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10 Best Inversion Tables: Specialist Reviews For 2021

How often do you struggle with back pain and stiffness around your lower back because of constantly sitting on your back for hours in the end? Happens quite a lot, right? Well, that is what inversion tables are for. Not only do they add comfortable support to your back, but they also help reverse the impacts of constant risks of chronic pain.

Inversion tables are not the most popular items in the market, so if you think that you will be able to get your hands on one easily, you likely wouldn’t. Don’t worry though, we have done all the hard work for you and sorted out a list with the best inversion tables in the market.

Brief Overview on Best Inversion Tables in 2021

Best Inversion Table – Reviews

1. Innova Inversion Table

INNOVA HEALTH AND FITNESS ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Supports: 4″10′ to 6″10′
  • Adjustability: Adjustable headrest

When talking about the best inversion tables in the market, the Innova Inversion Table is hands down one of the best options. From a sleek design to durable construction, there are a lot of premium features about this inversion table that makes it one of the best.

It is designed with an adjustable headrest with a large and extra padded backrest that enables you to work seamlessly and get all the comfort you need to take the strain off of your back. The six-pin adjustable system is again a reason enough for this purchase.

One unique feature about this inversion table is the True Balance system is another reason why it works pretty amazingly for every user to get the inversion therapy they need to relieve their lower back pain.


  • Adjustable settings
  • Durable construction
  • Designed with True Balance System


  • Initially assembling takes time

2. Innova ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Therapy Table

INNOVA HEALTH AND FITNESS ITM5900 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Height capacity: 4ft-10″ to 6ft-6″

Another popular inversion table from Innova that you can look into is this one with advanced heat and massage settings. It features a patented advanced vertical massage setting to relieve back pain effectively.

The design of the therapy table has an ergonomic feat to it that can sustain heavy-duty complications and provide you with all the comfort that you need. Even this one comes with a six-pin adjustable system with a protective cover.

Aside from the ergonomic design of the chair, you also get an improved ankle holding system to keep your posture in check. It also features stunning heat and massage settings with both automatic and manual settings that make it easier for you to handle everything.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Improve ankle holding system
  • Has heat and massage settings


  • Construction is subpar

3. Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table

Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table With Vibro Massage & Heat - Heavy Duty up to 300 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Height capacity: 5’1” to 6’5”

Next on the list of the best inversion table options that you can look into is the Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table. It is one of the most renowned brands, especially because of the ergonomic design and the memory foam design for a comfortable sitting experience.

It is ideal for back pain relief and is one of the top-rated inversion tables with an ankle locking system and ideal support to the contours of your back and spine. It is one of the few inversion tablets that come with remote-controlled functioning with heat and vibrating massage pad.

The table is also designed with four leg rollers that provide optimal ankle support and prevent the common risks of calf pinching that many individuals complain about. It also features an easily adjustable headrest that you can manage according to your needs.


  • Features memory foam design
  • Supports the contours of the back
  • Adjustable headrest


  • The weight limit is tricky with this

4. Teeter FitSpine X Inversion Table

Teeter FitSpine X1 Inversion Table, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered (FitSpine X1)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Height capacity: 4 ft 8 in- 6 ft 6

If you are experiencing pain and stiffness in your lower back and spine, the Teeter FitSpine X Inversion Table is a good option to start with. The backrest of the table comes with pointy acupressure points that trigger point release and relieve the pain and discomfort that you are likely experiencing being sat for hours at end.

This inversion table for the back is one of the few options that come with the 8-point floating suspension system that enables easier flexibility and movement across without causing stiffness. It also has grip and stretches handholds to help you get optimal support as needed.

This Teeter ep desk comes with the needed Teeter trust capacity and certification that allows you to get optimal customer satisfaction with the product. It is also an FDA-certified product, which means that it is certified for helping relieve back pain and stiffness that you are experiencing.


  • Reliable brand
  • Flexible movement
  • Designed with acupressure points


  • Not stable enough

5. Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table

Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table with Adjustable Head Pillow & Lumbar Support Pad
  • Maximum Weight: 250lbs
  • Height Capacity: 5’1″ to 6’6″

When discussing invention tables and inversion therapy, the Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table is another popular option. It does feature a small surface area but it accommodates more or less everyone that you can think of.

The inversion table is also upholstered with a memory foam backrest to adjust to the contours of your back and spine. It is one of the few options that come with the adjustable lumbar support that can support your lower back and the shoulders too.

It also features a heavy-duty steel frame, which is ideal for keeping the item stable on the ground without causing any accidents. It is ideal for relieving lower back pain and features a foldable design that ensures easier storage.


  • The comfortable memory foam design
  • Foldable and space-saving design
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Foot bar is not the most stable

6. HARISON Heavy Duty Inversion Table

HARISON Inversion Table for Back Pain Relief 350 LBS Capacity with 3D Memory Foam, Back Inversion Chair with 180 Degree Full Inversion (2022 Updated)
  • Maximum weight: 350 lbs
  • Height capacity: 4.8″- 6.4″

When discussing heavy-duty inversion tables for overweight or obese users, the HARISON Heavy Duty Inversion Table is a good place to start with. Aside from the ridged and convoluted backrest, the table also features a thicker foam padding for extra support.

The one unique feature why you can get this inversion table for the back and spine is the adjustable upside down the back stretcher. The memory foam not just adds comfortable support, it also blends and aligns itself to the contours of your back and spine.

