Best Bowling Ball For Heavy Oil Lanes

9 Best Bowling Ball For Heavy Oil Lanes in 2021

Be it a dry lane or an oily lane, if you don’t come prepared with the right ball, the result won’t be what you’ve hoped for.

Dry lanes are common occurrences in the beautiful game of bowling, but often that’s unintentional. I mean, you’ll encounter a dry lane because the oil on the lane has exhausted.

But in competitive games, such as tournaments, you’re likely to play on the oily lane. That’s why your bowling ball set won’t be complete without the best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes.

They are custom-designed to be used on heavy oil conditions. They provide a strong hook. But they also work well on long oil patterns and flat sports conditions.

list of top Heavy Oil Bowling Balls in 2021

Bowling Ball For Heavy Oil Reviews

1. Hammer Black Widow Legend | Best Pro Bowling Ball

Hammer has lived up to its expectations for the professional bowling players. The gas mask core is made of carbon fiber which and the hybrid core will give you an incredible hook on the lower end of the lane.

This aggressive ball named after black widow legend is truly legendary. Although it is recommended to use in a medium to heavy oiled lane, you will gain enough control to slide it all you want in a drier pattern.

That’s because of the versatile hybrid coverstock and gasmask core. Gasmask core includes the Ceramix surface process, Flex-Resin additive, and Carbon-Fiber outer core. You can also master bowling in a straight line with adequate practice.

If you are a powerful hitter, you will be very happy to know that this one does not break with even a speed of 300 rpm (GR). You can slide the ball at the same time. With such incredible speed and the reaction this ball gives on the corner, it grants many professional players’ attention.

It comes in different weights. People who have already adjusted with different weights can choose according to their comfort.

Gaining control over the ball for a beginner will be very tough. It is a legendary product simply made for the professionals. Black widow legend is thus considered one of the finest for medium and high oil lane bowling.

Highlighting Features

1. Best lower-end lane performance.

2. Slides better in medium oiled lanes.

3. Different weight variations are provided.

4. Well known for its durability.

5. Hybrid cover and gasmask core maximize the overall performance.

2. Storm Timeless| Best Storm Bowling Ball for Oily Lanes

Do you bowl daily? Can’t you find the best ball for pining? We have just found the perfect bowling ball for you. The storm timeless is the best option when it comes to power and material.

The ball is made under the supervision of Jason Belmonte, a multi-PBA champion. One of the uniqueness of the core of the ball is that it increases the speed in the lane and maximizes the hard hitter’s effects.

Many professional players have identified the ball as effortless for its brute force. If you are a beginner then controlling this ball might be tougher for you.

The company has invested years researching before introducing the dual drive core. The outer weight creates a geometric shape and the inner one gives a new motion on the ball thus providing an enormous amount of pressure while hitting the pins.

The R2S coverstock has made its name in this decade. It contributes to the unique motion quality on the oiled lane perfectly. The overall appearance is great with a 1500 grit polished finish. It makes the ball look more appealing.

The product comes in three different colors Blue Solid/Black Pearl /Platinum Pearl and weighted from 10lbs to 16 lbs. So if you want to storm the lane with power-hitting, this one will help you with that.

Highlighting Features

1. Use of dual-drive core.

2. Back-end predictable motion.

3. Various color choices.

4. Effortless power hitting capability.

5. Well-known among the professionals for durability.

3. Hammer Black Widow black/gold | Best Hybrid Bowling Ball 

“Black Widow” is the most dangerous and venomous spider that lives in North America and known to bite when it feels threatened. Their majestic looks and the ability to fear none have made them an iconic symbol all over the world.

If you want a bite as lethal as this creature on your bowling ball, then consider the following item which is called the Hammer Black Widow!

Yep. You guessed it right. The ball does have some points to prove and it is, too, not afraid of a little competition!

With an awesome blend of gold and black color combination, this item features the symbolic spider on its surface. You can do any style you want, but, first, you have to learn how to tame this beast and have total control over any game you play from this point onwards!

There’s a big reason why this ball is known for such great hook potential and strong movement. The secret lies in its inner core, which is made of carbon fiber material.

On top of that, it also comes with a hybrid coverstock! I mean, come on! That’s just a perfect combo for defeating any medium to heavy oily lanes with ease.

To give you a great backend experience, Hammer also features its most angular core, which is known as Gas Mask and lets you enjoy the limelight by taking down all the pins in a row!

Although the ball doesn’t come with any pre-drilled holes, you can get the right fit by going to any local store and get it customized according to your preference.

Highlighting Features

1. It performs exceptionally well on oily lanes.

2. It has a high hook potential and allows you to control its movement.

3. The hybrid coverstock offers a great backend experience.

4. The carbon fiber material paired with Gas Mask provides a strong motion.

5. With 2.50 of RG, it gives you a solid spin on the lane.

4. Storm Physix Bowling Ball Review | Storm Asymmetrical Bowling Balls

This bowling ball is a top-of-the-game ball when it comes to oily lanes. It designed for string hook and lane action. It comes with the new Atomic core. Since it has a symmetric core, it provides a predictable trajectory on oil conditions.

