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6 Best Multiple Page Scanner in 2021

You are probably excited about acquiring a document scanner. Or maybe, still debating on whether to continue paying allegiance to your all-in-one printer. Sit back and relax. We present you with this detailed best multiple page scanner reviews guide to help answer your queries.

While most offices and business enterprises have all-in-one printers to meet any printing, scanning, copying, and faxing needs, a lot of benefits come with acquiring a standalone multi-page scanning machine.

Granted! All-in-ones are an excellent alternative for small businesses and home offices. However, they can’t satisfy the demand for multiple page scanning in busy enterprises. Would it be convenient to scan a multi-page sales report on that printer at the corner of your desk?

Well, standalone multi-page scanning devices guarantee fast, efficient, and high-quality scans. But since they are kind of old-fashion pieces of equipment, getting the ideal one begins with understanding what needs you want to achieve.

list of top Multiple Page Scanner

Multiple Page Scanner Reviews

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500  Document Scanner |Best Multi Page Document Scanner

Well, we all know what Fujitsu stands for-quality, unique design, and fantastic performance. So, enjoy the golden chance of organizing your office or business premise with the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner.

The device is famous for its easy to use features, thanks to the inclusion of a 2.8″ touchscreen. The feature allows you to scan to your device of choice. More convenience comes with the fact that thou can scan to various cloud-based apps. The wireless feature makes this scanning machine a limitless tool when it comes to transferring of images.

It is the most famous version in the ScanSnap series and has remarkable design and functionality improvements over its predecessors. You can scan and create individual user folders. And even more conveniently, you can create user-specific tags, folders, and searches.

You need a device with fantastic software to meet your needs. Well, the ScanSnap iX1500 does tremendously well. It features an advanced OCR software to help in creating searchable files. As if that’s not enough, the inclusion of the ScanSnap Home software caps it all for the machine. The software helps you to stay organized.

Finally, the machine gives you the pleasure and luxury to organize your files in your way. Imagine being able to connect the scanner wirelessly to any device! That’s the kind of convenience at your disposal.

Highlighted Features

1. ScanSnap cloud allows connection to popular cloud apps.

2. The device provides auto image cleanup.

3. It features a 2.8″ touchscreen ideal for wireless scanning.

4. It features built-in software to help organize files.

2. Epson WorkForce ES-400 Document Scanner |  Best Multi Page Scanner

Are you looking for an incredibly reliable top performer? Well, you got to trust Epson’s WorkForceES-400ColorDuplexDocumentScanner. Over several decades, Epson has built a reputation for producing durable and performance-oriented office equipment. They don’t disappoint with this release.

Speed is of the essence when you have multiple pages to scan and organize. Well, the WorkForce ES-400 doesn’t fall short. Its strong duplexing ability deserves mention, thanks to Single-Step Technology. The technology enables the device to scan both sides in one pass!

Besides, the combination of an incredible speed of 35 pages in one minute and a robust auto feeding capacity of up to 50 sheets hasten your work. You don’t need to feed your documents manually. Through the Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection and Dynamic Skew detection, you enjoy unrivaled reliability with the auto-feed system.

The WorkForce ES-400 is a versatile tool that scans and organizes a prolific range of documents. You’ll find it ideal for scanning stacks of ID cards, business cards, receipts, extremely long pages, and many others.

The inclusion of the powerful Epson ScanSmart Software is another lucrative feature. It provides original image and color adjustments. Moreover, it enables file preview, email sharing, upload, object recognition, and automatic file renaming.

Highlighted Features

1. It enables intelligence images and color adjustments.

2. The system is compatible with most document management software.

3. It features a reliable Nuance OCR software.

4. It’s compatible with both Mac and PC.

5. It allows scanning to cloud apps.

3. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Document Scanner | cheap Scanner For Multiple Pages

If you choose to go the Fujitsu way, then you’ll still have to float in a pool of excellent options to choose from. The company stands out in the production of versatile desktop accessories. Also worth noting in this list is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Document Scanner.

It is a versatile piece of tool that does well in scanning both business and personal documents. So, you have at your disposal a device that can scan business cards, bank slips, bank statements, and receipts. Categorizing your scans is equally fast and effortless.

To cap it all, the device does well when faced with tasks of a wide range of paper sizes. This makes it one of the most suitable scanners when you want to recreate digital images of stacked photos and drawings.

The ScanSnap S1300i machine is highly compact and portable. But don’t let that fool you. In the device is a ScanSnap Organizer Software Suite that helps you to manage your scans. The software allows you to edit your scans and file them in a way that you deem suitable.

Finally, the portable device is superbly easy to use. The single button provides a simple scan and saves actions. Moreover, the machine features intuitive software and intelligent correction capabilities that enable scanning directly to email or desktop and auto image and color processing, respectively.

Highlighted Features

1. Compact design for portability and storage.

2. It features advanced OCR technology.

3. A single button enables easy scanning and saving.

4. It features duplexing properties for fast and efficient scanning.

4. Fujitsu fi-7160 Color Duplex Document Scanner | Best Multi Feed Scanner

Are you looking for a scanner that will take in the most sheets of documents you want to scan? If that’s the case, then Fujitsu has you sorted. The Fujitsu fi-7160 is a true definition of an ideal multi-feed scanning machine.

The device has an auto feeder capacity of up to 80 sheets. Amazing! It is a professional workhorse with an unmatchable duplex scanning speed of 60 pages per minute. Well. With a daily duty cycle of 4000 pages, there’s no doubt that you’ll achieve even the most enormous scanning tasks.

