Best Fax Machine For Small Business

4 Best Fax Machine For Small Business in 2021

If you think that the innovations around the internet will render faxing obsolete, then you are mistaken. Despite being an age-old technology, there are millions of small businesses that rely on faxes. And your enterprise could be one of them. To achieve all your objectives, you need the best fax machine for small businesses.

The seemingly outdated practice of sending faxes remains a prominent practice in many workplaces. Faxes are more productive and secure as compared to letters and messages. That’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why companies and businesses won’t run away from this technology.

Faxing prevents not only unapproved access to shared messages but is also cost-effective as you seize to spend any funds on record dispatch benefits. Moreover, fax machines are easy to use, solid, and reasonably proved.

list of Top Fax Machines For Small Business

Top 4 Fax Machines For Small Business

1. Brother FAX-2840 High-Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine | Best Laser Fax Machine For Small Business 

You can never go wrong with the reliable Brother FAX-2840 High-Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine. The company, Brother Solutions, promises and delivers beyond the promise. It is an excellent tool for people who value speed without sacrificing quality.

It has a remarkable speed of 33K bps. Loosely interpreted, this machine has a transmission of about 2.5 seconds per page, which is considerably high. Moreover, it has a paper tray capacity of 250 sheets and an impressive ADF feature of up to 20 pages. These components ensure that you have the right speeds for any assignments.

The Brother FAX-2840 stands out as an ideal device for small business or home office. It features a perfect laser output. More conveniently, it is energy-efficient, compact, and delivers high-quality copying functions.

The device allows for a perfect connection to your PC. It is, therefore, a versatile machine that offers fast printing speeds of up to 21 pages per minute. It also provides unmatched faxing and phone call functions on the same telephone line.

Another essential characteristic of this Brother machine is the high station auto dialing provision. Finally, there are a lot of conveniences that come with the 272 broadcast locations as you can send a single fax to multiple addresses.

Highlighted Features

1. The device can copy, print, and fax.

2. The high speed offered by the machine enhances productivity.

3. It features a 20-page ADF capability.

4. A 250-sheet capacity ensures that you have your papers closer.

5. It provides a reliable PC connection.

2. Brother FAX-575 Fax Machine | Best Small Office Fax Machine

Are you looking for a fax machine for the best commercial fax machine? If that’s the case, then the Brother FAX-575 Fax Machine deserves a second look. The invention is a perfect communication tool that is worth every cent spent on it. It is ideal for an array of business, home office, and personal applications.

The Brother FAX-575 prides itself as one of the most stylish faxing devices you will find in any office. It features a compact design with an unobtrusive footprint that fits perfectly in home and office setups. Besides, it is a versatile tool that will fax, copy, and phone.

The device is impressively compatible with the home telephone. The reason why this is important is that it gives you room switch effortlessly between telephone and fax. You can, therefore, receive phone calls and fax on one line. We bet that this seems pretty cool.

The device comes with crucial elements that make it meet the above promises. Firstly, the combination of 50-sheet tray capacity and a 10-page ADF improves convenience.

The device also has a remarkable out-of-paper reception of 512kb.  Indeed, this is not the finest that you can find, but it is good enough for a range of business tasks.

Highlighted Features

1. It is compact, lightweight, and stylish.

2. It features an Auto Document Feeder Capacity of 10 pages.

3. You can switch easily from voice calls to fax modes.

4. It features a commendable 50-sheet tray capacity.

5. The machine is easy to install and use.

3. Brother FAX4100E IntelliFax Plain Paper Laser Fax | Best Home Office Fax Machine

If you are looking for a good fax machine without breaking the bank, then the Brother FAX4100E IntelliFax Plain Paper Laser Fax is what you are looking for. The monochrome laser machine is versatile, reliable, and features unimaginable performance levels. So, low prices may sometimes not mean substandard.

The Brother FAX4100E features an excellent memory capacity of 8MB. The integrated memory stores up to 500 pages. This, coupled with a paper tray capacity of up to 250 sheets, makes this device a perfect an ideal piece of equipment for high-volume jobs.

It can copy, fax, phone, and print, which means that the machine is a multipurpose business or office equipment. Interestingly, it comes with fantastic resolutions of up to 600dpi. The device, therefore, guarantees superior quality prints, copies, and faxes.

