Best Document Scanner For Home

Best Document Scanner For Home 2020

Old bills, contracts, photos, receipts, and other documents can make a mess of your home. The best document scanner for home is a perfect piece of tool that can help you clear the jam. These precious organizers for every home, office, or small business.

Scanning machines help to digitize all document types for jam-free filing cabinets and drawers. Consequently, they enable the creation of convenient digital filing cabinets and folders. Documents in digital form are sharable, editable, and remain new for a lifetime.

 These digitizers come in a range of types, characteristics, and functional abilities. They also come for all budgets, so rest assured that you can't miss out. However, you should go for a scanner that meets your objectives.

list of Top 10 Document Scanners For Home

Top 5 Document Scanners For Home reviews

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Duplex Document Scanner | Best Scanner For Home Organization

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner with Touch Screen for Mac and PC [Current Model, 2018 Release]
  • Large, intuitive 4.3 inch touch screen for easy one-touch scanning
  • PC less scanning - Easily scan to your preferred destination, popular cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, your desktop folders, mobile devices and more

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Duplex Document Scanner is arguably the most authentic way to simplify how you manage your paperwork at home. It features a single button operation system. More conveniently, this device features a touchscreen for easy navigation.

The device blends productivity and speed in a way that is second to none. Firstly, this document features a remarkable scanning speed of up to 30 pages in a single minute. This ensures that you can clear scanning a heap of old photos in a short while. The duplexing component further enhances the scanner's speed.

Secondly, the ScanSnap iX1500 is incredibly versatile and productive. It scans all types of documents, receipts, bills, business cards, and photos. You will also enjoy the productivity and convenience that the 50-page auto document feeder presents.

Connectivity is another lucrative feature that deserves mention. It is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac operating systems through a dependable USB cable. It also allows wireless WiFi connection mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets as well as scanning to popular cloud-based destinations.

Highlighted Features

1. It has a remarkable color scan resolution of up to 600dpi.

2. The 4.3-inch touchscreen makes navigation easy.

3. It features an inbuilt software that cleans up your documents.

4. Commendable scanning speed of up to 30 ppm is ideal for bulk jobs.

5. The 50-page ADF creates unbeatable convenience.

2. Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner

Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner for PC and Mac
  • Fastest and lightest mobile single sheet fed document scanner in its class(1) small, portable scanner ideal for easy, on the go scanning
  • Fast scans a single page in as fast as 5.5 seconds(2) Windows and Mac compatible, the scanner also includes a TWAIN driver.

You've most certainly heard of Epson. Yes, that's an industry leader in the competitive field office and home organization. The company doesn't disappoint with the Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner.

First off, the scanner features terrific scanning speeds of 35 pages per minute or 70 images per minute. That's arguably unbeatable in its category. Such speed, coupled with the duplexing feature and a 50-page ADF capability ensures that you complete your tasks in time.

The WorkForce ES-400 features an assortment of software that enables the machine to perform more complex scanning functions. The Epson ScanSmart Software is incredibly intuitive and offers exquisite services such as preview, upload, email, and automatic file naming, among other luxurious features.

The device also has an advanced Nuance Optical Recognition Software. The OCR software comes in handy in organizing digital files. It enables the creation of searchable PDF files. It also allows the creation of editable Excel and Word files.

Quality is a component that Epson holds in high value. For that reason, the WorkForce ES-400 is equipped with a massive 1200dpi. As if that is not enough, the device is capable of making intelligent color adjustments and image auto-cropping.

Highlighted Features

1. 1,200dpi interpolated resolution provides high-quality images.

2. It features a reliable duplexing feature.

3. It enables sharing with cloud-based apps.

4. Epson ScanSmart Software increases convenience.

5. It offers sharp image and color adjustments.

3. Epson Workforce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner

Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner for PC and Mac
  • Fastest and lightest mobile single sheet fed document scanner in its class(1) small, portable scanner ideal for easy, on the go scanning
  • Fast scans a single page in as fast as 5.5 seconds(2) Windows and Mac compatible, the scanner also includes a TWAIN driver.

Are you looking for a productive scanner that you can tag along to holidays, business trips, and to the office? Well, the Epson Workforce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner is what you are looking for. It is compact and lightweight, yet fast and productive.

Epson gives you the luxury to enjoy fast scans with the WorkForce ES-50. The sheet-fed scanner can deliver a single in about 5.5 seconds. Such a feature makes it an ideal piece of equipment for scanning receipts, contracts, photos, and an endless list of documents at home and on the go.

Sheet-fed document scanning machines often present users with a superior range of paper handling capabilities, the Epson ES-50 is no exception. The device can manage documents of up to 8.5x72 inches. That is too long to fit in your ordinary flatbed scanner.

It is also worth noting that the device has a combination of smart tools that make organizing your paperwork a breeze. You see, it has the Epson ScanSmart Software, the Nuance OCR software, and a TWAIN driver. These functional enhancers not only improve the quality of your image but also improve compatibility and file organization.

Highlighted Features

1. It allows scanning to cloud-based applications and programs.

2. You can power the device using the USB cable from anywhere.

3. It includes smart tools to improve quality and efficiency.

4. The device is compact, lightweight, and portable.

5. The device is incredibly fast.

4. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Document Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner for Mac or PC, Classic
  • One touch scanning with Quick Menu options for PC and Mac
  • Scan up to 12 double-sided pages per minute - Holds up to 10 pages in the automatic document feeder

Despite being incredibly useful machines for homes and offices, most people are skeptical about buying scanners because of complicated operating interfaces. If you are such a person, then you have a solution in the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Document Scanner. The model is easy to use hence provides a perfect means for organizing your paperwork.

