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6 Best Long Throw Projector in 2021 [Your Essential Guide to Excellent Cinematic Experience]

Televisions are getting increasingly bigger and viable for widescreen entertainment. However, projectors provide a more convenient widescreen viewing at more affordable prices. So, the best long throw projector goes beyond entertainment purposes to meet a range of professional needs.

They are a perfect tool for making presentations in conferences, lecture halls, and classrooms besides providing entertainment in theaters, gaming platforms, and golf simulations.

As to why you may need a long throw projector and not any other is obvious. Firstly, this category of projectors is ideal for larger rooms with a large number of audiences. The images are also friendly to the eye. Moreover, a long throw projector can be put to a variety of uses.

Long Throw Projector

However, before looking into the specifications of a long throw projector, let us delve into the rationale behind buying a projector, the benefits it can provide, and its types. Going through this information will certainly help the buyer to get enough clarity so that he or she can make the right choice.

This buyer’s guide lucidly explains it all so that the buyer can identify his or her projector needs. Buying a projector is not only about the screen size or the picture quality. Several other factors need to be considered. Therefore, go through the article carefully to buy the best long throw projector.

Benefits of a Long Distance Projector

A projector can be defined as an electronic device that shoots the image on a surface or a screen crafted specifically for projection. There is a range of benefits that you can avail of by purchasing a projector. You can use it as a home theatre or for commercial needs like conference rooms. However, buyers might wonder why buy a long-distance projector when you can just rent a movie and watch it on your 40 inches 4K resolution television screen. We will tell you why. Let us go through the following pointers to understand the advantages of using a projector.

1. Adjust the Screen Size

One of the unique advantages provided by the best long throw projector is that unlike a television unit it can have multiple screen surfaces. The common belief is that in order to run a projector you might need to purchase a screen specially designed for reflection of the projected image or have white-painted walls.

However, these conditions are not strictly mandatory to set up a projector. This is because the unique design of a projector allows you to change the size of the screen as and when required. For instance, if the 40 inches LED screen television seems to clutter the living room wall, then you have to replace the unit with a smaller television. There is just no other option. That is not the case with projectors.

In the case of long throw projectors, you never have to worry about space clutter. Set the projector in a room, adjust the screen size according to the wall space and have your excellent full HD cinematic experience at home.

Furthermore, if someday you have an aesthetic wall hanging craft that requires you to reduce your screen size, you can do that easily by adjusting the screen size of the device without having to replace it with a completely new unit.

2. Mammoth Screen Size

The best long throw projectors come with the unique advantage of producing mammoth screens. This can never be achieved with a television screen. A television screen comes with a defined screen size that cannot be changed. On the other hand, the standard screen size of a projector screen is usually bigger than the standard television screen.

The sole factor that matters in determining the screen size is the distance between the projector and the screen surface. The greater the distance between the screen and device, the greater is the screen size. This enables the screen size to be as huge as 150 or even 200 inches. Therefore, do not worry about inviting your group over for the next game night and watch it on a larger screen with a theatre-like experience.

3. Easy on the Eyes

This is one of the significant reasons for buying a long throw projector. In regards to eye comfort, projectors are the best visual devices in comparison to television. It is a well-researched fact that it is always easier to look at larger pictures than smaller ones. This means that the larger the display greater is the eye comfort for prolonged vision.

Moreover, buyers should also understand that the size of the display is not the only contributing factor to eye comfort. There is a fundamental difference between the light that is generated by a projector and other visual sets. A long throw projector makes use of projected light that gets reflected from the surface and is then perceived by the eyes.

Easy on the Eyes

On the other hand, a television set or a mobile phone screen makes use of emitted light. It should be understood here that projected light that gets reflected is more comfortable for the eyes in comparison to the emitted light. If you already have glasses, then it is highly recommended that you watch your favorite shows on the projector screen rather than the television.

Furthermore, straining of the eyes is another reason for concern. In a typical household, the distance between the television screen and the viewer might not be more than a few inches. This can lead to straining of the eye muscles. Moreover, if you are trying too hard to look into the television display, you might end up straining your eyes further. A long throw projector projects the image in a larger size from a considerable distance, which does the trick.

4. Subtle Presence

Space is one of the aspects that the product developers continuously innovate upon. The amount of space taken up by the projector in the room matters. This can be further understood in contrast with a mobile phone. Initially, these communicating devices came in the size of a brick but with time and innovation, the brands flaunt sleek lightweight models.

On the other hand, a television unit comes in considerable size and weight that cannot be adjusted. Its presence is more vociferous in comparison to a long throw projector. The best long throw projectors have a subtle presence and do not take up much space in the room or the office. Often they come with in-built settings that allow them to be mounted on the ceiling leading to the maximum availability of space.