This ball comes with a durometer of 73-75 Rex D-scale, so you know you’ll be getting a high-performing ball. It has a low RG of 4.8. The layout method is the pinned buffer, which makes hook action extremely easy.

The coverstock is a hybrid reactive. Although made for oily lanes, it will feature well in drier lanes too. The coverstock facilitates angular speed which carries the ball right into the pin deck. The ball is intended for advanced bowlers, though the learning curve should be short for beginners.

While you try it on the broken house pattern, you can expect a prolonged and backend reaction. The angular reaction combined with the speed will put hook player’s minds at ease. The hybrid coverstock and matte finish will give to edge over the opponent.

Highlighted Features

1. It has NRG hybrid reactive coverstock.

2. Low RG of 2.48 makes the ball easily controllable.

3. Atomic asymmetric core provides a sublime reaction.

4. A great angular reaction makes it suitable for oily lanes.

5. Low RG differential of 0.053.

6. Smooth factory finish with 3000-grit Abralon.

5. Brunswick Quantum Bias Review | Best Bowling Ball For Heavy Oil Conditions

When Brunswick came up with the Quantum line and relaunched them, the line was led by Brunswick Quantum Bias. It was the first asymmetrical quantum the company marketed. The core was mushroom but Brunswick tweaked it a bit to make it asymmetrical.

You’ll be instantly hooked to the ball, thanks to the attractive white pigment color. The coverstock is thicker than regular balls. So basically the ball consists of two parts, the core, and the coverstock.

The unique combination of this specific cover and core yields 13% increase in carry. The coverstock is strong at the same time, offering more durability and hitting power. The white element on the ball contains unique traction additive, thus availing more hook.

The ball is slightly bigger than regular balls. Each core compensates for the total weight of the ball. The added length helps in recovery at the breakpoint and better pin action. The 2.53 RG and 0.052 differential for a size 15 ball make it a great oily lane ball.

Highlighted Features

1. Brunswick’s first asymmetric quantum bowling ball.

2. Unique traction additive increases hook.

3. The 3.5 times more coverstock provides massive hitting power.

4. Run straight to the breaking point, taking a fine turn afterward.

5. Suitable for heavy oil conditions.

6. Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball Review | Best Symmetrical Bowling Balls 

Although it comes with a symmetrical core, the ball was no shortage of hook action. The popular Scandal symmetrical core will hit the pins harder than you’d expect. It enables maximum energy transition to the pins.

The cover is carbon fiber infused. This makes the ball very durable. On top of that, the core and coverstock combined retain energy through the reactionary motion.  Since the trajectory is gentle and predictable, you can even use it for house shot.

The color combination of this ball gives it a high artistic value. With the ball in your collection, you’ll catch attention in the bowling alley. But look isn’t all it has, it strikes hard and provides a superior pin action.

With an RG of 2.48 and RG differential of 0.054, the ball ticks the qualities to be an oily lane ball. It will provide stable performance for professionals, especially slow bowlers. High-speed bowlers might find this one a bit challenging.

Highlighted Features

1. It doesn’t overreact and gets violent in the lane.

2. It’s suitable for heavy oil lane conditions.

3. Hybrid reactive coverstock delivers great hook action.

4. The ball runs very strongly through the mid lane.

5. It has an attractive calligraphic look.

7. Hammer Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball | Best Low Flare Bowling Ball 

Want to increase the number of your average pins?

Well, then we got to find you a ball that helps you get a little bit aggressive on the front and comes out with a strong finish, don’t we?

Not a problem, dear!

Consider your wish granted with the next item on our list, which is the Gold edition from the Black Widow series of Hammer.

What happens when you combine the most angular coverstock with the most angular core that has been invented?

Well, you get madness speed and motion in the backend of course! This golden beauty rolls and rolls until it captivates the pins one by one and earns your satisfaction all the year-round.

The company even vouches for its durability for a long time!

And we can clearly see where it’s been coming from given the fact that it bears one of the strongest components on earth, which is known as Carbon Fiber. To add more strength on top of that, Hammer uses its signature Gas Mask core and makes sure it covers a good length for your convenience.

This Golden glory was born to succeed and even just by the looks of it, you will understand that it comes with great potential!

The Semtex Pearl coverstock is bound to catch anyone’s eyes within the first few moments and the polished surface lets it glide towards the lane with utmost accuracy.

Highlighted Features

1. The Black Widow is known to increase people’s average scores.

2. It’s mostly suited for playing on a medium to heavy oil lane condition.

3. The carbon fiber outer core makes it strong and durable.

4. The Semtex pearl coverstock gives the product an overall shiny surface.

5. It comes with 3 different weight variations.

8. Storm !Q Tour Emerald | Best Skid Flip Bowling Ball 

If you are a competitive bowler and have a tournament coming up this season, then it’s high time you should get a performance ball like Storm !Q Tour in your bag and ready to set the bowling platform on fire!

