Best Bowling Ball for Medium to Heavy Oil

7 Best Bowling Ball for Medium to Heavy Oil in 2021

As a target sport, bowling can be quite the experience given how much interested you are in the game. The experience can range from professional league games to casual ones, which you can try maybe once or twice a year.

You will find it gratifying as you knock down pins with your throws. Whether you are professional or just a rookie who is trying to get into the bowling scene, it can be an excellent sport for you to enjoy.

A suitable ball will go a long way and will affect your bowling experience. To make things easier for you, we reviewed the best bowling balls for medium to heavy oil lanes available on the market. Keep reading and find out which one suits your playing style.

list of Bowling Ball For Medium To Heavy Oil Lanes

top Bowling Balls For Medium To Heavy Oil Lanes Reviews

1. Motiv VIP Affliction Bowling Ball

The Motiv VIP Affliction Bowling Ball is a limited-edition premium bowling ball that you wouldn’t be able to find that easily all the time. If you are one of those people who don’t enjoy spending an unprecedented amount of money for nothing, this is your best bet.

This bowling ball is perfect for heavy oil lanes and features a vibrant orange and purple colored design on the exterior, something that makes this stand out from the rest of the options around. It is backed with a 10-back continuation for a comfortable bowling experience.

If you want to experience a smoother bowling experience, especially with the angular motion in the heavy oil lane, this is your best bet. The bowling ball is also integrated with HV Hybrid Reaction overstock that holds the integrity, print, and color of the bowling ball for extended periods.

The exterior of the bowling ball features a 4000 grit LSS finish that provides the users with more traction so they have a comfortable bowling experience in the arcade. Also, it weighs around 14 lbs, which is not the heaviest and easy to lug around.

Highlighted features

1. Limited edition design with orange and purple prints

2. Integrated with 10-back continuation

3. Ideal for heavy oil lanes

4. Features HV Hybrid Reaction for holding its integrity

5. The exterior is designed with 4000 grit LSS finish

2. Brunswick Method Solid | Best Bowling Ball for Oily Lanes

If you are looking for an out-of-the-bag solid ball that can perform promisingly on oily lanes, you should grab the Brunswick Method Solid bowling ball this very moment.

Made with Synthesis Solid Coverstock, this ball can cut through oils like a cheetah compared to other bowling balls. With the core of the ball having 055 Magnitude, you will certainly feel the change of direction while throwing the ball.

The Coverstock is a combination of Brunswick’s Relativity Traction and Ultra Responsive technologies, which makes a solid impact on the ground, rolls excellently on the lane, and goes through the pins.

This ball is an oil-loving monster as it offers powerful reaction and excellent traction on oily lanes due to its proven DynamiCore. The DynamiCore is Brunswick’s outstanding outer core technology that makes the ball stand out from the crowd.

This feature ultimately leads to less compression upon impact and increases throwing power for more pin carry.

Highlighted Features

1. The core has 055 magnitudes.

2. Coverstock is made of Synthesis Solid structure.

3. It has Brunswick’s Relativity Traction.

4. Ultra-Responsive technology for impact compression.

5. Features Brunswick’s renowned DynamiCore.

6. Performs great on medium to heavy, oily lanes.

3. Hammer Purple Pearl Bowling Ball | Best Bowling Ball For A Tweener

Have a crazy hook that no one seems to understand?

Well, instead of taming maybe you should make good use of it and come out as one of the top players in your league!

I know, it sounds easier than done. Still, it doesn’t hurt to give the Hammer Purple Pearl Bowling Ball a chance and see how it turns the situation in your favor in a genius way!

To help you bring out the best version of yourself, Hammer decided to put a modern twist on a traditional component.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, bowling ball used to have a light bulb shape. Keeping that theme in mind, the Purple Pearl model introduces you to the brand-new LED core, which lets you hook as you want with total control and earns you a few rounds of applause after a fantastic finish! This purple beauty casts its magic on medium up to light oil lane conditions and also performs well on drier conditions.

You may have a bad experience in the past with other balls, but it’s almost impossible to find flaws in this one!

The urethane cover that’s used on this product doesn’t get damaged after continuous pressure and gives its handler the ultimate control. The thick-shelled coverstock pairs nicely with the 500/1000/2000 Abralon matte surface and keeps you looking forward to the next game with excitement!

