Best Laser Pointers For Presentations

6 Best Laser Pointers For Presentations in 2021

If you make presentations regularly, then it’s only inevitable that you want to stay on top of the game. To achieve that, you need to equip yourself with the right presentation tools to deliver effective PowerPoint and Google Slide presentations. The best laser pointers for presentations are undoubtedly some of the most efficient devices for regular presenters.

Just like it is fun to see cats attracted to laser beams, your audience gets equally wowed when you use a laser pointer during presentations. It is for that reason that these little devices are now a common thing in conferences, classrooms, and lecture halls. They allow you to engage your audience without being too close to the screen.

Presentation clickers are relatively small and lightweight tools that produce intense light beams. The idea of owning these devices is no longer a farfetched idea for professors, students, and anyone in the corporate world. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, specifications, and prices.

list of Top Laser Pointers For Presentations

Top 5 Laser Pointers For Presentations reviews

1. Logitech Professional Presenter R800 | Best Green Laser Pointer

Do you want to hold the attention of your audience to slides of well-illustrated charts, graphs, diagrams, and sales points? Well, the Logitech Professional Presenter R800 does the job perfectly. It is perfectly easy to use and compatible with all Windows devices.

The green laser pointer produces brilliant beams that glue your clients to your slides. It is visible in all types of projection backgrounds, including plasma displays, LCDs, and ordinary projection screens. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about ambient light as it stays visible in brightly lit rooms.

Unbeatable convenience comes with the acquisition of this professional laser pointer. It features an easy-to-read LCD screen with an inbuilt timer to help you get your timing right. It also features impressive slideshow control functions with different arrows to take you to the next or back to the previous slides.

Professional presenters know the impact of coordinated mobility to their audience. The Logitech R800 pointer gives you the convenience to seize the stage, thanks to the wireless characteristic and the reception level indicator. You can wander up to 100 feet away and still stay in absolute control of your slides.

Highlighted Features

1. It comes with a wireless receiver.

2. The inbuilt timer enables you to pay full attention to the presentation.

3. Easy and intuitive controls allow confident slideshow navigation.

4. A versatile range of 100 feet gives you total freedom.

5. It is a powerful device for all types of projection backgrounds.

2. DinoFire Bluetooth Wireless Presenter | Best Long Range Laser Pointer

If you are looking for a laser pointer that goes beyond the basic act of aiming beams at slide shows for your audience to see, then the DinoFire Bluetooth Wireless Presenter is a perfect bet. The device supports a versatile range of functions while maintaining a design that is perfectly easy to use.

The device comes with a simple remote control that helps you to control your presentations from anywhere in the room. It features a Bluetooth connection capability that requires set up only on the first day of use. Besides, a single AAA battery conveniently powers the little machine.

With a pointing range of up to 330ft, the device stands tall as an ideal long-range laser pointer. The bright red light, 2 Bluetooth modes, and the advanced 4G control range are a perfect combination that allows visibility on a variety of backgrounds. The device is, therefore, ideal for all sizes of presentation halls or rooms.

The device is versatile and allows use with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android devices. It also supports an endless list of documents, including Google Slides, PowerPoint, PDF, iWork, Word, and Excel, to name a few. More fundamentally, it supports critical presentation functions such as hyperlink, switches Windows, volume, control, as well as full/black screen options.

Highlighted Features

1. It is compatible with a range of operating systems.

2. It supports a range of essential functions.

3. The pointing range of up to 330 feet is ideal for big spaces.

4. The plug and play option avoids unnecessary setup procedures.

5. It comes with a carry case.

3. Doosl Upgraded Presentation Remote Clicker | Best Handheld Laser Pointer

The Doosl Upgraded Presentation Remote Clicker is a perfect way to dictate your presentations from the comfort of your palm. It produces a green light that is stronger than your ordinary red beams. Therefore, the device is ideal for different light intensities, including brightly lit rooms.

Most presentation pointers falsely claim to fit in most hands perfectly. The manufacturer of this Doosl Clicker has a similar claim and lives up to it. The device features a simple aluminum body specially designed to give your hand a comfortable fit and feel.

It features a simple plug and play characteristic with no unnecessary setups after the first connection. Such an aspect makes this clicker a perfect tool for fast and effective display setup. Moreover, it allows exclusive features such as hyperlink, black, and full-page, as well as page flip functions.

Most people consider purchasing AAA batteries often like it is the case with most laser pointers an inconvenience and costly. You don’t have to go through that inconvenience if you decide to go the Doosl way. The device comes with a rechargeable 400mAh battery that will serve you for a long time.

Highlighted Features

1. It has a range of between 100-330 feet.

2. It features an anti-lost magnetic storage design.

3. It enables advanced presentation features.

4. The rechargeable battery lasts longer.

5. The simple design is comfortable in your hand.

4. Lefant F8 Wireless Presenter | Best Red Laser Pointer

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a convenient Laser wireless pointer. The Lefant F8 Wireless Presenter comes at a reasonable price. Yet, it features terrific performance capabilities and offers a perfect way of highlighting the critical points in your presentation.

First off, it provides a 2.4 GHz connection from any range of up to 65 feet. This guarantees a perfect opportunity to move around the conference room and interact with your audience. Besides, the ergonomic design maximizes comfort on your hands and portability in the presentation room.

The Lefant F8 features a scroll wheel to move the pages up and down. More importantly, the highlight of this handy device lies in its power-saving ability. It comes with a power ON/OFF button to help you utilize your battery effectively.

