Best Bowling Ball for Curve

Best Bowling Ball for Curve 2020

“I can’t wait for our date at the bowling alley.”

“Yeah! I can’t wait to get make some clean sweeps. I just got a new ball that is the BEAST for curving. I can’t wait for ...”
“Did you ask me out to just go to the alley to play?”

While bowling may be a great idea for a first date, it is considered a tough sport. It includes a copious amount of physical exertion and expertise to master the science of knocking down bowling pins like a rocky set of Jenga tiles.

It takes a very strict set of skills and eye-to-hand coordination to get all the pins. And of course, you need the best bowling ball for curve to get optimum performance.

list of top Bowling Ball For Curve

Bowling Balls For Curving Reviews

1. Brunswick T-Zone Indigo Swirl Bowling Ball | Best Brunswick Bowling Ball

Brunswick T-Zone Indigo Swirl Bowling Ball (16lbs)
  • It's always good to have a spare
  • And with T-Zones being so affordable, you can! Just pick your favorite color, or two, or three!Great Ball for Kids, Beginners and Spare Shooting Coverstock: Plastic/Polyester Ball Color: Many Colors...

If you’re a laid back recreational bowler, the 16lbs Brunswick T-Zone Indigo Swirl Bowling Ball is the correct fit for you: the polyester outer coating is unyielding and has little friction; perfect, if you want to throw straights or pick up spares. It is probably not the best curve bowling ball but it gets the job done under $60.

When put to the test it was amazing to see how it performed even in dry conditions. It was an easy breeze for those who like throwing straights and even more favored by those who want to practice curving.

However, longevity is a question that one must ponder upon since plastic coatings tend to crack. But hey, it’s a quite decent spare ball for an even greater value. Just the colors alone are enough to woo someone who’s just stepped in to a bowling ball shop to buy one for themselves.

Highlighted Features:

1. A wide selection of attractive colors to choose from.

2. High gloss finish that gives the premium look.

3. Undrilled so that one can drill finger holes to their desire.

4. Suitable for a multitude of lane conditions.

5. Low maintenance.

6. Gives pinpoint accuracy for bowlers of all levels.

2. Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball | Best All Around Bowling Ball

With the SG Equinox Symmetric Core, the Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball is superbly consistent when it’s rolling down a lane. It is more than unlikely to see this ball stop dead in its tracks because the friction on this is as smooth as melted butter.

The core is manufactured from synthetic materials such as nylon and composite fibers, which scream easy maintenance.

The GPS Navigational ATX CoverStock has impeccable spunk when it comes to gliding through mid-lanes. Its top-notch coverstock is a determinant factor if you love to throw curve shots. The Pyramid Curse is a 100 percent credible best bowling ball for curving.

Highlighted Features:

1. 2000 grit Abralon/Factory surface finish is fitting for those who aim through the head for maximum impact.

2. Best for curve shots.

3. Comes in a range of weights from 12-16 lbs.

4. Good length and a robust dependable move with the best strive through pins

5. Friendly in all lanes.

6. Pushes through heads to make an explosive backend reaction.

3. Storm Crux Prime | Best Bowling Ball For Intermediate Bowler

Storm Crux Prime 12lbs
  • Color: Red/White/Purple
  • Core: Catalyst (Asymmetrical)

If I had three words to describe it, I’d say, “controllable yet powerful”. The trustworthy Catalyst core at the Crux’s heart has a more than heavy rolling core shape.

The Crux's new Catalyst core is a low RG, high differential asymmetrical that is crafted to trim ball's mass properties as a result of drilling. This might alter the way you serve your shots. Pay close heed to how you drill the finger holes making sure that you get maximum brunt along with commendable comfortability.

However, the defining characteristic to this is the SPEC (Storm Performance Enhanced Coverstock) solid coverstock that is, in a word, revolutionary. The oil absorption rates are almost negligible; hence, this is bound to sustain its reaction and is well, more sustainable than most others compared.

It has fairly slow revving but surprisingly powerful heavy rolling. It’s like it has a mind of its own: it’s very slow but highly decisive on friction. Now, if you roll your shots wrong, there’s nothing the ball can do about that.

But as I mentioned earlier, it is very controllable. This is going to give you ample time to get to the pocket because super readable and consistent. For a relatively slow paced bowling ball, it retains a laudable amount of power and energy. Storm Crux Prime is, by far, the best bowling ball for curving.

Highlighted Features:

1. Excellent amounts of energy retention.

2. Allows the ability to open up the angles.

3. Asymmetrical design and vertical cavity technology allows for a greater margin for error.

4. Asymmetric design gives easy drilling, removing more mass by keeping the layout intact.

5. The coverstock grants enhanced friction and oil endurance.

6. Suitable for any lane conditions.

Bowling ball For Curve Buying Guide

If bowling is the way you roll, having the perfect ball is an obvious weapon you must own. You must consider the weight, core, holes on the ball, and material.

The weight of your ball must have about 10% of your body weight. You don’t want it to feel too light or too weighty as this will have a heavy impact on how your ball curves. A heavier ball has reduced deflection which gives the ball less curve. However, if you’re a bowling novice, feel free to experiment with different weights to find your perfect ball.

The core of a bowling ball is in assortments of shapes in different balls and thus weight is distributed rather differently throughout it. If you were thinking that a bowling ball was just a round block, boy, you’re about to lose your mind with the science I’m about to lay on you.

You see, because the weights are so unevenly dispersed, this affects how strongly your bowling ball will curve. The “core consideration” in the ball and the direction it points to can produce shifting reactions.

Hence drilling holes on your bowling ball at certain spots can lead to fluctuating curve reactions. The holes should be far apart so that your hand doesn’t lie flat on contact with the ball. If you can’t find the right fit, choose one that has more tighter and spread apart holes that will relieve you from hurting your game and your fingers too. Sometimes, the balls come undrilled so you can customize the hole placements to your preference.

Some players prefer more curving. The material of the ball is of utmost importance as it will assist you in different lanes and oil patterns to get the perfect hook shot. While a plastic coating is unideal for curving, a bowling ball with a urethane coating  is oil resistant and gives you the quality curve shots.

Although “house patterns” are far simpler than “sport patterns”, the oil will greatly influence how your ball curves. Familiarize yourself to the sundry of bowling conditions; go do a reckee of your local bowling alley. If you are an advanced player, you need a bowling ball that is suited for almost all conditions.


To sum up, before you make a purchase, you really want to consider your skills as a bowler: do you want to practice your curves or do you want to up your game?

Often, both can be accomplished simultaneously. But you need the best bowling ball for curve for that. You need to find a ball that is both controllable and provide anticipatable curve. Once you get the right ball, it’s a matter of time to rule the bowling alley.

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