The Brother FAX4100E is not all about the favorable pricing, versatility, excellent memory, and perfect quality. The characteristics mentioned above do not compromise the speed of this device. It has terrific fax speeds of 3 seconds per page and an equally fantastic print/copy speed of up to 15 copies per minute.

Highlighted Features

1. 600 DPI resolution is ideal for high-quality production.

2. It features excellent fax speeds of up to 3 seconds per page.

3. It comes with a fantastic auto-dial capacity of up to 132 stations.

4. The machine features a 30-sheet ADF capability.

4. Canon Office and Business MB2720 Wireless Fax

Although this isn’t just straight-up a fax machine, the Canon Office and Business MB2720 Wireless Fax is everything you need for your small business. This is more than just a fax machine; it works as a printer, scanner, and everything in one.

The two-paper cassette design in this fax machine allows you to store over 500 sheets in one go. Also, it is compatible with the Canon PRINT app that allows you to print wirelessly and effortlessly without any issues.

The dual resistant high-density inks that come with the package offer high-quality printing of images and texts without you having to worry about damage or smudges to the appearance of the final fax, which is always pretty amazing and comes in handy.

The all-in-one machine is backed with a 20,000-page duty cycle that is designed to meet your home business needs effortlessly. Also, the machine is more or less compatible with the majority of the Windows Operating System so you can work effortlessly without any damage or delays.

Highlighted features

1. Enables smoother printing, scanning, and fax needs

2. Comes with a 20,000-page duty cycle

3. Dual resistant high-density ink ensure smudge-proof printing 

4. Compatible with most Windows OS

Fax Machine For Small Business Buyer’s Guide

Whether you intend to acquire a new fax machine for your business or upgrade to a more advanced model, the market will treat you to a range of options to choose from. However, before you settle on a model, there are essential considerations to make.

A. Portability 

Most businesses are no longer stationary. It is for that reason that most entrepreneurs prefer business equipment that they can carry along to holidays, business trips, and expeditions. Well, there are fax machines that perfectly fit the bill.

Fax machines with incredible portability characteristics are compact and lightweight. They will fit into any carrier and make a perfect companion wherever you go. However, if portability means nothing to you then, you’ll equally find tons of models to choose from.

B. Paper Handling 

Arguably, the most crucial consideration when shopping for the best fax machine for business is paper handling ability? What are your regular needs when it comes to paper sizes? What is the maximum paper size that the device is capable of handling?

The trick is to consider the maximum paper size that you always use and check if your ideal pick can handle that. While most machines will comfortably handle the standard 8.5×11-inch papers, a lot of others go the extra mile to handle large 11×17-inch legal documents.

There is a range of popular models that come with a pair of drawers. Such a feature gives you the convenience of receiving both letter-size and legal documents without shifting paper trays.

C. Sending Speed

It is a general understanding that productivity in business relies on speed and quality. This is why fax rate is no doubt a critical factor when shopping for a fax machine. Without sacrificing anything on quality, today’s fax servers are faster than ever!

Older models had speeds of just 9.6kbps. In comparison to standard models that have fax speeds of 144kbps, then that was extremely slow. More interestingly, the most modern models guarantee fax speeds of up to 346kbps.

D. Integrated Features

Opting for a tool that is rich in integrated features will help you solve more business tasks. Such models also offer more convenience. Think of a device with bigger memory capacity, multiple trays, and higher broadcast capabilities.

The technology around these machines also appreciates that most businesses will do better with multipurpose office equipment. It is for this reason that a range of fax machines have excellent connectivity to your PC. They can, therefore, perform printing, scanning, and copying functions. Consider the tasks that mean the most to you before you decide on your ideal model.

E. Connectivity

A flawless and versatile range of connectivity provides unbeatable convenience during a variety of applications. How does it connect to your PC? Does it have a wireless capability? Look, a machine with wireless capability allows connections to mobile devices hence more efficiency.

Final Word

It is impossible to wish away the importance of fax machines for small businesses and home offices. Thus, every business will find these precious devices ideal for a range of applications.

But since there are thousands of brands in the market today, not every model will offer satisfactory performance. The shopping guide should help you choose the best small business fax machine.

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