Best Bowling Ball For Dry Lanes

Best Bowling Ball For Dry Lanes 2020

So, when you arrive at the bowling alley at the late part of the day or right after a league or open bowl, you’re likely to encounter dry lane. With the best bowling ball for dry lane, you’ll be able to address problems like early hooks in dry lanes effectively.

When you’re first starting out, you don’t have to worry much about the lane condition. Focusing on throwing the ball accurately should be your primary concern.

But as you progress into the enthralling world of bowling, you need to learn to ‘read’ lane conditions. Learning whether the lane is dry or oily and choosing the right bowling ball will give you an edge over opponents.

list of top Bowling Ball For Dry Lane Conditions

Bowling Ball For Dry Lanes Reviews

1. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball | Best Intermediate Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Aqua/Silver, 8 LB)
  • New Era 139 Symmetric Core, 2.54 RG, 0.032 Differential (Medium Flare Potential)
  • Path Pearl Reactive Coverstock with 1500-Grit Abralon/Factory Polish Finish

If you are a beginner in the bowling arena and looking for a ball that will give a higher performance while requiring lesser skill, Pyramid Path Rising Pearl should be your go-to bowling ball. This ball is ideal for medium lanes and will go an extended length as it is polished with Factory Finish polishing.

Often, bowlers having the same size of hands still require hole patterns to fit their profile the best. If you are concerned about the drilling on bowling balls and want to do it by yourself to perfectly fit your preference, Rising Pearl's New Era 139 Symmetric Core offers an excellent variety of drilling.

Coverstocks on different bowling balls are designed in such a way that they react differently on lanes given the coverstock that have been used. For instance, reactive coverstocks respond differently on oily lanes and dry lanes. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl also utilizes reactive pearl overstock that offers a delayed but angular reaction on lanes.

While purchasing bowling balls, you should take the hook potential into accounts. Hook potential usually ranges from 5 to 300 and will affect your bowling experience.

The scale ratings also enable you to compare bowling balls while buying one. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl has a scale rating of 181.30 and is decent enough to perform well for beginners.

Highlighted Features

1. It offers a variety of drilling with its New Era 139 Symmetric Core.

2. The Coverstock made of Path Reactive Pearl offers an angular reaction.

3. It has a decent scale rating of 181.30.

4. Suits best for beginners who are looking for performance balls.

2. Ebonite Maxim | Best Light Oil Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim is going to change your opinion towards the plastic balls. The ball can roll perfectly straight in dry lanes. The plastic and polyester coverstock enables you to gain extra control and balance over the ball.

If you are a beginner and trying your new shots in leisure practices then this bowling ball is for you. It will help you throughout the whole process of mastering more advanced techniques.

The ball is lightweight, making it easier to control. A light ball can provide more speed with a little push and can go in a straight line. The ball weighs 10 lbs. It comes in three different colors black, purple and gold. 

The ball also comes in three cores which comprises of coverstock, main core and filling materials. It influences the performance of the ball in the long run. The material gives the ball an exceptional upper hand in the dry lanes.

The ball does not come drilled from the manufacturer. So it would be best to find a professional shop to get drilling services. Although the ball is considered best for the straight lane, you can also hook for a considerable space. It gives an amazing performance on lightly oiled lanes even after using a plastic coverstock.

Highlighted Features

1. Higher performance with 3 piece core.

2. An entry-level player can use it to increase performance.

3. Finest straight rolling experience.

4. Plastic coverstock and lightweight delivers a great pin action.

5. It comes in various colors.

3. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball | Best Budget Bowling Ball 

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball (Aqua/Silver, 10LB)
  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels
  • Polyester coverstock for straight shots

In the world of bowling, there exist many brands with their supplies and products. However, one brand has managed to step aside from the crowd and become a reliable icon to its consumers!

Let’s get you introduced to Pyramid Path Bowling Ball, which fits your budget, meets your expectations and earns your satisfaction through its performance.

Every expert was once a beginner. However, as a noob, you are bound to get nervous and fidget a lot before making your first move towards the lane. Pyramid works like a pro in this type of situation! It doesn’t require you to have any prior skill and adjusts easily to your style.

The outer surface covered with polyester material allows you to score more if you decide to go for straight shots. It also performs at its best on dry lanes. You can choose to select your preferred weight from its several options ranging from 6 to 16 pounds.

Pyramid Path features pancake (No! It’s not what you ate for breakfast this morning!) core, which basically hands over the control to you and lets you play in a relaxed way without having to worry about the complexity of different trajectories.

Whether you are a newcomer, kid, adult, woman or an advanced player who loves to play with spares, this ball is suitable for people of all age groups and classes. To make you feel familiar with your territory and allow variations, Pyramid Path offers a wide range of color collection which includes Black, Green, Orange, Red, Emerald etc.

