Best Bowling Ball for Hook

Best Bowling Ball for Hook 2020

Thinking of taking your passion for bowling to the next level by purchasing a ball with the most potential for hook?

While it is true that your own skill set will ultimately determine how well you can bowl, using the right kind and the best bowling balls for hook has a great deal to do with realizing your true potential.

Yes, there are plenty of bowling balls in the market, but each ball will behave differently on the lane based on the type of material it is made of.

The way to get the best of the lane and maximize your strike rate is to consider investing in a bowling ball designed for the hook maneuver.

list of top Bowling Ball for Hook

Bowling Ball for Hook Reviews

1. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball Review | best hammer bowling ball

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball (15lbs)
  • Hammer is calling to what it is, a legend
  • The Black Widow Legend takes the proven history of the Black Widow line and takes it up a notch

The Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball is the first from its family of bowling balls to adopt a hybrid coverstock. Ideal for professionals looking to give a performance to remember, this bowling ball impresses with its exceptional movements.

The ball comes with a polished cover and is well equipped with a gas mask core that provides for a seamless motion of the ball on the backend that carries through the pins.

While this bowling ball comes with one of the best hook, it exhibited a relatively dull response on drier patterns, it nonetheless managed to efficiently maintain control on the front part of the lane.

It is recommended for use for medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

Highlighted Features

1. Perfect for professional players.

2. Gas mask core ensures smooth movement.

3. Suitable for medium to heavy oil lanes.

4. Available in black and red pearl.


1. Made of hybrid materials, making it highly durable and providing exceptional grip.

2. Can be controlled well and best for slow speed.

3. Delivers impeccable performance on medium to strong lanes.


1. Does not come pre-drilled.

2. Not suitable for amateurs or light oil lanes.

3. Costly ball to invest in.

2. Storm Sure Lock Bowling Ball Review | best bowling ball for hook beginners

Storm Sure Lock 15lb.
  • The sure lock is the 3Rd ball of the lock series
  • The ball is finished at 2000 Grit Abralon

Suitable for bowlers with varying levels of skills, the Storm Sure Lock is highly versatile. It is able to move about in a visible and distinguishable manner. With over 6 inches of flare potential, the asymmetric RAD-X core takes your bowling to the next level, built with highly dense materials that creates an exceptional hook and ball movement, hence allowing you to give a strong performance.

This ball features the GI-17 coverstock, which is a chemical formula made specifically for Storm. Its grip has been designed so as to match the needs of battling heavy oil and producing mid-lane roll.

Its strong features make it strong, reliable and highly adaptable to changes to the lanes. You will have full authority over the midlane and the formulation of the coverstock of this ball will prove thrilling for professional players and give them an edge over the others, ensuring a top notch performance among the likes of the top bowlers of the world.

However, the ball isn't well suited for lighter volume lane conditions as it starts hooking too soon.

This ball comes in three different attractive colors for users to choose from.

Highlighted Features

1. Coverstock made of GI-17, especially made for Sure Lock.

2. Features an asymmetric RAD-X core.

2. Ideal for medium to heavy oily lanes.

4. Available in navy, electric and orange.


1. Suitable for novices as well as professionals.

2. Supports high speed well.

3. Robust coverstock and core allows for stronger hitting power.


1. Gets hooked too soon when there isn't enough oil at the front.

2. Slightly on the pricier end.

3. Hammer Black Widow Spare Review | best type of bowling ball for hook

Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball Blue/Orange/Smoke, 13lbs
  • Features the gas mask core
  • Has a polyester Coverstock

The Hammer Black Widow Spare features a coverstock made of polyester, which makes this ball more durable. Also, well equipped with a gas mask core, it is able to provide one of the best hooking bowling ball experiences for a polyester ball. Moreover, it also ensures straight reactions when the ball is on the lane.

This hammer bowling ball variety is finished with 2,000 Abralon with a Powerhouse factory finish polish. It is more favorable for lanes that have light surfaces.

The ball is available in several sizes between 12-16 lbs, which means you can easily choose a size that you are comfortable with.

Highlighted Features

1. Armed with gas mask core.

2. Coverstock made of durable polyester.

3. Features the 2000 Abralon with Powerhouse factory finish polish.

4. Available in blue, orange and smoke.


1. Comes in an affordable price range.

2. Polyester coverstock produces more hook and core motion.

3. Ideal for lighter patterns.


1. Ball needs to be drilled after purchase.

Best Bowling Ball for Hook Buying Guide

1. Coverstock type

Coverstock refers to the outer layer material of the bowling ball. This is therefore the part that comes in contact with the lane. Bowling balls with varying coverstock materials will vary in performance as well on the lane surface.

The level of friction between the coverstock and lane surface depends on the type of coverstock and to some degree on the weight block. When the friction between the coverstock and lane surface is higher, the hook potential will also be high.

Urethane coverstocks have the best hook bowling ball potential of the lot on dry lanes. With medium to heavy oily lanes, you are better off using the reactive resin coverstock for the hook maneuver.

Both the urethane and reactive resin have a great advantage over the plastic coverstock when it comes to hook potential. This is because the smooth surface of the latter will reduce the friction between the bowling ball and the lane, giving it less hook potential.

2. Grip

Choosing the ball with the type of grip most comfortable for you is important.

A conventional grip is where your ring finger and middle finger need to be put in up to the second knuckle while the thumb needs to be inserted all the way inside. On the other hand, the fingertip grip is where the ring and middle finger needs to be inserted up to the first knuckle while the thumb goes all in.

Fingertip grips are best coupled with inserts, plugs inserted into the ball's finger holes, which gives you a higher friction with your thumb and the advantage of creating more rotations.

For those training to hook, we would suggest a fingertip grip with/without inserts. If you opt for a polyester coverstock, the conventional grip is recommended.

3. Weight Block

Bowling balls with best hook potential also depends on its weight.

A low mass weight block, a material that is found inside the bowling ball right under the coverstock, will have a heavier roll. This will also give you more potential for hook.

4. Drill

Bowling balls that are drilled the wrong way will not give you much in terms of hook potential irrespective of how great the ball is.

It is therefore a great idea to have your bowling ball drilled according to your hand measurement. This will grant you better control over the bowling ball and also minimize chances of injury.

In addition, your dexterity when it comes to using your fingertip grip will greatly impact your bowling ball’s hook potential.

Final Words

Bowling is a great game to bond over with both friends and family. Whether you are a beginner or dead serious about the game, you already know that the quality of bowling ball will greatly impact or hamper your game. 

The enjoyment of bowling will thus increase manifold if you are also on the winning side. This is more likely to happen if you arrive at the bowling lane armed with the right kind of ball.

On top of this, your ability to do the hook maneuver with the best hooking bowling balls designed specifically for this purpose, it will greatly enhance your experience. 

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