You see, the device is not all about quantity without quality. Instead, the machine produces super clean scans from a range of paper sizes and thicknesses. The robust auto-feed capacity features an Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection to guard against taking in papers stuck together.

Honestly, the fi-7160 multi-feed scanner leads on all fronts. The PaperStream Software included in this device enhances both ISIS and standard TWAIN software. It integrates top-notch image and color processing technologies that efficiently read barcodes, removes blank pages, and cleans up tough documents.

Highlighted Features

1. It enables careful document handling

2. Its efficient paper feed system is ideal for taped receipts, sticky notes, labels.

3. The included PaperStream Software improves efficiency.

4. It features a daily duty cycle of 4000 pages.

5. Brother ADS-1250W Desktop Scanner | Best Multi Page Scanner For Home Office

Maybe you’ve been looking out for an ideal Brother Solutions scanner brand. Well, the Brother Wireless ADS-1250W Desktop makes it to the list, and for all the right reasons. Just like you do, we know that Brother Solutions is a reputable industry brand.

The scanning tool is a perfect piece of equipment for any homeowner. The fact that you don’t need to install any software makes this system is fast and efficient to use. More convenience lies in the 20-pace automatic document feeding capacity and a remarkable scanning speed of up to 25 pages per minute.

If you intend to find a machine that will fit in that little space on your desk, then the ADS-1250W is your perfect tool. It is incredibly compact and portable. It features a sleek modern design that will blend faultlessly with other pieces of equipment and the decor of your office.

The machine is a performer that features versatile scanning as well as unlimited connectivity options. Enjoy wireless scanning to your PC, smartphones, cloud apps, and other networks.

Highlighted Features

1. It features a simple interface that’s easy to use.

2. The device is compact and portable.

3. It is reasonably priced.

4. It efficiently optimizes texts and images.

6. Canon ImageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner

The concept of document scanning isn’t new. And, with the available camera scanners in smartphones, there’s no way you have to settle for something less. If you are looking for the best multiple document scanner, the Canon ImageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner is hands down one of the best purchases you can make.

This scanner is not just ideal for workplaces but schools and students too. The easy usage of this scanner allows you to convert your printed documents into searchable digital formats for ease of use.

The best thing about this scanner is that it supports various types of documents, including receipts, photos, and other kinds of items. You also wouldn’t have to worry about the size of the document that you are scanning because of how flexible the product is.

The highly efficient performance of this scanner allows you to scan both sides of this product without any complaints. You can seamlessly scan through 40 pages per minute without any issues or complaints at all.

As for the capacity of the automatic feeder in the scanner, it can accommodate up to 60 sheets at a time, which is pretty considerable, especially for the kind of price it is available for. The scanner is highly compatible, not just with Windows devices but with Mac TWAIN as well.

This doesn’t support wireless functions, so you will have to connect this device to the PC via a USB cable that is provided in the package itself. Also, the package comes with the necessary software like Canon CaptureOnTouch scanning software for superior performance.

As for the quality of the product and the overall durability, you wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality or the construction at all. You do get the reliability of Canon with this scanner. Also, it is backed with a 1-year warranty, which is great too.


1. Scans both sides of the paper at a time

2. Automatic feeder accommodates up to 60 sheets

3. Integrated with necessary software like Canon CaptureOnTouch scanning software

4. Backed with a 1-year warranty

Ultimate Buying Guide For Multiple Page Scanners

Multiple page scanners are an efficient way of getting rid of piles of paperwork from your desks, drawers, and cabinets. But acquiring the best scanner for multiple pages is easier said than done. The following are factors that you need to consider when you embark on buying a new scanner.

A. Auto Document Feeder

The primary purpose of a multiple-page scanning machine is to produce images of stacks of receipts, contracts, household bills, and a range of multi-page documents. Such a massive quantity of work demands a machine with automatic feeding capabilities.

These devices come with various scanning auto-feed ranges. All the same, all you’ll need to do is to load the device, press the scan button, and focus on other office assignments or walk away. Without auto document feeding features, you will need to feed in each paper after the other. That not only reduces productivity but is also tiresome.


Optical Character Recognition is advanced software that helps to convert scanned documents into searchable, editable files. It is an ideal feature for document scanners.

Look, your office may require the convenience that comes with searching numbers and texts on scanned bills, documents, and contracts. It’s even more exciting that you can edit or manipulate these scans.

If you think that you’ll need properties that go beyond everyday PDF and JPEG files that are impossible to edit, then you’ll need to choose a device that utilizes OCR technology.

C. Duplexing

Another critical factor to look for in the best scanner for multiple documents is its ability to capture both sides of a paper simultaneously. That implies that when 15 pages move through the scanner, the device creates 30 images.

Besides, scanners with duplexing features are intelligent enough to delete blank pages. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about having blank scans. The reason why duplexing is an exciting consideration is that it reduces the time used in scanning multiple documents by up to half.

D. Transparency Adapters

Commonly known as TPUs, these are lights that help to scan negatives and films. These types of printers have software that processes such images differently to produce incredible results.

So, if your range of work includes scanning films, negatives, and slides, then you may need a device that has this inclusion. So, ensure that the machine comes with a holder that’s compatible with the kind of item you wish to scan.

Final Word

Currently, a scanner is a must-have tool if you intend to enhance productivity at the place of work. While all the models reviewed here are incredibly outstanding, they outdo each other when you prioritize various shopping factors. Hence, they may fit in various categories.

It would be of more good if you could read through the buying guide again. Hopefully, that will make it easy to choose the best multi-page scanner for your office.

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