Best Commercial Copy Machines

Best Commercial Copy Machines 2020

There's no denying that digitization has changed the way most businesses operate. However, don't you think that we would be wrong if we say that we are in a world of entirely paperless offices?

You see, technology can occasionally disappoint. Besides, not every partner or office needs digital data. That's why businesses still invest in the best commercial copy machines.

Instead of being obsolete, there are technological advancements to make large copiers handle more tasks efficiently. They are, therefore, excellent machines for nearly all businesses irrespective of size and technology.

Do you need a commercial copy machine for an existing business? Do you have a business plan underway, and a bulk copier is one of the listed equipment? Whichever the case, you will need a machine that meets all the business needs.

Look, choosing an ideal commercial photocopier is no mean task. The number of brands and models available in the market to choose from is overwhelming. Thanks to this detailed guide, we got you covered!

list of Top Commercial Copy Machines

Top 5 Commercial Copy Machines

1. Canon FAXPHONE L100 Multifunction Laser Fax Machine | industrial copy machine

Canon FAXPHONE L100 (5258B001) Multifunction Laser Fax Machine, 19 Pages Per Minute, White, 12" x 14.7" x 12"
  • FAST PRINT SPEEDS: Print up to 19 pages per minute.
  • USABILITY: Up to 512 sheets of memory capacity allows you to store multiple faxes.

Canon is not a new name when it comes to the production of capable office equipment. The big brand name is often associated with high prices, which is not always the case.

The Canon FAXPHONE L100 Multifunction Laser Fax Machine is a true testimony to that. By commercial standards, this piece of equipment is reasonably priced yet highly versatile and productive.

The 3 in 1 laser machine is a versatile tool for every business or home office. It conveniently does high-quality digital copying as well as laser faxing and printing. You, therefore, do not need separate pieces of office equipment for the three tasks.

Talk about productivity, and the Canon FAXPHONE L100 does not fall short. Firstly, it features a decent 19 ppm maximum print speed. That means that it will copy much faster. The laser faxing feature also has a remarkable 512-sheet memory capacity and an effective telephone handset.

Moreover, the cassette holds up to 150 sheets, which keeps documents or empty papers close to the feeder. The 30-sheet capacity auto document feeder isn't the finest. However, it will conveniently keep you working on other things as the machine does the copying or printing.

The single-cartridge Canon FAXPHONE L100 is pretty easy to install and use. The faxing unit has a total of 130 dials; 30 one-touch and up to 100 coded dials.

Highlighted Features

1. The 3 in 1 machine provides excellent faxing, printing, and copying.

2. It features a remarkable 30-sheet ADF capacity.

3. It features an energy saver mode for energy efficiency.

4. It is ideal for small businesses and home offices.

2. Ricoh Aficio MP C3500 Color Multifunction Copier | table top copy machines

Are you ready to put every cent on the most productive copier that money can buy? If that's the case, then you have to trust Ricoh Aficio MP C3500 Color Multifunction Copier. The machine combines quality, versatility, paper handling capacity, and overall performance in a way that is second to none.

The all in one copying machine uses advanced Induction Heating Technology and dual configurations to deliver precisely what your business demands.

Owning this device means that you can enjoy undisturbed printing, faxing, copying, and scanning from a single tool. Well, there is no compromise on both image and color qualities.

High printing speeds and a remarkably high capacity tray are vital enhancers to the productivity of this device. The business-grade copier has a fantastic print speed of 35 pages in a single minute. Well, it has a tray capacity of more than 1,000 sheets and a commendable ADF capacity of 50 papers.

The Ricoh Aficio MP C3500 Color Multifunction Copier is a top performer, thanks to the fantastic combination of features. It features a perfect resolution of 600dpi, which is ideal for excellent quality prints and copies.

It also features two unique configurations that help to augment the machine's vital characteristics and functions.

Highlighted Features

1. The induction heating technology cuts down power costs by up to 50%.

2. 600dpi is ideal for high-quality prints and copies.

3. The super large tray capacity is ideal for big commercial ventures.

4. 35ppm enhances productivity.

5. All-in-one feature provides the convenience of all functions in a single tool.

3. Konica Minolta Bizhub 28e Multifunction Copier | best photocopy machine for business

Konica Minolta Bizhub 28e Multifunction Copier
  • Black and white desktop MFP
  • 28 ppm in high-resolution black and white

If you are looking for business reliability and productivity in a photocopy machine, then the Konica Minolta Bizhub 28e Multifunction Copier deserves your time. The characteristics of this machine ensure that you boost production as you minimize operating costs. Isn't that not something that we all want for business?

To start with, this is arguably one of the most convenient copier options when it comes to paper handling. You see, this machine has a massive 2,100-sheet tray capacity. It means that you don't need to be on standby with a handful of papers to add to the tray. Simply fill the cassette and command the machine to do what you want.

A robust paper tray capacity without superior speed is useless. Well, the Bizhub 28e does not disappoint. It has a rate of 28 pages per minute for black and white printing.

Such a feature, coupled with the superb 80-sheet RADF, ensure that you can achieve all your business goals. These characteristics are behind the machine's incredible 50, 000-page monthly volume.

Let's cap our review of the Konica Minolta Bizhub 28e Multifunction Copier by appreciating the effects of its connectivity. It features a conveniently reliable wireless option. Moreover, it provides USB scanning and printing.