The manufacturer of this device does not compromise performance and functionality for simplicity. It features properties that enable scanning to and saving to searchable and editable PDF, Word, and Excel files. Such a feature ensures that you can conveniently organize your records on your Mac or PC.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i also provides intelligent scan adjustment and correction. It can perform quick quality checks that include color detection, autorotation of documents, and auto-removal of blank pages. All these elements ensure that the resulting image is a perfect copy of the original.

Speed is not an issue if you choose to purchase this equipment. It features duplexing elements with an ability to handle about 12 pages per minute. Moreover, the 10-page ADF capacity is ideal for scanning moderate bulks of documents.

Highlighted Features

1. It features an easy to use software.

2. The 600 dpi resolution produces high-quality color, grayscale, and monochrome scans.

3. It can handle a versatile range of paper sizes.

4. You can create searchable and editable files.

5. The intelligent scan correction feature enables perfect images.

5. Brother Mobile DS-720D Color Page Scanner

Brother DS-720D Mobile Color Page Scanner, White (DS720D)
  • QUICK SCANNING: The Brother DS720D Mobile Color Page Scanner delivers lightning quick scanning at up to 8 ppm, and 5 ppm in duplex model (1)
  • MULTIPLE MEDIA HANDLING: Easily scan photos, documents, receipts, business cards, ID cards, and more, up to 8.5 inches wide × 32 inches long

If you feel tired of scanners that promise more than they can deliver, then the Brother Mobile DS-720D Color Page Scanner is a perfect solution to the circus. The scanner is an ideal device for digitizing photos, receipts, business cards, laminated IDs, and other documents from the comfort of your living room.

At less has 1 pound, the Brother Mobile DS-720D is arguably the most lightweight model in this review. Besides, it measures a paltry 11.5 inches long. Such a remarkable blend in weight and size makes this device ideal for home and in the go jobs as you can perfectly fit it in a business bag or briefcase.

Despite its miniature size and weight, you can't fault the device when it comes to performance. It can conveniently scan double-sided documents in a single pass. Moreover, the tool features a scan speed of up to 8 pages per minute.

The Brother Mobile DS-720D saves you from continuously referencing from hard copy documents. This is because it boasts of a versatile range of software and applications that help to that help you to manage and efficiently distribute information. Finally, the inclusion of SANE and TWAIN drivers in the software makes it compatible with popular operating systems.

Highlighted Features

1. It's compatible with popular operating systems.

2. It enables scanning and sharing to shared and local destinations.

3. It can scan long media materials.

4. It's ideal for both desktop and outdoor operations.

How To Buy A Document Scanner For Home

While nearly every scanner in the market will conveniently handle most primary tasks, each is fine-tuned to perform the tasks differently. Deciding on the scanner model that meets your objectives is a challenging task. We take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when shopping for a scanner!

A. Type Of Media

The key to purchasing the right scanner lies in the knowledge of what kind of media you are most likely to use it on. Often, most people use scanners for photos and loose (unbound) documents. And nearly all models of scanners can handle that.

However, other common targets include films, books, magazines, 3D objects, business cards, and stamps. These may require special features; hence, you should be on the lookout if these are documents you expect to digitize. Moreover, consider the maximum media size in relation to the width of the scanner.

B. Flatbed Or Sheet Feeder

By and large, scanners come in two main designs. The designs include flatbed and sheet-fed types of scanners. Flatbed scanners feature a large glass platen where you place the documents or objects for scanning. On the other hand, sheet feeders allow documents to run through the scanning system.

There's more convenience in scanning photos and delicate originals on flatbed machines. That way, you don't risk damaging them. On the other hand, sheet-fed (manual or automatic) are ideal for scanning long, single-piece documents.

C. Duplexing

Well, duplexing means scanning either side of a document at once. If you will often digitize documents with prints on both sides, then the duplexing component is something that will appeal to you. Duplexing scanners are faster and more efficient than single side scanners.

D. Resolution

Resolution shouldn't be a serious concern if your work will involve regular scanning of documents such as photos, receipts, and contracts, among others. However, originals that include slides and negatives require digitizers with high scan resolutions.

High resolutions bring out the fine details in documents. Besides, scanners with high resolutions enable the production of larger images without interfering with the quality.

E. Size Of Originals

What is the maximum document size that you will expect to scan? A definite answer to this question will guide you into choosing an ideal scanner for every document at your disposal. Consider the maximum length and width of the largest paper that you expect to use the home scanner on.

In most cases, sheet-fed scanning devices will conveniently handle longer documents. But some flatbed models have more extensive beds to handle large materials comfortably.

F. Additional Software

Additional software improves the versatility of a scanner. Thus, the more the included software in a scanning device, the more hi-tech functions it is capable of handling. This may often come with an increase in price, but it is all worth it if it makes you hack additional tasks.

The most advanced machines have many applications and programs. Such devices will efficiently edit photos, edit texts, create searchable files, and archive business cards.

Final Word

Investing in the right document scanner is a definite way of digitizing and organizing your documents. Doing so gives you the convenience of preserving essential documents and being able to share such with your contacts. Moreover, digitizing your paperwork helps you to keep a tidy filing cabinet.

All these benefits are out there for everyone to enjoy. Well, digital scanning machines save you from always having to peruse through annoying bulks of physical materials. But you can only achieve these with the best home document scanner.

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