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Best Electrode Holder 2020

If you are someone who works with electrodes a lot then you’ll know that having the perfect electrode holder makes your life easier. Most people don’t realize that an electrode holder can determine if your work is going to be perfect, steady or end up being all sloppy and provide faulty results.

For those of you wondering what an electrode holder is, it is basically an apparatus that holds the electrodes in a steady position. As the name suggest, it is a simple holder.

While the work it does is pretty simple, choosing the right holder can be difficult. There are numerous types of electrode holders in the market and it can be very confusing for people to get the one best suited for them.

In this particular article we are going to be discussing and find out which one is the best electrode holder so that your life becomes a whole lot easier.

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Electrode Holders Reviews

1. Lincoln Electric KH520 Stick Electrode Holder | best stick welding stinger

Lincoln Electric KH520 Stick Electrode Holder, 200 Amp Capacity (Pack of 1),Black
  • Clamping Device holds the stick electrode & transfers the welding current to the stick electrode
  • Heat resistance

Starting our list of the top electrode holders with the Lincoln Electric KH520 Stick Electrode Holder. As it stands it is one of the best holders you can find in terms of small capacity range.

The holder has a capacity of 200 Amp making it ideal for small scale work. This particular clamping device is very good at holding the stick electrode in place thereby giving you a steady balance. It is also very good at transferring the wielding current to the aforementioned stick electrode.

As mentioned earlier, the holders should be durable enough to sustain such amount of electricity. The holder is heat resistant and the fiberglass handles along with the jaw are insulated properly. This gives an extra layer of protection from heat for the user.

One of the key features of this product is that it is very lightweight standing at a mere 1.6 ounces.  This makes the holder a very portable apparatus if you intend to carry it to your workplace or even home.

The Lincoln Electric KH520 comes in only black color. The measurement system on the body is in the metric system. So if you aren’t comfortable with that you might want to reconsider purchasing this.                                                 

Another great thing about this particular holder is that it can be easily installed. So there is no trouble of spending hours to put it in place before using it.

Highlighted Features:

1. Compact and light weight holder.

2. Can be easily carried around from workplace to home and vice versa.

3. Cheaper compared to other brands in the similar capacity.

4. Very simple to install and easy to use.

2. KSEIBI 331215 Welding Electrode Holder American Design | welding stinger electrode holder

KSEIBI 331215 300 Amp Welding Electrode Holder American Design
  • This Electrode holder is Made from high quality materials for high conductivity and improved cable connections. Supplied with an allen wrench and cable connection ferrule, assuring efficient...
  • Large 300-Amp provides durability, up to 5/32" inch electrode capacity.

Next in our list of top electrode holders is the KSEIBI 331215 300 Amp Welding Electrode Holder.  Commonly known as the American Design Electrode Holder, this item contains some of the highest quality materials which give it such a high durability.

The high quality allows the holder to maintain a high conductivity as well as ensure that there is a strong cable connection.

The electrode holder has been improved significantly from the previous models as this one comes with an allen wrench and cable connection ferrule. This ensures that there is an efficient connection and cable strand breakage is fewer than usual.

The design of the holder also sees a new level. It helps the user to operate the holder more efficiently and gives them a better hold. While it isn’t as light as the previous electrode holder, it is quite light compared to most other holders, standing at 14.9 ounces.

As mentioned earlier in durability, the KSEIBI has a high temperature and high impact resistant molded fiberglass. This gives the holder a fully insulated body which prevents the user from getting any electric shocks.

The holder has also been upgraded with spring loaded non-slip insulated clamping jaws. This basically ensures that the electrode sticks will not slip while welding. As mentioned before in the user comfort, this particular feature makes it easy to weld things without worrying about slipping.

This particular electrode holder has got 3 different positions Jaw. You can rotate it at 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees based on your preference.

Highlighted Features:

1. Better user comfort with spring loads and fully insulated body.

2. Comes with allen wrench to provide more stability.

3. Large 300 Amp rating gives it more durability.

4. It can work with a 5/32” electrode.

5. 3 position Jaw.

