only)

2. Stylus pen with EMR technology

3. Suited for both left-handed and right-handed users.

4. 4 fully customizable express keys.

5. Compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.11 and higher.

6. XP-Pen G430S OSU Tablet

If you like looking into underrated but equally reliable brands, the XP-Pen G430S OSU Tablet is a good option you can consider buying. This ultralight and thin laptop is specially designed for OSU and to support its functions.

From gameplay, drawing to painting and sketching, this tablet more or less takes care of all your creative juices. You wouldn’t need to download extra drivers for OSU with this tablet, which is always a great thing.

The advanced battery-free stylus that comes with this tablet doesn’t require additional charging, so you can carry it with you on the go. It is perfect for users who want to draw and play anywhere they deem suitable without being stuck.

The active area in the tablet measures 4×3 inches, which is pretty decent and ideal to get your work done. The tablet makes use of 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity for precise drawing and sketching without any delays or lags.

The max report rate in this tablet has been improved to 266 RPS, enabling you to draw smoother, quicker, and cleaner lines and shadows without any issues. Also, the one-click toggle is multifunctional and allows you to switch between pen and eraser as per your requirements.

The best thing about this OSU tablet is just 2mm thick, allowing you to carry it around with ease. The product is backed with a one-year warranty, which again is reason enough why you wouldn’t regret making this purchase at all.

Highlighted features

1. Designed with a 2mm thickness for easier portability

2. Comes with a battery-free stylus

3. Integrated with a one-click toggle for easy switching

4. Comfortable and easy to use

Osu Tablets Buying Guide

As a buyer, there are certain things you should know before you purchase a product. Below is a list of features that you need to be aware of before you buy a graphics tablet.

1. Built-In Cursor Delay

As the tablets generally used for Osu are drawing tablets, their built-in driver may cause a delay for aiding with drawing smooth lines. There are some possible solutions to this. You can either make sure the driver allows you to disable the cursor delay (which is very unlikely) or you can use the tablet without the driver.

However, all Osu tablets do not allow manually disabling this driver as this would restrict the users to only using the full tablet area. The best option would be to buy a tablet without any cursor delay.

2. Active Area 

If you don’t prefer using a wide area then you can go for ones with smaller working areas. These tablets are lighter and hence easier to carry around. If you aren’t sure about your area preferences then you must be able to adjust the drawing area to your preference later.

Tablets generally allow you to adjust the active area but if you don’t have the drivers installed you won’t be able to change the usable area.

3. Hover Distance

It is the maximum vertical distance the tablet screen can sense the pen from. The hover distance is mentioned in the tablet specifications but the actual hover distance can be higher than that.

The distances at which the pen is sensed can also be different from the distance at which the pen is lost. Hover distance is important to know if you don’t want to drag across the screen while using the tablet.

4. Stylus Pen

Be careful when it comes to choosing the pen. The pen should offer a good grip. The stylus pen is essential when it comes to drawing. Likewise, the button/s on the pen should enable you to switch to eraser mode to work more comfortably.

These buttons aren’t important for playing Osu but good ergonomic support is highly recommended as players tend to play the game continuously for long periods.

5. Operating System Compatibility

This is a must check or you will end up buying a useless tablet as it would not support your preferred device’s operating system. Some tablets are also Android compatible.

6. Connection

Some tablets offer a wireless connection. Cable connections are faster and reliable and are preferred by most. A wireless connection may be a bit more complicated to set up and users may also face connection issues at times.

7. Report Rate 

This is how frequently the stylus position and pressure are sent to the computer. The report rate directly affects the response rate of the tablet. Generally larger tablets have the highest Report rate per second (RPS). An RPS above 200 is good enough for playing Osu.

8. Surface Texture

Rough surface means that you will have to replace your nibs more often. Therefore, it is advised to choose tablets with a smooth surface or instead use a surface cover.

9. Express Keys

Many graphics tablets come with extra buttons that can be set up to replace keyboard buttons as macros. If you would rather use the keyboard then a tablet with many keys is unnecessary.

10. Resolution/Accuracy

When you click on a point on the tablet it’s expected to always point the cursor to a specific pixel on the screen. This isn’t always true, the accuracy or resolution of a tablet defines how often the tablet can do this.

Generally, tablets have an accuracy that is good enough for playing. But a tablet with a higher resolution is recommended more often than not especially if you focus on illustration. Its resolution is measured in Lines per Inch (LPI).

11. Pressure Sensitivity, Tilt Sensitivity, and Touch Capability

Pressure and Tilt sensitivity of a tablet simulate drawing on a paper by applying pressure or tilting the pen. However, these features are completely unnecessary for playing Osu but are key features in drawing.

Touch Capability is an option, when enabled, allows you to use the graphics tablet like a laptop trackpad which is also not essential solely for Osu.


Osu stopped selling its tablets and recommends other graphics drawing tablets. This results in many players struggling to find the right one because not all drawing tablets are great for Osu.

However, tablets suited for Osu may not be great for artists and hence poses an issue for users who require one that allows them to do both.

In conclusion, there is nothing that is perfectly suited for all. Which ones are the best tablets for Osu depends on your requirements, and the allocated budget. Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly analyze your needs as the first step to buying an Osu tablet.

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