Highlighted Features

1. It features remarkable speeds of up to 28ppm

2. It's capable of a monthly volume of 50,000 pages.

3. It provides convenient USB and wireless connectivity.

4. The 80-sheet RADF is unbeatable.

5. It is an excellent tool for fast color scans and sharing.

4. Canon ImageRunner 2525 Copier | copy machine for small business

The Canon ImageRunner 2525 Copier is a perfect tool equipped with lots of unusual characteristics. Probably, the most outstanding features of this copier are its ease of use and low running cost.

Therefore, if the two are some of the most critical elements you consider ideal for a photocopying machine, then this is an option that you can't ignore.

It features an easy to use interface with straightforward dials. You can effortlessly command the various functions and expect the finest results from the responsive machine. When it comes to power consumption, it has an auto-sleep mode after a period of inactivity

The device is relatively compact and will fit well in the smallest of office spaces. But look, don't take the compact nature for average speeds and overall performance. It delivers high-quality speeds at 30ppm for both color and black and white. Scanning is equally fast.

Just like most Canon machines, the highlight of the Canon ImageRunner 2525 Copier lies in the quality that delivers. The device guarantees balanced colors with crisp images and sharp texts. Moreover, it comes with a bundle of features that enable creation, editing and combining reports and other documents.

Highlighted Features

1. High-resolution ideal for high-quality results.

2. It is easy to configure and use.

3. Sleep mode, when inactive, saves on energy.

4. It is highly versatile

5. Brother DCP8155DN Monochrome 3 in 1 Copier | commercial photocopier

Brother DCP8155DN Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready
  • Upon activation, the Amazon Dash Replenishment service measures the toner level and automatically orders toner from Amazon when low. This ensures that you never run out again.
  • Print and copy at up to 40ppm

Hey, we will be very brief about this! Not because it is deficient of fantastic features but because its features vouch for it. Workgroups and small businesses need high-speed copiers with remarkable connectivity to successfully run their activities. If you are in a similar situation, then this is your best pick.

It features a high-quality print output of 1,200dpi. But that's not all about it. High color contrast further enhances quality. You see, the device doesn't sacrifice speed in the quest for excellence. So, you will still enjoy a fantastic rate of up to 40ppm.

The device guarantees advanced scanning capabilities and duplex printing. These features, coupled with the superb 300-sheet paper capacity, essentially help to boost productivity. It also has OCR properties as well as email and cloud sharing.

Highlighted Features

1. The included OCR software enables the creation of editable files.

2. Duplex scan, copy, and print save time.

3. It is reliable and cost-effective.

4. It allows a variety of connectivity

How To Choose A Commercial Copy Machine

Before you put your hard-earned money on any machine, you should go through this buyer's guide and find out what the key factors are at stake for consideration. These factors determine how valuable or useful your machine of choice is. Let's go!

A. Size and Design 

You see, most people overlook the aspects of size and design when shopping for a business copy machine. That should not be the case. An excellent business copier possesses unique characteristics that set it apart from ordinary models.

Size and design in relation to where you intend to station your machine are crucial; hence, they become strategic considerations. Most businesses operate in tiny spaces. While there are limits on how small commercial copiers can get, you will need to opt for a model with a lean, narrow footprint if space is an issue for you.

B. Production Capacity 

The production capacity for the best copy machine for small business, or even bigger enterprises, rely on a range of factors. These factors include printing speed, warm-up time, and paper capacity. So, these are critical considerations that you may need to look into side by side.

  • Warm-Up Time

If you've been into this business, then you understand that one of the most severe challenges for photocopy enterprises is having to wait patiently for a machine to warm up. You will undoubtedly get impatient, and that impacts on productivity.

  • Paper Capacity

How many sheets can your machine hold? What's the monthly output of the device? Well, these questions are both related to paper capacity. On the first count, high-quality copiers can excellently handle 1,000 sheets while more superior models boast of a sizeable 3,000-sheet capacity. Such a feature substantially reduces downtime as you need fewer refills to accomplish tasks.

  • Production Speed

It's all out there that the production speed of any machine determines the number of pages you can produce in a minute, hour, day, or month. Choose a copying tool with superior speeds.

Most commercial copiers have average speeds of 40 pages per minute, while more advanced options boast of rates of more than 90 pages per minute. Thee speeds should be the same for both color and non-color documents.

  • Toner Or Cartridge Yield

Well, the last consideration is the toner or cartridge yield. Higher yield is essential for high productivity as you can produce more copies before you run out of ink. Interestingly, you need to look into the cost of toner or cartridge.

C. Image Quality 

The need for high-end quality is not debatable. The quality of non-color and color copies determines your overall business performance and customer satisfaction levels. When it comes to quality, consider a commercial copier with high resolutions. The finest machines in the market have a maximum resolution of 1200x1200dpi.

D. Functions

Finally, but equally important is the additional functions that come with the device. What other features come with the machine? Standard commercial copy machines can also fax, scan, and print. Moreover, most modern features can as well punch holes on a paper, staple, and provide remarkable duplex printing, among other vital functions. That's convenient.

Final Words

The number of copiers available in the market today is overwhelming. However, you can't just pick any because not all models will improve your business. Considering the factors in the buying guide at the beginning of this article is not an option but a necessity.

In a bid to make your mission more effortless, we have reviewed some top models. We considered customer experiences, our knowledge of the products, and senior expert views to come up with this informative article. We are confident that you will find the best copy machine for commercial use that meets your needs.

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