3. Victor Thermal Dynamics 91101123 Tweco Tong T316MC Electrode Holder Copper Alloy | stick welding electrode holder

Victor Thermal Dynamics 91101123 Tweco Tong T316MC Electrode Holder Copper Alloy
  • Ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the palm and helps to decrease operator fatigue
  • One-piece handle covers up to the jaw thereby eliminating need for the body insulator resulting in fewer parts to inventory

Coming in at three in our list of the top electrode holders is the Victor Thermal Dynamics 91101123 Tweco Tong T316MC Electrode Holder Copper Alloy.

There are many positive sides to this particular electrode holder including the ergonomic handle which allows you to fit this holder in your palms without causing any discomfort.

The top and bottom insulators are made of superior thermo set material. This makes the electrode Tweco Tong T316MC much more durable at high temperatures as well as stronger.  The top and bottom insulators are also reversible.

The holder is designed in such a manner that one piece handle can cover up till the jaw. This means that there are fewer pieces of inventory as you can get rid of the insulator for the body.

The jaw can be positioned into 6 different angles thereby giving the user the flexibility to work in different situations. There are also protected springs to give the user the feeling of ease when working and holds the electrode stick in position firmly.

While the Tweco Tong T31MC is a great equipment, it is considerably heavier than the ones we have already mentioned in this list. Standing at 1.35 pounds, one might feel it is a little too heavy to carry around always.

While it is very easy to install and operate, one has to use a Hex screwdriver to loosen its handles. It may not seem like a big problem but it can be annoying to some people.

Highlighted Features:

1. Easy to install.

2. Very well designed and built.

3. The ergonomic handle is quite comfortable.

4. The jaw pattern can be set at 6 different positions.

5. Highly durable and can withstand high temperatures.

4. SÜA 500 AMP Stick Welding Electrode Holder AF50 Style | welding rod holder

SÜA 500 AMP Stick Welding Electrode Holder AF50 Style
  • High quality Electrode Holder AF-50 Style.
  • Maximum Amperage: 500 A.

Joining us at the number four slot in our list of top electrode holders is the 500AMP Stick Welding Electrode Holder Af50 Style from SUA. This electrode holder actually comes in two variants of 300 AMP and the aforementioned 500 AMP.

The cable size of this holder is up to 4/0. It can hold electrodes which are up to 3/8’ making it quite a useful electrode holder.

In terms of the body of the holder, it is made with heavy duty nylon. This gives the item a very high durability as well as a high conductivity. The jaws and the cable connectors work well with very little interruptions.

As is this case with most of the top electrode holders, the AF50 Style also contains high strength coiled springs. The strong spring makes it easier to have a solid grip on the electrode stick and lets you work without worrying about slipping off.

The AF50 Style weighs around 1.2 pounds, making it quite a light and easy to carry holder. It does not need any batteries to operate.

Arguably the best thing about this holder is that a lot of people consider this as an upgrade to most of the old electrode holders but for a cheaper price. 

So if you are somebody who wants to change his or her electrode holder but don’t want to waste too much money then the AF50 Style should be your number one choice.

Highlighted Features

1. Highly durable and heat resistant.

2. Acts as a good upgrade to regular holders.

3. Cheaper than most electrode holders.

4. It has two capacity variants.

5. Lincoln Electric KH528 Electrode Holder | arc welding electrode holder

Lincoln Electric KH528 Electrode Holder, 400 AMP Twist
  • Electric electrode holder
  • It is lightweight

Wrapping up our list of the top electrode holders is the Lincoln Electric KH528 Electrode Holder, 400 AMP Twist. It is another great product from Lincoln, one that comes at a very reasonable price.  As the name suggests, it has a maximum capacity of 400 AMP, which makes it great for high temperature uses.

The Lincoln Electric KH528 is a very lightweight electrode holder standing at 13.8 ounces. As is the case with most Lincoln products, it comes out only in black color.