Highlighted Features

1. It is suitable for people of all age groups.

2. It comes in 17 different color variations.

3. The polyester coverstock makes the product scratch-resistant.

4. You can choose your preferred weight from 6 to 16 pounds options.

5. It is an excellent choice for a newcomer on an affordable budget.

4. Storm Tropical Surge Pear | Best Pearl Bowling Ball 

Storm Tropical Surge Pink/Purple 11lb
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods

Did you know our nostrils can pick up and distinguish over 1 trillion different odors?

Gosh! That’s a lot, don’t you think?

Out of all those smells, which ones are your favorites? I am sure, the number comes down significantly lower and most probably can be counted on the fingers of one hand!

What if I tell you there’s a way to keep your favorite scent locked in a bowling ball and you get to touch it, smell it and might even have the chance to introduce it to your bowling-locker and make it smell A.M.A.Z.I.N.G?

That’s exactly what the Storm Tropical Bowling Ball does!

The Tropical Pink/Purple version comes with a mouth-watering birthday cake fragrance. Hey! Don’t blame us if you give in to the delish scent of the rich, sweet buttercream undertone flavor of cake that comes with this Tropical ball and runs off to the local bakery store instantly!

Moving onto the specification details, the Pearl Reactive coverstock of this bowling ball provides a quick response and comes in handy when the lane oil conditions breakdown.

Wondering how good is your backend techniques?

The surge core allows you to have better control of developing your hooking skills. You can choose to go for any options from the 7 available weight variations which ranges from 10 to 16 pounds.

Depending on the nature of the lane, you can use it as either a strike or a spare ball at a time. However, it's recommended to use it on a dry to medium-dry lane condition.

Highlighted Features

1. The ball comes with a delicious scent of a birthday cake.

2. The coverstock helps produce a long skid motion on the lane.

3. The surge core of the ball allows you to practice hooking easily.

4. It comes with 7 different weight variations.

5. It works best on dry to medium-dry lane conditions.

5. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review | Best Bowling Ball For Dry Lane Conditions

Brunswick Rhino Black/Green/Orange, 10lbs
  • The Rhino features one of the most popular cores of all time the light bulb core
  • The gear will-16 Cover stock helps the ball get down lane easily

This is a powerful, versatile bowling ball that can help you with its amazing hooking ability. It comes with a symmetrical core which ensures better balance and easy drilling.

Now, the core is covered with R-16 reactive coverstock. The coverstock allows a slight hook and makes the ball suitable for drier lanes. The shape of the core is like a light bulb, which allows use user an excellent pin action and a better chance to score.

The ball meets the specifications of USBC. The manufacturers used high RG/low differentia core while making this ball. It prevents the ball from overacting in the dry lanes. The weight is moderately heavy at 10-16 pounds, thus the ball won’t bounce on the track.

Brunswick Rhino is finished with 500-grit stair pad, then polished and shined crown factory compounds. With diverse colors and designs, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one you like the most. But it’s not the colors, but the stable performance that’ll bring you value for every penny you spend.

Highlighted Features

1. The resin coverstock grasps the lane with an added delay.

2. Five attractive color combinations to choose from.

3. High RG, low differential, symmetric core.

4. Polished and shined with crown factory compound and shine.

5. Does not overreact on dry lanes and delivers stable performance.

6. Hammer Black Widow Spare | Best Bowling Ball For No Thumb 

Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball Blue/Orange/Smoke, 15lbs
  • Features the gas mask core
  • Has a polyester Coverstock

Not getting enough pins?

Instead of getting frustrated over your highest score, let’s find you a better ball to cheer you up!

If you are looking for an aggressive ball that can you get you up to the next level of madness, then take a look at the Spare model from Hammer Black Widow series and you might find some inspiration!

First thing first, let's take a moment to admire how cool the ball looks with it's Blue and Orange swirl pattern with some added black color thrown in the mixture to create an overall smoky effect. It features an elegant finish from top to bottom which is sure to give you a smooth glide from the very beginning.

Mind you, the ball looks a little mystical, but it doesn’t create any suspense while performing!

In fact, it falls under the category of a high-performance ball. It's a spare type, so naturally, it works best at straight throws. However, you will also be able to achieve some hook potential with drier lane conditions.   

The Widow Spare version features a nice and shiny polyester coverstock and a Gas Mask core, which amps up its potential even more. You can choose any weights between 12 to 16 pounds for your convenience.

Although, keep in mind that the 12- and 13-pounds balls come with standard pancake weight-block instead of Gas Mask.  

All the items from this series come undrilled. This actually allows you to get it drilled in a way so that it fits perfectly without a hitch.

Highlighted Features

1. It comes with 5 different weight options to choose from.

2. It provides a high-performance service as a spare ball.

3. It works best on light oil conditions.

4. You can create more hook patterns if you want on drier lanes.

5. It can be drilled for both right-handed or left-handed bowlers.

Highlighted Features

1. The resin coverstock grasps the lane with an added delay.

2. Five attractive color combinations to choose from.

3. High RG, low differential, symmetric core.

4. Polished and shined with crown factory compound and shine.

5. Does not overreact on dry lanes and delivers stable performance.

7. Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball Review | Best Polyester Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball, 6 lb
  • Features bullet point core
  • Finished with Royal shine Compound

This ball can be used as a space ball or dry lane ball. It goes straight to the exit, without reacting much to the lane, which makes it a great choice for novices. 