Moreover, the long throw projector screens also come with settings that allow them to be anchored to the wall or even become retractable resulting in optimum utilization of space. Therefore, a long throw projector has a subtle presence in the room in comparison to the television unit.

Subtle Presence

5. Portability

If you compare the weight of a 4K television with a 4K projector. you will know that the latter is extremely light. A long throw projector is a much lighter device with the weight falling in the range between 2 to 20 lbs. This means that the device is portable and can be easily carried.

This feature is extremely useful when the long throw projector is being used for commercial purposes. For instance, if a sudden change in plans shifts the client meeting to a different room, you do not have to worry about the projector arrangements as it can be simply carried.

6. Value Proposition

A long throw projector is a worthy buy. The price point in which you can afford a home cinema arrangement with a projector compensates for its price. Moreover, a long throw projector also adds to the aesthetic value of the house. These devices also offer an outstanding cost-benefit ratio in comparison to television.

Types of Projectors

Now, that there is no doubt about the credibility of a projector. Let us look at the different types of projectors available in the market. It is better to understand that the type of projector that you need ultimately depends on the throw distance. Therefore, let us look at the different types.

1. Standard Throw Projector

These are the most commonly used projectors that come with a throw ratio that falls between 1.5:1 to 2:1. This means that for an image of one foot the device has to be placed 1.5 to 2 feet away from the surface. The housing of the standard throw projector comes in-built with a lens that cannot be changed. If you opt for a projector without a lens for the user to select the lens according to throw ratio.

2. Short Throw Projector

These projectors are preferred in case of use inside a classroom or a conference room. This is because a short-throw projector can be placed close to the screen. This prevents the casting of a shadow or blocking of the projected image by people moving in between the screen and the short throw projector. The throw ratio range with which these projectors come is within 0.38:1 to 1.4:1.

In recent times, the world of projection has been revolutionized by the ultra-short-throw projectors, which come with a very small throw ratio that is under 0.37:1. They are located directly under the screen and produce a large-high-quality image.

3. Long Throw Projector

The long-throw projector, as the name suggests comes with a higher throw ratio. These projectors are ideal for a home theatre setting in which you can place the projector at a considerable distance and enjoy the wide-screen experience. A long throw projector with an optional lens setting can prove to be the best buy for the time.

4. Mini Projector

This is a cheaper option projector and comes in a significantly small size. They can run on batteries. The unique feature of a mini projector is that it is portable and can be carried to the educational school trip or the business presentation in a different location. However, these devices cannot be used for home theatre options.

List Of Top 6 Long Throw Projectors

Top 6 Long Throw Projectors reviews

1. FAN GOR 701 Native 1080P Projector

One of the most popularly used long-throw or movie projectors available in the market is the FAN GOR 701 Native Prjector. It is the best suitable for home entertainment purposes or for playing games. It comes in a fully sealed design, which further prevents the accumulation of dust on the LCD screen of the device.

The FAN GOR Native Projector comes with a vertical keystone correction that enhances the cinematic or the gaming experience on the device. Moreover, it has a 1920*1080p native resolution with 8500 Lumens of brightness, which produces high definition picture with improved sharpness.

One of the notable features of the device is that it comes with in-built 2*5W stereo speakers that result in an amazing audio experience. Furthermore, you can have a mega 300 inches screen with this long-distance projector. Therefore, do not be worried about calling your friends or family over for the movie night or similar occasions. The huge screen will be enough for everyone.

Moreover, with 100000 hours of lamp life, you can watch your favorite television shows all through the night on the projector. With a price point that the FAN GOR long distance projector comes available in, it is one of the best options that you can go for.

Highlighted features

1. Supports 10000:1 contrast ratio

2. Can be reduced from a 100% to 50% zoom by remote.

3. Is less noisy in comparison to its fellow counterparts.

4. 4D vertical keystone functions

5. 300 inches mega screen

2. GooDee Upgrade 4500L Outdoor Movie Projector | projector with long-throw scope

If you are looking for brightness in your ideal long throw projector, then the GooDee Upgrade HD 4500L Outdoor Movie Projector is worth your consideration. It comes with a massive 4,500 lumens. This guarantees highly bright and visible images for big spaces.

More quality comes with the outstanding 1280*768p resolution. Such a feature provides remarkable sharpness hence makes the device a top pick for customers looking for a high-definition movie projector. It also uses advanced color technology to ensure splendid color fidelity and near real-life viewing.

Purchasing this projector cushions you from heating problems that are a common occurrence with most projectors, thanks to the powerful cooling system which also provides reliable heat dispersion without any considerable fan noise.