It is also worth noting that most presentation formats are ideal for this device. Also, the clicker works well with popular operating systems. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Mac!

Highlighted Features

1. The ergonomic design maximizes comfort.

2. It is compatible with popular operating systems,

3. The 65 feet range is ideal for most classrooms and conference halls.

4. The ON/OFF button conveniently saves battery.

5. The mouse scroll wheel allows convenience during use.

5. BEBONCOOL Wireless Presenter Clicker- Best Laser Pointer Presenter 

Since most laser pointers are small handheld gadgets that you will end up placing on the table during or after presentations, they will always get lost. You don’t risk losing the BEBONCOOL Wireless Presenter Clicker, thanks to the unique finger-ring design. Slide it on your index finger and have it on you all day.

The gadget is a perfect piece of tool for classrooms and lecture halls. It features a remarkable range of up to 328 feet and an active transmission at 2.4 GHz. Also, the device weighs a party 30 g and is no big deal to carry in the classroom.

The maximum power output of the clicker is less than 5mW, making it an ideal tool for indoor usage. Again, if you want a gadget that will serve you without worrying about power consumption, then the BEBONCOOL device fits the bill. It comes with an 80mAh battery that lasts 1 week on a single charge.

The device is excellently easy to use with a range of incredible functional options. Finally, it is compatible with various technological devices.

Highlighted Features

1. The company guarantees 24/7 technical support.

2. One-week battery use on a single charge is convenient.

3. It is compatible with most office programs.

4. The unique anti-missing design ensures that you don’t lose the clicker.

6. Kensington Wireless Presenter with Red Laser Pointer

Finding a good-quality wireless presenter with a laser can cost you a lot of money. However, you don’t have to worry about the same with the Kensington Wireless Presenter with Red Laser Pointer. This one is not just affordably priced; it is backed with all the premium functions and features you’d need.

Ideal for professionals, this is your best bet when you are trying to make the most out of your presentations. The presenter is designed with 4-button controls with intuitive functions. It is integrated with forwarding and back functions with screen blackout and activating the laser pointer.

The presenter is compatible with most of the Office applications, allowing you to present your presentations without any lags or delays. This is a secure and reliable device that comes with a plug-and-play USB receiver.

The presenter also supports a 2.4 Ghz wireless connection for a smoother user experience like no other. The presenter and receiver devices are paired intelligently to prevent unnecessary confusion and chaos.

The red laser pointer comes in handy when you are trying to point out important suggestions during the presentation. Also, the 65-foot-wide range coverage is amazing, especially when you are trying to get a presentation in a larger room.

Also, the curved design of the device allows you to clutch it comfortably and ergonomically without having it put a strain on your hands. 

Highlighted features

1. Compatible with most of the Office applications

2. Supports 2.4 GHz wireless connection

3. Comes with red laser light pointer

4. Wider coverage up to 65 feet

Laser Pointers For Presentations Buyer’s Guide

Do you need assistance in finding the right laser clickers? Take note of the following considerations to ensure that you get the right piece of equipment for the job.

A. Power Output 

It’s no doubt that power output is the most crucial feature to consider in the classification of laser pointers. The power output determines the best possible use of the devices. Laser pointers with 5mW power output will work excellently for conferences, conventions, and all educational functions, while those with outputs of more than 5mW are suitable for astronomy.

Shining of clickers on the human or animal eye is hazardous. That is why most presentation clickers come with low power outputs to minimize the harm in case the beam is accidentally directed to the eye. Moreover, being indoor equipment, high power output is unnecessary.

B. Beam Color

These useful tools come in a variety of beam colors. The most common choice for presentations, however, is often those with red beams. They are perfect for indoor environments hence sometimes also preferred as toys for cats.

Some pointers in this category have an element for white spotlights meant for magnifying or highlighting items on the screen. The white spotlights are safe for the eyes yet still highly effective. While red is most common, it doesn’t mean that you can choose a different color for your presentations.

C. Range And Adjustability

You can’t ignore the importance of range and adjustability when you are shopping for the best presentation pointer. Consider this factor in relation to the size of space and lighting intensity in the room where you intend to use the pointing machine.

Unlike astronomy pointers that feature a range of up to 1,000 feet or 300 meters, presentation pointers have a convenient range of between 50-100 feet. This is about 15-30 meters and is ideal for lecture halls, conventions, and a variety of indoor spaces. Make a choice depending on the size of the indoor space in which you intend to use the device.

Equally important is the need for versatile adjustability characteristics. Modern models come with this feature to allow efficiency in a variety of lighting conditions. Adjust the beam intensity to meet your needs.

D. Additional Accessories

Additional accessories may not be the first consideration on your list. However, they are a tie-breaker when you get out to compare presentation laser pointers side by side. Avid presenters will see value in Bluetooth compatibility, availability of a carry bag, and a reliable charging USB cable.

E. Size And Weight

The unwritten rule of buying laser pointers is that “smaller is always better.” This is not only because you may need to travel with them often but also because you will need to hold them for more extended periods during presentations. Luckily, you will be impressed with the versatile range of small and lightweight models available to choose from.

Final Word

A laser pointer is an essential addition to any presentation. It spices up the display with additional functional capabilities and convenience. Besides, clickers help to attract the attention of the audience.

Whether you decide to go with the adventurers and exciting yellow, green, or violet, or you choose to keep it traditional red, the best presentation laser pointers will make a lot of difference for you and your audience. Hopefully, this review helps you to an informed decision.

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