Highlighted Features

1. It comes with a 14 to 16 pounds of weight range.

2. You can practice any style of hook you want with this ball.

3. It works well on medium to oily lanes.

4. The LED core lets you have total control over the movement.

5. The coverstock is durable and doesn’t crack under pressure.

4. Hammer Black Widow Pink | Best Bowling Ball For House Shot

Another Black Widow series join in the line to keep the balls moving and this time it’s in hot pink.

One word of caution: if you guys ever thought this item might be any less lethal because of its cheerful appearance, then you couldn’t be more wrong!

Let’s meet the Hammer Black Widow Pink edition, which is hungry all the time and only takes fallen pins as its dinner! With a 500/1000 polished finish, it’s a game-changer in most of the occasions. It’s also probably one of the strongest candidates of the entire Black series.

From 12 pounds to 16 pounds of different weight options, you can choose what suits your style the most. All of the sizes come with a great punch and make a “Cloing” sound as it hits the pocket with an average speed of 18.5 mph at the time of release.

True beauty lies inside you!

And Pink seems to follow that tagline and made its inner core out of one of the toughest materials on earth, which is Carbon Fiber. Not only does this component makes it really strong and powerful, but also it extends the lifespan of this ball by a big margin.

Moving on to its coverstock, Hammer does seem to have a preference for an aggressive backend throughout its entire series! With a combination of Aggression Pearl CFI coverstock and Gas Mask core, it’s one of the most responsive balls you can get at such affordable prices.

Highlighted Features

1. It has one of the strongest and most powerful coverstock.

2. It lets you explore different techniques with its smooth finish.

3. You get to have a good length through the front of the lane.

4. The Gas Mask allows you to have a superb backend experience.

5. It has a high flare potential.

6. It performs well on medium to heavy oil lanes.

5. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball | Best Bowling Ball For Light Oil

Did you know Rhinos don’t have any natural predators?

It’s quite understandable to be honest, considering their thick skin, scary horns, and large body mass are enough to scare the living daylights out of anyone!

On that note, let us introduce you to the Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, which lends you the power of a mighty Rhino and helps burn the alley down by taking your game level to a whole new height!

Is the lane too dry? Or maybe it’s in too much oily condition?

Rhino doesn’t care either way!

With the brand-new R-16 Reactive coverstock in the picture, Brunswick Rhino lets you experiment with all sorts of hooking and allows you to cover great lengths with ease and improve your backend techniques.

Whether you are just a newbie in this field or someone who has been looking for a way to step his game, this edition is sure to help you by generating some rolling pin actions!

The symmetrical light bulb core lets you try out some of the advanced moves even if you are not a skilled bowler yet. As a beginner it sounds AWESOME, right?

With a max RG of 2.554 and a medium RG differential of 0.030, it’s safe to say that this ball is made to be controlled and you can easily predict the path it’s going to take beforehand.

Don’t like the color of this one?

Find out several other color variations which include Black, Pink or Blue combinations. Each one features a different style and gives a whole new look altogether!

Highlighted Features

1. Brunswick Rhino is suitable for a complete beginner.

2. It gives you the power to predict and control the ball’s movement.

3. The R-16 Reactive coverstock helps you practice complex hook movements.

4. You get the option to choose from several color variations.

5. The light bulb core helps you experiment with advanced moves.

6. It works exceptionally well on dry to medium lanes.

6. Hammer Black Widow Black/Gold Bowling Ball | Best Bowling Ball for Medium Oil Lanes

Weighing over 15 Pounds, Hammer Black Widow is the ideal bowling ball for oily lanes as it keeps rolling and dominating the lanes. As a casual bowler, you will find this bowling ball a perfect fit for you. It hooks excellently and will enable you to add some pin count on your average score.

One of the striking features of Hammer Black Widow is its Aggression Hybrid Coverstock, which is paired with Hammer Black’s most angular core.

As hitting a strike is your ultimate goal, Hammer Black Widow won’t let you down as it performs best in medium to heavy oil conditions. All you need to do is give a heavy roll on the back of the ball.

