Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowlers

Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowlers 2019

Looking for the best bowling ball for straight bowlers? Well, you’re in luck. Because this guide will cover things to know about straight bowling balls. And you’ll love the fact there are fewer specifics to consider while choosing a straight ball than hook balls.

At the end of the article, we’ll also have some bowling tips for straight bowlers. Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading.

What Makes Them The Best Straight Bowling Balls?

Selecting a ball for hook players include many considerations, RG, coverstock, core, rev rate. For straight bowlers, the process is rather easy. You mostly have to focus on the coverstock.

Straight bowlers who come across oily lanes a lot needs to use a ball with an aggressive coverstock. These balls can be controlled easily and get great traction on the surface. Bowling balls like Motiv Venom will serve you well on oily lanes.

Bowlers who encounter dry lanes more frequently should opt for stiff, pearl coverstock. This coverstock doesn’t overreact on the lane and conserves energy up until hitting the pins. Brunswick Lizard and Columbia 3000 are the balls that’ll work well on dry surfaces.

Best Bowling Ball For Straight Throw Comparison Chart






Size (Lbs.)



Best Rated Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball



Factory Finish Polish



Best Backend Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Nitrous


Two-Piece Nitrous Core

500/2000 Abralon Polished W/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish



Best Bowling Ball For Average Bowler

Brunswick Glow Viz-A-Ball



Compound Single Buff


Limited Edition Graphics

Best Bowling Ball For Down And In Shot​

Motiv Venom Shock

Hybrid Reactive

Top Gear

5500-Grit Factory Finish


Navy Blue

Best Polyester Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 White Dot


Pancake Weight Block



three exciting colors

Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowlers Reviews

1. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball | Best Rated Bowling Ball

Are you in search of a bowling ball that will suit almost anyone regardless of their skill level? Pyramid Path is here to the rescue as this ball is a "jack of all trades" of bowling balls.

At this price point, this is the best bowling ball under 100 while not sacrificing the quality. Hitting perfect straight shots is easier than ever as this ball has a Coverstock made of polyester and will be of great help for your spare game.

It is quite usual not to heed any attention towards the material that a product utilizes. 

But when it comes to bowling balls, you should. Because the ball performs differently depending on the material and it will affect your bowling experience. While picking up a ball as a beginner, you will often find yourself surrounded by thoughts of whether the ball is perfect for you or not. 

The polyester material used in Pyramid Path ultimately makes it possible for bowlers of all ages to carry it effortlessly and score perfect straight shots. 

Are you the one who cares about the visual quality of the products that you use? You will be amazed to know that this ball comes in 12 different designs and colors, including Aqua Silver, Lime Green, and Emerald. Just grab the one you prefer and start your bowling experience without having second thoughts.

Highlighted Features

1. The Coverstock is made of polyester offering perfect straight shots.

2. Features 12 different yet visually pleasing colors.

3. Helps the bowler throw straight shots.

4. Bowlers of all skill levels will find this ball pleasing to bowl with.

2. Columbia 300 Nitrous |Best Backend Bowling Ball 

If you are a beginner, then getting control over the ball is important. The Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball has two symmetrical cores that adjust the balance of the ball very effectively.

It provides medium and consistent motion in the lane and makes a straight hit on the bowling pins.

The core and coverstock are designed to gain additional advantages for light and medium oil lane motion. The two symmetrical cores increase the balls hitting power. 

The reactive resin 500 grit polished coverstock is wrapped with boost/R cover that contributes to perfect grip and amazing back end reaction.

There are various weight choices from 10 to 16 pounds. The weights contribute to the ball's speed. The more the weight, the faster the ball can go.  The design remains the same and weight is distributed in the same proportion so that you can maintain the balance with any one of them.

The product comes from the company undrilled so you can customize according to your preferences. There are two cores which imply enough space for drilling. A professional driller is recommended in that case. Also, don’t forget to take your finger measurement.

2.55 intermediate differentials are used in the ball to adjust the spinning capability with the speed. Your throw will be quicker than anyone else in the room. It will also make sure yours is the best when it comes to style.

Highlighted Features

1. Two symmetrical cores make it well balanced.

2. Reactive resin 500 grit polished coverstock.

3. Different color and weight choices.

4. Great durability of the ball.

5. The undrilled ball can be customized.

3. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-A-Ball Review | Best Bowling Ball For Average Bowler

The lizard eye imprinted on this ball looks both thrilling and chilling. Graphics ball lovers will love the fact that the ball glows under black light. But it’s not all about looking attractive.

This ball is recommended for average players who are still struggling with 10 pins. But with practice, you will score 20 pins with this very same ball. This ball was primarily intended for recreational bowlers, but it has more action to this.

The coverstock is made of top quality plastic. Don’t be skeptical, it comes at a cheap price. 

