Best Commercial Label Printer

Best Commercial Label Printer 2020

Labels to brands are like coffee beans to a coffee cup! They add color and the urgent appeal to consumers of various brands. However, small businesses can only achieve high-quality labels by acquiring the best commercial label printer.

Printing of labels became more cumbersome with the exit of the typewriter from the market. But businesses never stopped printing labels, thanks to the invention of label printers. Why the label printer and not your ordinary desktop printer?

Well, printing labels come with two challenges. Firstly, there is a lot of paper wastage if you are not careful. And, printing labels require a select type of print paper that standard printing machines cannot handle.

Small business owners, therefore, need the right commercial label printer to have the edge over their competitors. But which is the right label printer for small businesses?

list of Top 10 Commercial Label Printers

Top 3 Commercial Label Printers reviews

1. Rollo Direct Thermal Label Heavy-Duty Printer | Best Shipping Label Printer For Small Business

ROLLO Shipping Label Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Shipping Printer – Compatible with ShipStation, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon - Barcode Printer - 4x6 Printer
  • Works with any Thermal Direct Label including free UPS labels - save hundreds of dollars on label costs - don't fall victim to our competitor's business model that forces you to buy their highly...
  • High Speed Printing at 150mm/s (one shipping label per second). Advanced Thermal Direct technology prints without requiring toner or ink.

The standard shipping and warehousing rule is that all products must have labels. This is a condition that most manufacturers find it challenging to achieve. However, Rollo Direct Thermal Label Heavy-Duty Printer makes it effortless and affordable for companies to have acceptable labels.

The machine prides itself as the ideal shipping label maker. It is compatible with nearly every major shipping platform in the world. Talk about ShipStation,, and ShippingEasy, these labels fit. The technology is also acceptable by significant stores and couriers.

Again, this is one of the fastest label makers you will find in the market today. It features superb print speeds of 150mm/s, which can print up to 238 labels in a minute. Such a rate is nearly twice most of its competitors. Imagine an output of up to 5,000 labels per day!

The device can print labels of up to 4.1 inches wide. When it comes to length, there's certainly no restriction, so you can print as many labels in one roll as you want to.

Being a thermal type printmaker, you do not incur any costs on toner or ink. The feature makes the Rollo Heavy-duty printer a cost-effective way of printing shipping labels.

Highlighted Features

1. It is fast and efficient hence, ideal for bulk tasks.

2. There are no costs incurred on ink or toner.

3. It features an auto label identification capability.

4. The device is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices.

5. It's compatible with significant shipping platforms.

2. Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer | Best Color Label Printer For Small Business

Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer, Lightning Quick Printing, Plug & Label Feature, Brother Genuine DK Pre-Sized Labels, Multi-System Compatible – White Printing Available
  • Print amazing black/red labels using DK-2251
  • Create cost-effective paper labels for packages, envelopes, file folders, Name badges, postage and more.

If you think that all label makers for small business are expensive, then you have not seen the Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer. The device comes at a favorable price. More attractively, using this device is comparatively cheaper as you don't need toners and inks.

The Brother WL-800 uses a unique technology to create highly visible red and black colors on your label. That's a feat that is unachievable for any ordinary thermal label printer. It can also print monochrome labels for barcodes, packages, envelopes, and assorted documents.

More conveniently, the device is compatible with both Windows, Android, and Mac devices. Such a feature gives you the versatility to customize your labels. Moreover, it allows USB connectivity and wireless connectivity through the reliable Brother iPrint app.

Despite being favorably priced, this printing machine guarantees perfect quality for your small business. It features a remarkable resolution of 300dpi, which ensures the production of crisp texts. Moreover, it uses Genuine DK Label Supplies from Brother Solutions for authentic performance.

Highlighted Features

1. The speed of 93 labels per minute is considerably fast.

2. It guarantees high-quality with the 300x600dpi.

3. You have the convenience of customizing your labels.

4. You do not need ink or toner hence cost-effective.

5. It's the only thermal printer that can produce more than one color.

3. Moihengtong Label Printer | Best Label Printer For Small Business 

Meihengtong Thermal Receipt Printer, High-Speed 250mm/s Direct Thermal POS Printer…
  • [Easy Installment] Easy to set up,Money and Time Saver. Easy work with All Windows System. Do not Support Chromebook and Mac System. Also can not compatible with IOS & Andorid. For the first use,...
  • [Green Environmental printer] This thermal receipt printer no need any toner or ink, Thermal Paper is all you need. 250mm/s High-Speed Printing Speed, nearly 72 labels per minute.