If strength and durability are what you’ve been looking for, Hammer Black Widow is just the ball you need. Infused with carbon fiber, one of the toughest materials on earth, the ball offers strong backend motion on medium to heavy oiled lanes.

Bowling ball needs to look good on your hand while you go for the throw. You have to feel positive about it. Thankfully, Hammer Black Widow features two colors, black, and gold.

Pick the one you like, and get a good, strong hook to score a perfect strike.

Highlighted Features

1. Has Aggression Hybrid Coverstock.

2. Features Hammer’s most angular core.

3. Carbon Fiber infused.

4. It comes in Black and Gold.

5. Performs best on medium to heavy oiled lanes.

7. Radical Conspiracy Pearl | Best Bowling Ball for Medium to Light Oil

Radical is known for producing artistic bowling balls, and they are back again with their Radical Conspiracy Pearl.

If you are looking for a backend bowling ball, Radical Conspiracy Pearl will suit your needs as it utilizes the Conspiracy core. Also, it is wrapped with the Forged 2 Pearl cover that gives the ball more length and angle down the lane.

Also, you will be amazed to know that this ball was the first to feature DynamiCore. DynamiCore is an innovative outer core developed by Brunswick. This innovative core ensures higher continuation when you throw it down the lane.

A concerning issue for most bowling balls is losing power upon impact on the ground. This problem is negated with Conspiracy Pearl as it holds good hitting power even upon impact.

When performance in the lane is the goal, this ball won’t let you down. At this price point, this is one of the finest hook balls that you can grab.

Highlighted Features

1. Maintains an asymmetric core.

2. Has Forged 2 Pearl coverstock.

3. It provides length coverage, continuation, and hitting power.

4. The first ball to feature Radical’s DynamiCore.

5. Great ball for medium to high length oiled lanes.

6. Has a greater backend reaction.

Bowling Ball Medium to Heavy Oil Buying Guide

1. Comfortable Weight

Many people believe that a ball should be 10% of the weight of your body. Many professional bowlers use weight up to 16 lbs. If you drill the ball according to your hand specification you can easily add one or two pounds on that.

It is true that if you throw a 16pound ball its effect from the same speed of a 15-pound ball will be greater. But it’s not always about speed and power. If you can control a lighter ball better then you should go for that.

2. Coverstock

The impact of the ball in a medium and heavy oil lane depends vastly on the coverstock. Best bowling balls for oily conditions are mostly dependent on coverstock for movement and hook.

Coverstock is the outer surface of the ball. It keeps on touching the lane while rolling and determines how the ball will react.

There are mainly three types of coverstocks.

First, plastic coverstock that is used in the lightweight balls. It gives the best performance in drier lanes.

Secondly, urethane coverstock that is used for the entry-level balls. They are great for predictable hook and pin strike.

And finally, reactive resin coverstock that is used to create different frictions on the lane. It can be used in any lanes.

3. Drilling The Ball

Many balls come predrilled. But if you are a beginner then an undrilled ball is the best for you. Many people get hurt because the ball drilling does not fit the hand and the fingers. On the contrary, the control over the ball increases significantly if drilled properly.

To do the right drilling for the best medium oil bowling balls, professionals always find drilling experts. The ball’s accuracy can be perfected that way. Many bowling shops include drilling for free but custom drilling is recommended if you want the finest experience.

4. The Core

You can find different cores in the market. These cores are mathematically constructed after many years of research. There are mainly three types of cores.

Pancake Core: These types of cores are found mainly in the polyester and entry-level player’s balls. These are pancake-shaped and three layers are coupled to gain exceptional advantage in the straight lane hit.

Symmetrical Core: The symmetric ones are found in two-piece bowling balls. These balls can increase the speed significantly with little effort.

Asymmetrical Core: The main difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical core is the variety of shapes. The core comes in different varieties. The shape variety makes it easy for the ball to maintain hooking at the down end of an oiled lane.

Final Words

When you are searching for the best bowling ball for medium to heavy oil, you must remember that a ball is what it is made of.

The materials and coverstock are the most important if you want to gain your desired outcome. Find the balls that go hand to hand with your playing style.

A ball should not be more than 10% of a person’s body weight. Dealing with more weights can cause damage to the body. And also, don’t forget to rotate your wrist before throwing the ball.


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