The French word “Esmeralde” refers to the color Green. This color is known to be associated with nature, the spring season, and a cheerful spirit.

Keeping these characteristics in mind, Storm decided to add an emerald-shaded ball in their line of collections with a melon Mint fragrance.

Yep. You heard it right!

No more stinky lockers anymore! Next time you open up your bowling locker, expect to be hit by a fresh scent of a lemon peel that has bold peppermint on top!

Apart from the vibrant color and minty perfume, this ball has much more potentials to offer. For instance, if you are looking for something capable of maintaining a constant energy level all through the game, then Emerald is the one you are bound to pick every time.

Why? You may ask.

Well, it comes with the R2S Pearl Reactive coverstock, which is known to be the best in the bowling history to date. And if you pair that up with something like C3 Centripetal Control Core, then you got yourself a hungry predator which hunts until it makes all the pins fall flat on the floor without showing any mercy!

This 15-pound ball comes in various other weight variations that rages from 12 to 16 pounds. Be sure to pick the right one for you and show your opponent what this ball is truly made of!

Highlighted Features

1. It’s a high-performance ball that’s suited for any competition.

2. It comes with a fresh melon-mint flavor.

3. You can your preferred weight from its 12 to 16-pound collection.

4. It’s made with one of the best coverstocks ever invented.

5. It creates a powerful backend and glides through the lanes with ease.

9. Ebonite Choice Solid Blue/Orange

Although the Ebonite Choice Solid Blue/Orange does have a drawback with the hefty price point, this is one of the few bowling balls that stand out in terms of construction as well as the results that you could get from the same.

The manufacturers of this bowling ball have put into thought a lot of crucial design and functional factors. The combination of the solid blue and orange lister on the ball gives it a premium look and design that you otherwise wouldn’t even think of. 

The GSV-1 coverstock ensures a smoother traverse down the oiled lane without going off the track like in several other cheaper options. The coverstock in this is specifically designed to work through the oiled lanes by working against the inhibiting forces for a smoother user experience.

Also, the Mod-4 core in this has a symmetrical design, which makes the ball travel down smoothly to the end of the lane to take down the pins. It also creates a superior hook potential, which again is a reason why this has gained the kind of popularity that it has.

The Ebonite Choice is available in five different weight classes and colors for you to choose from, making the overall buying experience a lot more seamless. Also, it comes with an abralon finish, which is another reason why it has gained the kind of popularity that it has.

Highlighted Features

1. Features a symmetrical core for easier movement

2. Comes with an Abralon finish

3. Creates a super hook potential

4. Stunning color combinations available

How The Best Bowling Balls For Heavy Oil Is Different From Other Types?

Contrary to dry lanes, you need a ball with low RG and strong coverstock for heavy oil conditions. Ideally, you would need a ball between 2.46 RG to 2.55 RG.

Also, you’ll need a coverstock that is strong and aggressive. Reactive coverstocks with a matte finish are suitable for heavy oil conditions.

You’ll find polyurethane coverstocks mostly suitable for oily lanes. That’s because they read the lane oil and don’t just skid through it.

Thus, they tend to have the most grip on the lane. They pick a strong roll as they approach the mid lane. In other words, they interact with the lane and enable a strong hook.

Usually, log RG bowling balls have a high differential rating. Thus, they facilitate strong gripping action and backend reaction. Also, Asymmetrical balls tend to deliver a better hook.

Bowling Tips For Heavy Oil Conditions

1. Choose a ball with aggressive coverstock. Make sure it has a good gripping action on the lane.

2. Don’t go too fast. To read the lane, slowing your ball a bit is a good strategy. If the bowling ball is too shiny, you can use sandpaper on it to remove the polish. The ball will look dull, but it’ll have a more anticipated action.

3. Lofting the ball more than you usually do on dry lanes will help you catch the lane traction sooner. This way, the ball won’t skid too much on the lane. Work on your loft for better traction.

4. If you need more rotation from the bowling ball for a better pin action, you can use your fingers. Increase the finger rotation slightly and the ball will get early traction.

5. If you’re still not hitting the pins properly and missing them, make some adjustments in your gameplay.

First, adjust your stance. Move accordingly by the number of pins you’re missing.

Secondly, try more hooking if the lane seems drier. For oily lane, try a straighter shot.

Final Words

Bowling is a game where understanding the conditions of both the ball and the lane is important. You can hit ten pins by sheer luck, but that’s not going to happen every time.

You need to be prepared for different lane conditions and use an appropriate ball for the condition. If you encounter heavy oil, you need to use the best heavy oil bowling ball. A ball suitable for dry lane won’t bring you much success in this condition.

Hopefully, you’ll find some of the very top heavy oil bowling balls in this article.


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