Are you looking for a versatile printer that will serve you for ages? Well, the Moihengtong Label Printer is the ideal piece of equipment for you. It is a compact, sturdy, durable, and perfectly functional.

The device is only compatible with Windows and features high print speeds of up to 152 labels per minute. So, whether you have just a couple of label rolls or more than 3,000 individual tags to print in a day, this little machine will have the job done.

If your business has international operations, then this machine will do magic in creating labels that are recognized by international stores and couriers. The printouts are suitable for Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Reputable courier services like DHL and UPS also accept these printouts.

You see, it features a compact and lightweight design. Such a feature makes this machine portable and ideal for use for mobile businesses. Again, the compact design saves space in your office.

It is also worth mentioning, albeit briefly, that the printer comes with advanced voice broadcast and auto-calibration of documents. Investing in this device is a perfect way to gain in-house labeling.

Highlighted Features

1. It features fast and convenient speeds of up to 152 mm/s.

2. It is lightweight, compact, and portable.

3. International stores and couriers approve the labels.

4. It connects easily to a laptop or any Windows PC.

Commercial Label Printer Buyer's Guide 

The road to a productive label printing machine is not a smooth one. Several factors will play a part in making your device a mediocre purchase, an average product, or the perfect product for the job.

Is it about weight, design, size, or aesthetics? What about other characteristics of the product that enable versatility, portability, efficiency, and durability? Depending on your needs, either route will lead you to an ideal model.

A. Inkjet Vs. Thermal

Before you consider specific buying tips, it is essential first to spell out the difference between the two distinctive categories. Label printing machines come in two types which include thermal and inkjet models

Thermal Printing Technology

The thermal classification of printers uses a controlled application of heat to make labels. It is the traditional printing method and considerably cost-effective. This type of printers is further subdivided into two subcategories;

Direct thermal printing technology- This subcategory uses direct application of heat to chemically treated materials via thermal print heads. The system neither uses ribbons nor inks and can only create monochrome images hence ideal for barcode printing.

Thermal transfer technology- This method uses wax or resin-based printer ribbons. Heat is applied to the ribbon via a thermal print head. The ribbon surface melts, followed by the application of wax/resin to form the appropriate design.

The primary advantage of this method is that it can produce both monochrome and color labels.

Inkjet Printing Technology

Inkjet technology is also subdivided into piezoelectric and thermal subcategories. Most modern printer models fall into the inkjet category.

The piezoelectric types of inkjet printers are faster, more efficient, and cheaper. They do not use heat hence ideal for use with a variety of ink types for high-quality multicolored labels.

B. Printing Speed

A fast and reliable label printing machine is ideal for every commercial enterprise. It makes the difference between delivering label printouts within schedule and an irritating wait. Printer speeds are measured in the number of labels produced by the printer in one minute.

C. Cost Of Printing

Another vital feature to consider when shopping for the best commercial label maker. Consider cost incurred per label for small tasks and larger tasks demand for consideration of an array of items to decide cost-effectiveness. Ensure that your machine of choice has a high output against low-cost.

D. Quality

No one wants substandard labels. But worse, quality brands with low-quality labels won't appeal to customers. That's why it is crucial to consider a product that guarantees quality. Essential features that affect quality include resolution, color density, and color fidelity.

E. Compatibility

Just like with ordinary printers, compatibility is a core consideration when you are shopping for a commercial label maker. What external devices do you have in your business that will complement the machine? A machine that is compatible with most devices increases your productivity multifold.

Final Word

We understand that finding an ideal label printer for small business is no mean feat. Thus, we put ourselves in your shoes and figure out what will help you successfully satisfy your need for an appropriate label making tool.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have it all! A detailed guide to help you during your search for the best label printer for commercial use should possibly furnish you with all the information you need. But we didn't stop there! We also provided you with a review of some of the top models.

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