Best Bowling Ball For A Stroker

Best Bowling Ball For A Stroker 2020

Trying to get those strikes but failing every time because the ball isn’t suitable for your playing style? You’re a stroker and having a hard time scoring those strikes. Well, that’s frustrating I know.

Being a stroker means having a ball that gives you well-balanced shots with finesse and accuracy. Having a hard time finding the perfect ball for you stroking need?

Well then, look no further. I have got all the insights into stroker style bowling. Here you will get all the ideas on choosing the best bowling ball for a stroker. And also, some recommendations.

list of top Bowling Ball for Stroker Style

Bowling Ball for A Stroker Review

1. Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball | Best Bowling Ball For House Oil Pattern

Going through trouble with medium-heavy oil? Then I have got the best solution for you right here.

With a core wrapped around by a solid coverstock equipped with GPS navigational system, the Pyramid antidote gives you a hard to forget experience in bowling. It provides a stronger, faster and cleaner reaction than most other bowling balls.

You get all-out flicker potential and persistence from its highly differential core. The Pyramid Antidote smooths out the aggressive motion that used to be a part of its predecessor the Pyramid Pathogen.

In addition to all the features from the previous Pathogen, you get a lot of new features like control over the back part of the lane. Which plays a big role on oil conditions of medium level.

With a faster lane reading ability, the Antidote really takes away the game from your opponents. It sure doesn’t leave any stone unturned to be your choice.

Its build quality is made to suit your stroking style bowling needs. No need to wait anymore. You can now blast past through those strikes you have been craving for.

Highlighted features

1. Perfectly adaptable to medium-heavy oil conditions

2. With a perfect scale rating of 201.60

3. Introducing the New Era 149 symmetric core.

4. Comes with a GPS Navigational coverstock

5. Worth your money.

2. Storm IQ Tour Bowling Ball | Best Performance Bowling Balls

Storm IQ Tour Bowling Ball (14lbs)
  • The Master line features new technology with innovative core designs and coverstock combinations that yield a wide variety of ball reactions
  • Often you need a stronger core and cover like that of the Modern Marvel, but sometimes lane conditions can get a bit tricky or a little squirrely

A ball that adapts to your needs. Sounds pretty cool, right? The Storm IQ tour does exactly that.

Many players across the globe have been helped by this one. You don’t always need a ball with a strong core or a good cover like Modern Marvel. Sometimes it’s better to have a ball that calms down in the tricky conditions helping you to get in the scores.

The Storm IQ tour features an innovative design combined with a solid reactive coverstock. That produces a lot of variation in ball reactions. And also, it stays consistent throughout all the different type of lanes there is available. Along with these comes the indifferent predictability and rock-hard consistency that just wins you over.

The abralon finish with 4000 grit is perfectly balanced. Thus, it gets a good grip on the lanes which leads to even better performance.

Equipped with a centripetal control core which is made with various densities. It results in producing low differentials for rolling with a clean transition.

It is a great to option to go with if you’re thinking of stroker style bowling because of its adaptability, performance and build quality.

Highlighted Features

1. State-of-the-art core designs and coverstock combinations

2. Adaptive to tricky lane conditions

3. Unwavering predictability and reliability

4. Produce lower differentials for better mid lane roll

5. Flawless 4000 grit abralon finish.

6. Great performance and grip ensured.

3. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball | Best Polyester Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball (Aqua/Silver, 8LB)
  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels
  • Polyester coverstock for straight shots

Getting bored of the same old colors of bowling balls with limited choices in the size criteria? Then this is for you.

Coming up with a wide variety of colors and sizes Pyramid Path can surely win your heart.

You can get it in different sizes ranging from 6lbs to 16lbs. That means it’s available for players of all ages. Starting from a little kid to a full-grown young man. Don’t worry about being a kid you can still go bowling every once in a while.

Also, the 12 different colors to choose from might delight you. You’ll be in a state of buying them all even if you don’t play with all of them.

Enough with the looks now. Let’s take a look at the performance. Being available in different sizes it surely provides versatility. Can be a great option to go through if you are a complete beginner.

The polished finish helps it to track down the lane quite a bit, which can be a good way to start your bowling life. For stroking style bowling this one is a good place, to begin with.

Highlighted Features

1. Seamless for all ages

2. Polyester coverstock ensures straight shots

3. Comes undrilled in the box

4. Scale rating of 5.0

Buying Guide

First, let’s take a look at the specifications of the best bowling ball for stroker style.

For stroker style bowling you would want your ball to have a bit of friction with the lane. That can be done by adhering the lane. Now the grip depends on the material of the bowl. So, as a stroker, it’s better to have balls covered with resin or particles.

Strokers depend on that high swing of the ball for power. So, it’s better to have a ball that is a bit lightweight for easy maneuver. The general weight of a bowling ball for guys is 12-16 lbs and 10-14 lbs for girls. For the male strokers recommended weight is 14lbs and for female strokers, it’s 12lbs.

The drill into the ball immensely affects the result of your bowling. If you follow a particular bowling style then you must have your preferences with it. For a stroker, it’s important to have options to spin along with the advantage of faster release.

To get that you would want a finger grip which lets you have the first knuckle to fit deep enough into the ball. This lets you have better control over the spin of the ball.

If you are a bowler then you must be familiar with the term control layout. The control layout is having some additional holes drilled into the balls for better control. These help the bowler to control the timing and direction of a hook.

It also increases adaptability across different surfaces. And it is the best layout for stroker style bowling.

Stroker style offers you versatility focusing on precision, finesse, and control. The straightforward throwing and the ability to get small hook increases a bowler’s averages every time. It emphasizes aim and the capability to adapt makes it a popular choice among beginners.

So even if you’re a beginner you should try considering the stroking style for bowling. This style will help you to perform steadily and grow in your bowling journey.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best bowling ball for power stroker.


Here we are at the end. While all three of the balls are great with their distinctive features, I have to admit that the Pyramid Antidote and the Storm IQ Tour are surely way ahead than the other one.

There you go, a little guide to start or improve your stroker style bowling. The balls I put up in the list can mostly get you through in the bowling world to get on with the stroker style bowling.

Compare them and choose the best bowling ball for stroker style according to your preference. And finally, start bowling and get all the strikes you were longing for.


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