Even this one features the True balanced design that holds your body in place. The construction comes with the much needed non-slip nuts and mat along with the safety belt that you need for more stability and protection.


  • Heavy-duty conversion
  • Added all-round protection and safety
  • High weight capacity


  • Expensive

7. IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

IRONMAN Gravity 5000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table with NO Pinch Airsoft Ankle Holder and SURELOCK Ratchet System
  1. Maximum weight: 350lbs
  2. Height capacity: 4.6″- 6.4″

Next on the list of the best inversion tables for back pain is this one from Ironman. It is one of the least options with the patented ankle holders that offer maximum comfort and stability for optimal pain relief and support.

The backrest of the best inversion table is designed with an extra-thick memory foam construction with a vinyl covered backrest that blends into the back contours of your body for comfort. It also comes with a removable lumbar support pillow for added comfort.

The palm-activated adjustable ratchet is also a positive thing about this product that you wouldn’t regret splurging out on. The table also has an overall durable and stable construction for a comfortable sitting, especially with the ankle locking system.


  • Maximum comfort with thick memory foam
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable ratchet


  • Overpriced

8. Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table

Exerpeutic 975SL All Inclusive Heavy Duty 350 lbs Capacity Inversion Table with Air Soft Ankle Cushions, Surelock and iControl Systems
  • Maximum weight: 350lbs
  • Height capacity: 4’10” to 6’6”

For the users looking for a comfortable inversion table for back pain relief with an ergonomic design, the Exerpeutic 975SL Inversion Table is a good place to start with. It has a heavy-duty construction that can support up to 350lbs for comfortable sitting, even for obese users.

The patented stretch handles in this inversion table is a bonus that you can’t get enough of. It comes with rubber on the bottom of the table that prevents skidding and keeps the table in one place. It has a comfortable backrest and adjustable design that matches your needs.

The Disk Brake System of this table is easy to lock and comes with multiple inverting angles for easier comfort. The palm activated sure lock ratchet is also ergonomically molded with the ankle cushions providing you with maximum comfort.


  • Comfortable design
  • Patented disk brake system
  • Multiple inverting angles


  • Overpriced

9. Doufit Inversion Table

  • Maximum weight: 250 lbs
  • Height capacity: 4’10” to 6’5”

If you are particularly looking to use an inversion table to relieve back pain and the stiffness around your spine, the Doufit Inversion Table is one of the best options. It features a safe design with a drop resistance shoulder pad and seat belt to hold you in place during the inversion therapy.

It also features adjustable height settings and an ankle holder that blends into the requirements of the users suffering from lower back pain. The foldable design of the table is a bonus that helps you get the most out of the design by easily storing it anywhere that you have space.

The overall construction of the table is made with heavy-duty elements that ensure a long-lasting finish without any hassle. If you want to experience the benefits of inversion therapy, we’d ideally suggest you give this a go.


  • The ergonomic ankle holding system
  • High-quality inversion table construction
  • Safe design


  • Weight capacity isn’t optimal

10. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table for Back Pain, FDA-Registered
  • Maximum weight: 300lbs
  • Height capacity: 4ft 8in- 6ft 6in

When discussing inversion table brand, Teeter is a leading option. Amidst all the available options, the Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table is hands down one of the best tablet on the market, especially with the design and easy to use functions.

This one specifically is an FDA certified table that enables safety while hanging upside down. It does lack a padded backrest, which is a downside but the acupressure nodes in this inversion table make this an ideal option for enhanced comfort and added support.

It also features precise rotation in the table that allows maximum stability and control when you are moving the table in multiple directions. The overall design of this is made with durable material that makes it one of the well-known quality inversion tables that you wouldn’t regret owning.


  • FDA-registered item
  • Has acupressure nodes
  • Stable design


  • Installation is a little tricky

Buying Guide to Inversion Tables in 2021

Before buying the best inversion table for yourself, there are a few factors that a user needs to pay attention to. Make sure you tick these pointers off your checklist before making the final purchase.

Your Needs

When buying an inversion table, you need to first prioritize why you need to use inversion. Is it for your back pain, neck pain, or for managing your high blood pressure? If you are getting it after your doctor’s advice, make sure you look for a table that can suffice your needs.

Features of the Table

Aside from the general construction and design of the table, you also need to consider accessory features, including the adjustable backrest and headrest along with the removable lumbar pillow for added comfort. Look for the associated features that you will likely need in the table.


The primary reason to use inversion is for optimal comfort and pain relief. So, get the tables with a memory foam setting and safe design for maximum comfort like no other.

Best Inversion Table: FAQs

How long should one invert for?

Inversion tables aren’t meant for hours of use. You need to first consult your doctor or physical trainer to ask them what’s optimal for you before you start using it. Start with smaller intervals and then gradually build it up from there.

Are inversion tables effective?

Yes, they are proven beneficial for relieving pain, stiffness, and discomfort over consistent periods of usage.

Do inversion tables hurt your back?

Using inversion tables can be tricky. If you don’t follow the instructions or safety protocols, you will likely end up hurting yourself, so make sure that you keep a check on that.


With thousands of inversion tables available in the market, choosing just one becomes confusing. Don’t worry though, we hope that the list of the top 10 products above comes in handy for you and helps you choose the one that best suits your interests and budget.

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