The coverstock is made of polyester. It’s stiff and finished with high gloss. Not only that gives the ball a royal shine, but it also glides through the lane smoothly with less friction.

The ball doesn’t come with pit holes. But that’s a plus for the users because you can truly customize the layout. It’s comparatively lightweight, although there are options to choose heavier models. 

Brunswick Tzone has a symmetric core with low differential. The ball doesn’t overreact and changes direction unexpectedly in the lane. Finally, the thing you’ll like is the color options. It comes with a whopping 10 color options, and they’re attractive enough to stand from the crowd. 

Highlighted Features

1. An affordable spare ball with many color options.

2. The plastic/ polyester cover doesn’t overreact on the dry lane.

3. Symmetric and low differential bullet core ensure equal mass distribution.

4. Smooth and highly glossy finish, glows under blacklight.

5. A wide range of weight options from 6-16 pounds.

8. Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball Review | Best Storm Bowling Ball For Dry Lanes

It’s an amazing entry level ball. But entry level wouldn’t do justice to what this ball can do. Those who are looking for more lane action from a house ball will love this one. It’s very controllable and comes with modest ball reaction.

The coverstock accounts for 70% of a ball reaction, so you need to get that right. The storm tropical breeze carbon chrome bowling ball comes with an equal mass pearl coverstock. The ball was then polished with 1500 grit, making it smooth and glossy.

The core looks like an inverted light bulb, known as the camber core. This core, along with the pearl coverstock delivers the user with a great pin action on down lanes.

The ball comes with a different weight option between 10 to 16 pounds. The combination of chrome with carbon will soothe your eyes. You’ll also like the cinnamon fragrance that comes with the ball.

Highlighted Features

1. It’s a great choice as an entry level urethane bowling ball.

2. Symmetrical, bulb-shaped camber core allows a smooth transition.

3. The ball comes with an attractive design and a refreshing cinnamon fragrance.

4. Different weight allows convenience for different skill level players.

5. Attractive carbon-chrome pearl design with a high gloss finish.

How Exactly The Best Dry Lane Bowling Balls Are Different From Other Types?

You see, dry lanes contain less oil and are drier than oily lanes. This comes with several challenges. First of all, you’ll get a much better hook than oily lanes. Secondly, if you’re even slightly off on your speed, you’ll probably lose control of the ball and it’ll start to break at 30-35 feet.

So how do you address the challenges? Bowling has changed a lot over the years and an informed decision on your bowling ball is more important than ever.

You need to choose a ball based on the coverstock, drill pattern, and RG core. Stiff coverstocks will help you travel through the lane without breaking off. They usually come with higher RG which allows you to control the drill pattern.

Dry lane bowling balls usually come with plastic or polyurethane coverstock. They are highly shiny and glossy on the outside. The weight is usually between 6 to 16 pounds.

Since they are highly polished, they tend to slide through the dry lane easily without interacting to the surface much. Also, they save the velocity for later part of the lane, before they hit the pins.

Bowling On Dry Lane Tips

Some people don’t like bowling in the dry lanes. Why? Because that takes away the advantage of bowling ball construction and brings down to raw skill. That’s kind of true, but with the right techniques and bowling ball layouts for dry lanes, you’ll get an edge over opponents.  

1. Dry Lane Bowling Ball Layout:

There are basically three types of layouts for a bowling ball. The flip layout, the arching layout, and the early rolling layout. The flip layout is the most suitable for dry lanes, but you’ll need the right kind of balls. Hopefully, the ones we reviewed will help.

2. Throwing Technique:

Balls will lesser hook is easier to control. While you release the ball, reduce the motion of your fingers. Take the hand out of the bowling ball and push it from outside. Let your wrist to tilt back while keeping the thumb into the ball for a little longer. This will reduce the ball rev and the ball will skid longer on the lane.

3. Angle Adjustments:

To determine whether the lane is dry or oily, make a mock throw towards the center dot. If the ball pulls to the left, the lane is probably dry. To address combat that, you need to adjust yourself to the left and open your shoulders while throwing. 

4. Bowling Ball Speed:

Increase the speed when you throw the ball. This will prevent an early hook. Also, the ball will reserve energy up until late and hit the pins with enough force. Use polished ball for dry lanes.

Final Words

Dry lanes are part of this beautiful game and you cannot avoid them. Better be ready with the right balls and techniques.

You’ll need the right kind of bowling balls to play on torched lanes. We reviewed the most popular and best bowling balls for dry lanes.

Also, hopefully, the bowling tips for dry lanes will help you too.  These might look like bowling tips for dummies, but they are the ones that’ll greatly influence your game and the results.

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