Best Label Maker for Teachers

Best Label Maker for Teachers 2020

Aren’t you the teacher who wants to be loved by all of his/her students?

I am sure you don’t wanna get called “borrrriiiiing” by any student while teaching in a class. Teaching is a creative and fun profession. While educating students is the primary concern here, who doesn’t want to standout a bit in the crowd!

It doesn’t matter if you teach at an elementary school or at a university, students always want to connect with their teacher. The charm of an organised person, especially a teacher, is something we can’t deny, let alone students!

A label maker is a small instrument that can help you arrange your life systematically. I know it doesn’t sound that much essential.  But once you start using a label maker to slap a label on everything important to you;  within 1 week, you will notice a substantial difference in how organised can life get!

In this write-up, we will try to explore, which are the best label maker for teachers with an informative buying guide.

List of Label Maker for Teachers 

Label Maker For Teachers Reviews

1. Brother P-touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker 

Brother P-touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker, One-Touch Keys, Multiple Font Styles, 27 User-Friendly Templates, White
  • Quick access to fonts, frames, symbols and more
  • Prints up to 2-lines on labels up to 12 millimeter wide

If you never used a label maker before, this is a perfect one to start with.

It doesn’t matter if you are just trying to crank out your crafts, getting your life organised, Brother P-Touch PTD210 can the one-stop solution for you to print high-quality labels.

It features a straightforward, essential and simple keyboard interface. With one-touch keys, you can have quick access to fonts, frames, symbols, templates and more.

For your creative exploration and personalisation, this label maker includes 14 fonts, 97 frames and over 600 symbols. According to what you are labelling it’s virtually impossible to go out of style!

It also has 27 preinstalled quick templates. Just type the words and press the print button. When you feel lazy to customise or don’t have enough time in hand, this feature will save you a lot of troubles.

All told, you can get a visual preview on the screen of how your label will look. Save the frustration of wasting tapes. You will also get 30 memory slot to store your commonly used labels.

The PTD210 powered by 6 AAA batteries as well as an AC Adapter for complete comfort. With so much feature, it only weighs just only over a pound.

Whether you doa fun project at school or want to label household products, the feature richness makes it an ideal label maker to meet all necessity.

Highlighted Features

1. Preview feature: See how it’ll look before printing.

2. Easy access one-touch keys for fonts, symbols and more.

3. 30 labels can be stored for quick access print.

4. Variety of tapes option.

2. Brother P-touch Label Maker, Versatile Easy-to-Use Labeler, PTD400AD

Brother P-Touch Label Maker, Versatile Easy-to-Use Labeler, PTD400AD, AC Adapter, QWERTY Keyboard, Multiple Line Labeling, White
  • EASY TO USE: The compact design and easy type QWERTY keyboard feature make the PT D400AD a versatile and easy label maker to use
  • ONE TOUCH KEYS: Easily add one of 99 frames, over 600 symbols, and 14 fonts by accessing the one touch keys. Maximum Print Height - 15.8 mm. Maximum Number of Print Copies - 9

Intuitive, small! Brother P-touch PTD400AD can be an ideal fit for any hardcore labeller.It’s extremely easy to use!

If you are a person who wants to make stylish and variety of labels without any extra trouble at home, school or office, PTD400AD will serve all your purposes. It’s a perfect compact size labeller; easy to carry and place it on any desk.

It features a large full-featured QWERTY keyboard with a multiple line graphical display. The keyboard’s keys are large and designed with unique angles for your comfortable typing. It also features dedicated one-touch keys to access fonts, frames, saved labels and symbols.

This label maker allows unlimited customisation with countless inbuilt resources.It comes with 10 fonts and 14 font styles. Also 99 frames and over 600 symbols.

The PTD400AD has a large internal memory that can store up to 50 commonly used labels. Just press the dedicated label button and access all 50 of them, select one and press print!