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about the GooDee 4500L device without mentioning the text direction adjustability. Look, you can use the text direction feature to achieve multi-directional projection. The feature comes in handy for a range of needs.

The machine meets all the outdoor qualifications, just like the name suggests. It features a 3W dual stereo speaker that brings you a shock movie experience while you watch.

Highlighted Features

1. It has a battery life of 30,000 hours.

2. The 3W HIFI Stereo speaker gives an incredible sound experience.

3. Low fan noise means that there is less disturbance.

4. You can enjoy a big-screen viewing of up to 230 inches.

5. It features a reliable cooling system.

3. CiBest Video Projector | long throw video projector

The CiBest Video Projector is a mini projector that guarantees a better experience than your ordinary mini projector albeit being moderately priced. It guarantees a perfectly lifelike experience for movies and videos. Besides, apart from providing a real movie experience, it is also ideal for making business presentations.

The primary reason why people prefer projectors over TV screens is the super-large viewing screen, cost, high-quality images, and their friendliness to the eye. The CiBest Video Projector ensures protection to your eyes, thanks to the diffuse reflection technology which enables the production of softer images.

The CiBest projector features unbeatable versatility. That comes with the convenience of being able to connect it to multiple ranges of devices. It can, therefore, work with a TV stick, laptop, PC, USB drive, memory card, SD Card, and PS4/WII/XBOX.

It is also important that the connectivity options that come with the device go beyond the versatile wired options to a limitless range of wireless options. It will easily connect to iPhone, iPad, and android tablets and smartphones.

It is a portable design that weighs slightly above 2.25 pounds. It measures 7.87 x 5. 5 x 2.7 inches which are comparably smaller than most of its competitors. The arguably miniature weight and lightweight characteristics make the device perfectly portable.

Highlighted Features

1. It comes with inbuilt stereo speakers.

2. It is a small and portable design.

3. The big-screen experience of up to 200 inches is versatile.

4. You can connect it to multiple devices.

5. It features a contrast ratio of 1:2000

4. VANKYO Leisure 410 Mini Projector | Portable Movie Projector 1080p

This VANKYO product makes it to our list, it is the VANKYO Leisure 410 Mini 1080p Projector. It’s not here by coincidence. Instead, it comes with a better resolution, better brightness, and more powerful lamp life to mention a few.

To start with, it has a 1080p supported high definition display with enhanced detailed processing of the original image. Let’s bet that that is better than most projectors of its price range. Besides, such a resolution guarantees clearer and sharper images.

Still on image quality, the VANKYO Leisure features an astounding LAMP LIFE OF 40000 hours. At such a lower price point than the model comes in, 40000 hours of lamp life is simply the best that you can get.

The selling point of this device lies in its great versatility. The projection machine comes with a couple of HDMI ports including premium audio. It also allows users to make HD presentations from smartphones, laptops, and a range of streaming devices.

If you are looking for a reasonable home theater big-screen viewing, then the VANKYO Leisure 410 projector is certainly a good choice for you. It is a true definition of a widescreen viewing experience with the ability to deliver up to 200-inch images. The feature makes it a perfect device for a large convention or business congregation.

Highlighted Features

1. The versatile digital connectivity allows streaming from many devices.

2. It is easy to install, set up, and use.

3. The ultra-long lamp life serves you for over 10 years.

4. The dual projectable environment feature enhances its suitability.

5. YABER Y30 Native 1080p Projector | Full HD Video Projector

The Yaber Y30 Native 1080p Projector is one of the best available long throw projectors in the market. There are several unique features of the product. One of the features that sets the product apart from the other long-distance projectors is the 4D Vertical and Horizontal Keystone correction function. This function enables the projector screen to be a standard rectangle at all times.

Moreover, with the Yaber Y30 Projector, you do not need to change the distance between the projector and the surface to alter the screen size. You can do it easily with the remote by making use of the X/Y Zoom function.

Another distinct feature of the projector is the picture quality with 1920*1080 native resolution, 8500 Lumens of brightness, and a high-end contrast ratio of 10000:1, which leads to dynamic detailed picture quality without being compressed. It is four times better than the 720p resolution.

The projector also has built-in audio speakers. The 3W stereo speakers result in a remarkable audio experience. Furthermore, the optimum usage of the lamp with the help of the Smart Eco technology can make the lamp last for around 100000 hours.

Highlighted Features

1. 4D horizontal and vertical keystone correction.

2. Built-in 3W Dual Stereo Speakers with remarkable sound experience.

3. Bright LED light and LCD technology with 8500 Lumens of brightness.

4. Up to 100,000 hours of lamp life for prolonged usage.

5. 3 in-built fans to keep the unit cool.