The holder has been carefully constructed with the aim of high durability in mind. It contains copper tongs. This ensures that there is a high conductivity when being used and little to no interruptions.

Both the jaws and handles of the Lincoln Electric KH528 is equipped with fiberglass. It is highly heat resistant and properly insulated.

Like all products, this also has some downside to it. It takes a lot of time to get the stinger to hold the electrode rode straight. It is also time consuming to install the Lincoln Electric H528.

Highlighted Features

1. Priced very low compared to other electrode holders.

2. Equipped with fiberglass.

3. Highly durable and long lasting.

4. Marked at 400 AMP giving it a high resistance to heat.

What To Look For When Buying An Electrode Holder?

We understand that the market right now is saturated with different kinds of electrode holders. It becomes a big headache to find and choose the right kind of holder for your everyday work. It becomes an even bigger problem for people who are buying their first electrode holders.

For this reason, we have gone on to list down certain attributes everyone should look for when buying an electrode holder. These include the following:

User Comfort

Imagine if you are wielding something together or you are passing electrons from one object to another, you would want a steady hand to perform your duty. However the electrode you are holding keeps slipping away or worse you keep dropping it. That would make a very uncomfortable situation.

This is why user comfort is of absolute importance when deciding which electrode holder to buy. As mentioned before, there are numerous electrode holders in the market but not all of them provide that smooth easy grip you want on the electrode.

The electrode holder that you choose should fit very easily in your hand. It should not make you feel tired or fatigued just by using it. Think of the electric holder as a part of your body, an extension that you can easily manipulate and get your desired results.

Once you find the holder that makes you feel like that, you can buy it. But apart from that, there are other things that need to be considered.


It is quite obvious that when you are working with electrodes, you will be expecting a lot of current to be passing and there will be a good amount of heat being produced. Wielding might look like a simple thing but it does see a lot of wear and tear.

This is why the durability of your electrode holder is very important. One has to consider a few things when they are checking out the durability of the electrode holder.

Firstly the item in question needs to be fire resistant. This is because wielding is basically using heat to complete your tasks and the electrode holder you’re holding will be passing a very amount of heat. You wouldn’t want your holder to catch fire due to the high heat. That would be a safety hazard.

Furthermore the material of the electrode holder needs to assessed as well. There are different types of holders that are for sell and each have different materials. The materials will determine if your holder will last a long time or if they will fall apart after a few usages.


All the electrode holders have a certain capacity marked on them. This is basically the limit of current each of them can withstand. In simpler words, once you pass the marked digits, the electrode holders will either stop working or melt down.

It is very easy to find out which holder has what capacity. It is usually written on the body or the packaging of the product.

Finding out the right capacity is completely dependent on you. Based on your work or the kind of electrode you will be using for your work, you have to find out the right electrode holder.

The range of amps the electrodes can withstand varies quite a lot. There are holders in the market that has 200 amps as their limit. You could pick out holders with 300,400 or even 500 amps capacity. Once again, all of these are dependent on you based on what kind of work you will be doing.

However, it is very important that you pick out the electrode holder with the right capacity. This will ensure your work is done safely and smoothly while not disturbing the durability of the holder itself.

Once you keep all these things in mind, you can finally pick out the electrode holder that is best suited to you and your work.

With that being said, let us review some of the best electrode holders that are currently available all over the market and find out which one you should buy.

Final Verdict

Having the perfect electrode holder is very important as it can determine how comfortably you are going to be working.  It also makes sure you remain safe and your work carries out smoothly. This is why one should always make well researched and thought out purchases when looking to buy a new electrode holder.

One should consider certain things when buying the electrode holder and that includes the user comfort, the capacity of the holders and the material it is made up of. These features are the primary things everyone looks for when they are picking out an electrode holder.

When you consider all those three things it becomes easier to find and purchase the best electrode holder for yourself.

With that being said, we have listed down five of the top electrode holders that we believe are at the market leaders right now along with all their features and the pros of using those.

Depending on what kind of work you are planning to do and what your requirements are, you can now make an informed decision on what type of electrode holder you need.

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