The powering option is extremely flexible. I am sure most of the places you are going to use a label maker, you have electricity access. Just plug in the AC adapter,and you are good to go. It also runs with six AAA sized battery.

So if you ever have to make labels on the go or in someplace that doesn’t have a source to provide AC power, you don’t need to worry about making some labels.

Highlighted Features

1. Multi-line graphical display.

2. Full-featured large QWERTY Keyboard.

3. Extensive number resource library including 14 fonts, 99 frames & 600 symbols.

4. AC adapter power option.

DYMO Label Maker with 3 Bonus Labeling Tapes, LetraTag 100H Handheld Label Maker & LT Label Tapes, Easy-to-Use, Great for Home & Office Organization
  • Handheld label maker has 2 line printing, 5 font sizes, 7 print styles, 8 box styles. 9 label memory, date stamp, and 3 language options
  • 13 character LCD screen and graphical display on this label printer lets you see messages, and font and effects on screen before printing

Some of us have particular weaknesses in specific product styles. If you are a fan of handheld devices, this one will blow your mind.

Dymo has a wide range of products regarding household, classroom or worksites. Their label maker products are widely common in the market.

The LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Makeris a small device which is built sturdy and with a sense of mobility. This handheld label maker is a battery-powered one, and it’s ready to go everywhere with you.

It features a 13 character display and lets you see the font size and effects on-screen before printing. It has an ABC type keyboard for trouble-free typing. With quick navigation buttons like a joypad,it gets easier to navigate through the menus.

It can print two-line labels. This label maker offers a wide selection of styles to choose from. With 5 font styles, 7 printing styles and 8 box styles, you can get more than enough variety of labels.

One of the cool features is that you can print labels in 3 different languages. It has date stamp option on labels and can store up to 9 labels for quick reprint.

It’s a lovely tiny machine with so much unique feature and has a very affordable price tag.

Highlighted Features

1. 13 characters graphical LCD display.

2. It features 2 line printing.

3. Handheld label maker, great for portability.

4. Thermal printing option.

5. Powered by 4 AAA battery.

 6. Automatic off feature to save battery life.

4. Brother P-touch PT70BM Label Maker, Personal Handheld Labeler

Brother P-touch Label Maker, Personal Handheld Labeler, PT70BM, Prints 1 Font in 6 Sizes & 9 Type Styles, Two-Line Printing, Silver
  • Lightweight personal handheld labeler: The Brother P touch PT 70BM is a portable label maker that weighs only 8 ounces and is easy to use
  • 54 Font variation: This handheld labeler can print labels with one font, in six sizes, and nine type styles for a personalized look

Are you a fan of weirdly beautiful designs like me?Brother P-touch PT70BM is a small handheld label maker that features a unique design, and I love it.

If your students are small children, you must own one of this. Kids can be notorious sometimes. They quickly forget to put things where they belong. Putting on a label with a fun style can be helpful in those cases.

P-touch PT70BM is a fantastic basic labeller that suits everyday need.Portability; probably this the finest feature of this label maker. I mean it’s so easy to grab and put this tiny unique designed machine in your purse or backpack on the go!

It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery. The label maker’s low power usage gives the battery a prolonged life.

The label maker can only print with Brother genuine tape. Brother Genuine P touch M tapes provide crispy and clear text quality on the printed label. The greatest thing about Brother genuine tape is that it comes in a wide range of choices (colours).

You can print using 54 font styles with 6 sizes and 9 styles. With multiple formats and auto framing, you have a significant number of customisation options.

It is an extremely lightweight device so simpler to use and carry.

Highlighted Features

1. Weighs only 8 ounces.

2. Can make 2 linesprinted label.

3. Features a display of 8 character LCD.

3. It features a QWERTY keyboard with raised keys for accurate inputs.

4. 54 font variations.

5. DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Compact, Portable Label Maker

DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Compact, Portable Label Maker with QWERTY Keyboard (1733013),Silver/Blue
  • Handheld label maker has 2-line printing, 5 font sizes, 7 print styles, 8 box styles. 9-label memory, date stamp, and 3 language options.
  • 13-character LCD screen and graphical display on this label printer lets you see messages, and font and effects on-screen before printing.

DymoLetraTag LT-100T is a superb fit for peoples who are looking for compact and portable label maker to use in school, home or even in offices.

It has a large complete QWERTY keyboard that was designed very conveniently for you to make the typing anunperturbed job. The navigation buttons make it effortless to browse for advanced features like font styling, date stamping and more.

If you are worried about the test run, how your final output going to look, well, I say don’t! The 13 character LCD display will let you have a preview of how your print will look like.No more surprising refill waste. You can create labels in multiple languages using this label maker.

The price of the refills is very budget-friendly compared to its nearest competitors. You can even get them in a craft store, also can use your coupons to buy them.

One of the finest features that I love is this label maker can make labels for different applications like iron-on labels for clothing, magnetic labels for filecabinets and paper/plastic labels for organising.

Highlighted Features

1. 2 line printing with 5 font sizes and 7 print styles.

2. 9 label storing memory.

3. Thermal printing requires no need for toner or ink.

4. Label making in 3 languages.

5. Auto-off feature to reduce battery usage.

6. Time and date stamping feature with proper formatting.

Label Maker for Teachers Buying Guide

After researching top brands and popular models,here are a few things we come up with, thatyou should take into account before buying the best label maker for teaching.

1. Screen Size

It’s really great to have a screen that can at least display 3-4 lines of text. Almost all entry-level label maker has a one-line display while they provide great functionality in other categories.

If you are flexible on budget, you can get yourself a multiple-line display screen label maker. Personally, I think for teachers, a one-line display screen is enough to meet most of their demands.

2. Power Source

While I prefer rechargeable batteries as a power source for label maker with an AC adapter, it can cost a bit much!

Well, a rechargeable power source has its perk. Every time your label maker dies, you don’t need to replace the batteries!

Regular models use AAA or AA batteries which are okay too. They can give a label maker longenough life in one go.

3. Keyboard

An ideal label maker includes a full-featured keyboard with all function keys. No matter how many words you type, you want to do it comfortably, so a full set of keyboard is necessary.

There’ll be models with full-featured keyboard and models that lacked a full keyboard. The models that don’t have a full-featured keyboard might have the option to directly connect to phone or computer to type with pc/phone keyboard.

So go with your preference here!

4.Sidecut Label

Most of the label maker available on the market offers a manual button on-device to slice labels.

It’s easier to reach and press the side button than the buttons located on the top side. So, I recommend a label maker with a side slice button.

5. Tape Options

In most cases, we will need a black and white label.

When you are a teacher, you might need more than that. Especially if your students are kids. The label material, the colour scheme will need to be different.

So I recommend choosing a label maker that supports a variety of tape options for making different types of attractive labels.

6. Font Options

A larger selection of fonts can be helpful for you to explore your creative side.
Most of the label makers come with 8-14 fonts installed on them which should be considered enough.

But you know, more the elements, more the fun to create! So if you need more, choose a model that offers more font options.

Few models even support google and apple font library with a connection via PC or Mac.

7. Memory

Who won’t love the feature to store a few of his/her frequent used labels? I would like a simple way to save my most used label.

 Most label makers can store at least 5to 15 labels while some of the models come with as many as 50!

Final Words

In the book “Getting Things Done” David Allen described the importance of using labels. He said, “Typeset labels change the nature of your files and your relationship to them.

His words might sound too corporate for a teacher but believe in me when I say, you really should start using labels. It changes the perspective of work and productivity. The impacts are small but very significant.

I hope now it’s a little bit easier for you to distinguish which one is the best teachers label maker.  Why waiting while you can get yourself a label maker and turn yourself into a cool teacher in a neat and organised way that every student loves.

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