6. VANKYOMINI LEISURE 3 Mini Projector | long range projector

The VANKYOMINI LEISURE 3 Mini Projector is one of the bestselling long-distanceVYANKOM models on Amazon or anywhere. It measures a paltry 7.8 x 5.8 x 2.7 inches and weighs just over 2 pounds. It is, therefore, a portable model that you can schlep anywhere you want.

It comes with a carrying case at no additional cost. Thus, this device is pretty easy to store. Even more excitingly, the carry case comes in handy if you are a traveling professional who makes presentations at conferences on the go.

VYANKOMINI Leisure 3 uses white LEDs as the source of illumination. So, it is a single-chip LED projector. But it has a color-filter wheel like nearly every DLP projection machine.

Leisure 3 comes at an astonishingly low price tag. However, it boasts a brightness level of 2400 lumens. We bet that you will agree with us that the measurement is incredible for the price tag.

At just 800×480dpi, the device doesn’t come with an illustrious resolution but the fact that it perfectly supports the content of up to 1920x1080p is commendable.

Finally, the device has a versatile throw distance of between 4.9 to 16.4feet. It is, therefore, ideal for a range of rooms and to produce different screen sizes. Compared to the standard projection distance of 6.5 feet, it is difficult to fault the Leisure 3.

Highlighted Features

1. The device is versatile and ideal for a range of activities.

2. It is ideal for screen sizes of between 32-170 inches.

3. It features a versatile throw distance of between 4.9-16.4 feet.

4. It is incredibly easy to set up and use.

Ultimate Buying Guide For Top Long Throw Projectors

1. Ease Of Use

It is essential to have a detailed look at the usability of projectors before we look at the technical details. But why would ease of use be a critical consideration? You see, you certainly don’t want to purchase a gadget that is too difficult to use.

A good long throw projector should be pretty easy to install and set up. The usability of a projector depends on a range of elements, some of which we will discuss in this article.

Navigation should be easy to go about. But more importantly, the on/off function should be easy to effect.

2. Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of pixels or dots that create an image or display. Long-throw projectors with higher resolutions have more pixels or dots. Therefore, they create images that are clearer, crisper, and cleaner.

Again, it is essential to take note of the fact that the intended resolution also depends on the type of media you are going to project. Are you going to project movies, games, or videos? Or, are you going to project texts, graphs, or charts?

Texts, graphs, charts, and high-resolution videos require a projector with high resolution.

3. Wired & Wireless Projection

Connectivity options that a projector allows determine the types of devices that the projector is capable of handling. Most modern long throw projectors come with wired and wireless options.

Wireless connectivity enables connection with a range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and digital cameras. This makes them versatile and easy to use.

On the other hand, while wired connection options are perfectly reliable, they limit connectivity to PCs and TV screens. So, a hybrid system is better and ideal for a wide range of media devices.

4. Contrast Ratio

There are two aspects of every image; light and dark. So, the contrast ratio is the measurement of the difference created by the brightest white against the darkest black on the image.

For example, a contrast ratio of 1:4000 means that the brightest part is 4000 brighter than the darkest section. A higher contrast ratio provides a richer, more detailed, and clearer image.

Long-throw projectors are mostly appropriate for large spaces and a bigger audience. That is why you will need a projector with a comparatively higher contrast ratio to produce clear images.

5. Throw Distance

By definition, throw distance denotes the positioning of your projector from the screen. Long-throw projectors have a longer throw distance. It is also vital to note that the throw distance also determines the size of the image.

Long-throw models typically come with slightly loner throw distances hence they guarantee bigger screen sizes.


How does a long-distance projector last?

It depends on the lamp life of the product. The higher the lamp life of the long-distance projector, the longer it will last.

Is a short-throw projector better than a long-throw projector?

It depends on the type of application for which you intend to use the projection. For instance, if the projector is meant for business or educational purposes then it is better to go with a short-throw unit, as the distance between the screen and the surface in such a setting is less. This will prevent disruption due to image blocking or shadowing. A long throw model is ideal for entertainment purposes.

What is the most crucial factor to be considered while buying the best long-distance projector?

The most crucial factor is the throw ratio. Determine the exact throw ratio that is suitable for your household premises before you go in for the purchase.

What is the average lumen count for a long-distance projector?

A projecting unit that comes with 5000 lumens is the average lumen count for a long-distance projector.

Final Word

Projectors are classified as a long throw, short throw, or ultra-short throw. But why these classifications? Look, a projector’s throw distance determines the size of the room it is ideal for as well as the image size you are bound to enjoy.

In this article, we provide you with a detailed guide on how to go through the tasking process of shopping for the best long throw projectors. The article also contains some of the most famous options to choose from.

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