The ball has a seam where two halves meet. The finishing was done by applying a compound single buff.

As we said, the 360-degree graphics will leave you amazed at first glance. Coming with 6-16 pounds weight options, you’ll find this ball suitable for your kids, and you of course.

Highlighted Features

1. Suitable for all lane conditions.

2. Limited 360-degree graphics edition.

3. Made of high-quality plastic as a spare ball.

4. Compound single buff gives the ball a shiny look.

5. Brunswick Viz-A-Ball glows under black light.

4. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball Review | Best Bowling Ball For Down And In Shot

Venom bowling ball reviews are mostly praises from satisfied users. The ball features well in light to medium oil conditions. Being covered by Turmoil MFS reactive coverstock, this ball delivers amazing traction, thus suitable for straight bowlers.

The ball has a lovable and attractive outlook. Both beginner and professional players will find the ball easily controllable.

The core is made of top gear, weight block, which gives the user a very stable performance.

The ball is shiny as well. The 5500-grit LSP factory finish gives the ball a smooth appearance. It initiates a quicker reaction on the lane. If you want a better reaction to shocks, you can polish off the grit.

Highlighted Features

1. It has a light hook, but can be used for straight shots as well.

2. The reactive hybrid coverstock responds well to friction.

3. Two-handed bowlers will find Venom convenient.

4. Not too shaky, easy to control.

5. 5500-grit factory finish gives a smooth appearance.

5. Columbia 300 White Dot Bowling Ball Review | Best Polyester Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 has a long line of finest bowling balls. One of edition for straight bowlers is the White Dot. The ball is a great straight throw ball and great for beginners to learn the trade. It glides over the lane like a knife on butter.

You’ll instantly hook to the multiple color scheme when you see the ball for the first time.

The polyester coverstock is not only shiny and glossy, but it also soothes the eyes as well. But more importantly, it doesn’t overreact on drier lanes.

The ball comes with a wide range of weight. The available weights are 6 pounds and 8-15 pounds. Columbia 300 White Dot offers twelve different attractive colors  for the users.

The pancake core helps the thrower make stable straight shots. The core is known for its capability to yield standard shots, depending less on the user expertise. This gives novice bowlers a small margin of error.

Highlighted Features

1. Stable and forgiving pancake core.

2. Polyester coverstock features well in dry lanes.

3. Eight color variations to choose from.

4. Attractive design, a great spare ball.

5. Accurate shot, suitable for straight throwers.

Bowling Straight Ball Vs Hook

It’s important that you know the difference between straight bowling and hook. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking straight bowling is damn easy.

Well, it is when you have some experience, but there’s a learning curve associated before that.

Let’s see how straight shots and hooks shots are different-

1. Straight Shots

Straight shots are preferred by players who like to hit the pins with force. This is an easier shot to learn for beginners compared to hook shots.

That’s because most of the beginners start at dry lanes when bowling lanes are free in the later part of a day or after a tournament. Dry lanes don’t avail much curving, thus it’s easier to go for a straight shot.

For straight throws, you have to swing your arm like a pendulum and make the shot. The trajectory isn’t that much altered. Problem to this approach is you might miss one pin or two since there is less domino effect associated.

2. Hook Shots

Hook shot simply means curving the ball. They're more difficult to learn than straight shots, but it’ll yield more result. Don’t let that disappoint you, because every hook bowler started off as a straight bowler.

Hooks shots allow more control over the ball, but learning the proper grip first is important. Since the ball is hitting the pins at an angle, it’s possible to score better.

Straight Ball Bowling Tips | Where To Aim When Bowling A Straight Ball

1. Know where to where to aim when bowling a straight ball and stand for an accurate throw. Stand right ahead of the lane and approach the lane moving straight toward it.

2. Keep your eyes focused on the pins, keep your bowling hand elbow on a 90-degree angle.

3. You grip should be strong, but that hardly means it should be tightened. Keep the arm relaxed, avoid rotating your arm and fingers.

4. There are three ways you can grip a ball. Conventional, semi-fingertip and fingertip. Straight bowlers should opt for conventional.

5. Insert your middle finger at the second joint and keep other fingers as spread as you can.

6. Keep your face, body and shoulders aligned and facing towards the pins. As you approach the lane, angle your shoulder and arm a bit depending on which hand you use (right/left). It’ll help you throw the ball at a straight line.

Final Words

At first sight, bowling might look easy. I mean, what’s more to it than throwing the ball and toppling some pins, right? But you’ll be amazed to see how much practice it needs to perfect the play.

You’ll also need suitable balls to support your gameplay. Since you’ll be starting with straight shots, you’ll need the best bowling ball for straight throw. Hopefully, the balls we suggest will be able to read your intention well and perform as you anticipated.

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