Best Bowling Ball for Beginners

Best Bowling Ball for Beginners in 2021

Bowling is, no doubt, one of the best ways to kill time indoors. It is not so much luck as it is a matter of skill and using the right kind of bowling ball for the maneuver you are looking to perfect.

If you are thinking of starting out at your local bowling alley because it happens to be your friends’ favorite haunt, then it is high time that you consider getting yourself the best beginner bowling ball.

In order to truly enjoy the sport it is both necessary and wise to get a hold of one or more bowling balls that will give you the edge you seek.

list of top Bowling Ball for Beginners

Bowling Ball for Beginners Reviews

1. Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball Review | best bowling ball for beginner to intermediate

The Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball is your go-to high-performance, value-for-money bowling ball. It is highly versatile, making them one of the best beginner bowling balls. Both the core and coverstock have been designed with advanced technology.

The core features a dual nitrous core which utilizes a new symmetrical design with lower RG while the Boost/R coverstock, made of highly durable and rigid material, has tremendous hook potential and back end reaction. This makes this bowling ball more resistant to wear and tear.

These features jointly allow users with all levels of skills, from beginner level to advanced, to use this ball with ease and get going.

Moreover, beginner to advanced levels players usually opt for Urethrane reactive coverstocks of this type and it is the best kind of coverstock to avail for those looking to learn to hook. This makes this Nitrous line one of the best choices for light to medium oil patterns and it also performs fairly well on medium to heavy lanes.

It is available in three color schemes, namely blue, black, and bronze, and is been polished well with 2,000 grits Abralon.

Highlighted Features

1. Features two-piece Nitrous core design which enhances hitting power.

2.Comes with a high gripping power with the Boost/R coverstock.

3. Recommended for medium to light oil patterns.

4. Polished well with 2,000 Abralon Powerhouse Factory Finish.

2. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball Review | best entry level performance bowling ball

The Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball has been specifically designed for novices in the bowling game, suitable for players belonging to all age groups and skillsets. The top notch Pyramid technology gives its users a chance to showcase its audience a performance to remember.

The core features the symmetrical New Era 139. This core type allows for a wide variety of drilling options, whether it is strong backend or long and hook hard that you are looking to get.

The polyester coverstock in this bowling ball is equipped with high impact resistance and it is ideal for bowlers who throw straight, making it one of the best entry-level bowling balls in the market.

This ball is perfect for medium lane patterns and is known to be one of the best for dry lanes. It comes undrilled, which means you can drill in two customized holes or more based on your convenience and delivery tactics that accommodate you.

Users will have the option of choosing from 7 different colors, out of which some are backlight reflective. The 1,500-grit polished finishing for extended length allows the ball to have a sharper reaction when gliding down the bowling lane and has medium flare potential.

Highlighted Features

1. New Era 139 Symmetric Core is designed with advanced technology.

2. Path Reactive Pearl coverstock makes it ideal for straight bowling.

3. Best suited for medium to dry lanes.

4. Polished well with 1,500-grit finish, giving it a sharper reaction.

3. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball Review | best ebonite bowling ball

The Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is perfect for entry-level bowlers looking to own a bowling ball for recreational use.

It is made of a 3-piece core, which makes its moving patterns more predictable. However, this core type won’t be ideal for skilled players who require asymmetrical cores.

The coverstock can be either plastic or polyester. Also, its built makes it more durable, easy to grip and straight shots with hooking can be carried out with ease. But due to its non-reactive nature, it is more suited for dry lanes. The ball has a low flare potential.

With the ball being available at a very lightweight of 10 pounds, this ball is a very fitting choice for beginners learning to control and throw.

Its vibrant colors made it stand out with its ultraviolet glow, making it light up the bowling lanes.

The ball has, however, been found to be low on durability by some users.

Highlighted Features

1. The 3-piece core makes moving patterns more predictable.

2. Coverstock comes in plastic or polyester, allowing easy grip.

3. Lightweight allows for easy control.

4.Ideal for dry lanes.

4. Brunswick Bowling Ball

Although a little unconventional with the design, the Brunswick Bowling Ball is a pretty amazing bowling ball that you can consider buying for beginners. Not only do you get it in the standard pink shades, but there are also six other prints to choose from.

This bowling ball is not just ideal to play in darker alleys but comes with the standard 360 degree printed graphics, with limited edition prints, something that you wouldn’t readily find in the other available bowling balls in the same price range. 

The good thing about the Brunswick Bowling Ball is the fact that it works ideally for beginners and even for advanced-level bowlers who want to test out a different quality bowling ball for once.

The bowling ball from this brand is made entirely out of polyester, ensuring high quality without any kinds of compromise; if that is something you are struggling to keep a check on. Also, the price range for these balls varies depending on the print and the kind of weight you are getting.

As for the print, it is embedded onto the surface of the polyester material of the bowling ball, ensuring superior durability even after years of playing.

Highlighted features

1. Available in varying prints and designs

2. Features 360 degree limited edition graphics

3. Made out of polyester material

4. Print is embedded into the surface

Best Bowling Ball for Beginners Buying Guide

1. Weight

The ball’s weight is a vital factor to consider when it comes to choosing the best bowling balls for beginners. Figuring out which ball weight matches your level of expertise is crucial. Beginners are generally more comfortable with lightweight balls which tend to be more easily controllable. Weights can vary from 12 to 15 pounds.

2. Grip

Choosing the right kind of grip plays a crucial role in helping you achieve more control over the ball.

A conventional grip is where your ring finger and middle finger need to be put in up to the second knuckle while the thumb needs to be inserted all the way inside. On the other hand, the fingertip grip is where the ring and middle finger needs to be inserted up to the first knuckle while the thumb goes all in.

You can choose either type based on which you are most comfortable with. For beginners, however, the conventional grip type will have the shortest learning curve.

3. Coverstock type

Reactive coverstock are best for the hook maneuver. The porous material in the reactive coverstock is made of porous material. The three common variety of reactive coverstock are solids, pearls, and hybrids. The central difference between these three types is to do with their strength and the point at which the ball will hook.

Pearl coverstock will go further down the bowling lane before performing the hook maneuver. This motion is perfect for beginners.

Hybrid coverstock are made of a combination of solid and pearl coverstock and are quite apt for beginners.

Solid coverstocks are a lot stronger and will hook earlier. Solids tend to be best avoided by beginners.

4. Core

The core of the ball, that is, the weight block, can be symmetric or asymmetric and significantly impacts performance. There is a lot of physics that is happening behind this and beginners need not worry about it too much.

However, it is important to note that cores that are symmetrical usually have more smooth movements and are more predictable, which makes them the best type of bowling ball for a beginner.

Asymmetric cores, on the other hand, have a more angular motion and can thus be more complex to handle.

5. Lane conditions

Bowling balls are designed in different ways to match the lane conditions. Beginners need to obtain a fairly good idea with regards to lane patterns and which specific type they are looking to play on and then choose the most suitable ball accordingly.

Final Words

At the end of the day bowling is a game of patience and practice, of skill and application, and of getting yourself the right bowling ball to get you started.

It is necessary to realize that while you can possibly knock down all the pins in your first few attempts, only preparation and technique will give you the consistency you seek when you are playing.

Getting yourself the best entry level bowling ball will be the first step in the right decision, should you plan to take up bowling as a sport.

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