Best Binder for College

Best Binder for College 2020

I still remember my first year in college. Every time I get to talk about college, I become sort of nostalgic!

Starting as a freshman in college can be exciting, scary, joyful! It’s the one-big-step of becoming an adult. Well, I say ‘worry not’!

Proper planning and an organised approach to college life can make it a lot easier to cope with all the big numbers in studies and activities you are going to face in college. The first step of an organised approach is choosing the best binder for college.

You are going to deal with a lot of assignment pages and documents. Trust me, you don’t want to lose one of the pages from your 20-50 pages assignment and run around the campus like crazy!

Binders are the safest way to deal with crucial documents and papers. So today, I am going to recommend some of the finest binders and share ideas about choosing one.

List of Binder for College

Top Binder for College Review

1. Case-it S-816-BLKOpen Tab Velcro Closure 2-Inch Binder | best binders for college students

Case-it Open Tab Velcro Closure 2-Inch Binder with Tab File, Black, S-816-BLK
  • 3-ring binder with 2-inch O-rings
  • 5-color tabbed expanding file

I have always been a fan of this binder.  I mean, who won’t love a binder that is designed with a very modern look and repleted with features.

The designer of this binder is a genius. The binder is not only suited for college students, but It can also be an ideal fit for people of different professions.  It features a very professional look.

It’s a 3 ring binder which comes with 2 inch O-rings. It’s made of premium material (Kraft Board with Ripstop Nylon) with great care. Unlike regular binders model, Case-it S-816-BLK has a very rigid body construction.

It has zippered mesh pockets to store documents, proposal papers. It also has inside folder pockets. I love products when they come in a convenient size with lots of room for storing things.

It also features a dedicated flash-drive pocket on the inner side and two elastic pencils/pen holder. It also features a five-colour, tabbed expanding file. This will significantly benefit college students while carrying multiple class project or document at the same time.

Highlighted Features

1. Robust body construction with premium materials.

2. 5 colour tab expanding file folder.

3. Dedicated pocket for flash-drive.

4. Zippered mesh pocket for extra storage.

2. Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder | college binder organization

Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder, Blue, D-146-BLU
  • 3-ring zipper binder with 3-inch O-rings
  • 5-color tabbed expanding file. item dimension ( Length: 13.12, Width: 13.50, Height: 3.44 inch )

Is your high school going to end just in few months? Worried about how you are going to manage all the college tests, homework, quizzes and class materials? The Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-inch Zipper Binder is the perfect way to handle all these situations.

If you have just one class and you don’t want to bring a backpack, guess what, you can just use this binder instead. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can simply hang around your shoulder and start walking. It also features a carrying handle if you are not comfortable with carrying it around the shoulder.

It’s a large-capacity binder. In fact, it’s not only a binder, but it is also an organiser. There is much room for all your necessary documents, class projects.This 3 ring binder features five different coloured tab-expanding file folder.

It also features a gusseted zipper in the side to quick access to your files. So you can just pull the zipper to reach out your documents while in a hurry without opening the binder.

The mesh pockets inside the binder can hold college supplies like easer, pencil sharpener, pens, etc. All way around zipping ensure the security of all your documents.

Highlighted Features

1. Ripstop Material’s Square Pattern ensures the binder doesn’t get torn easily.

2. Unique angled designed zipper for hassle-free opening, closing.

3. Adjustable shoulder strap and built-in handle for versatile mobility.

4. Includes mesh pocket and 5 colour tabbed expanding file for essential papers.

3. Cossini Premium PU Leather Business Portfolio/Padfolio

COSSINI Premium Business Portfolio with Zipper – Padfolio - Superior Business Impressions Begin with PU Vegan Leather, 10.1 Inch Tablet Sleeve, Smart Storage, Solar Calculator, Writing Pad - Brown
  • SUPERIOR UPGRADES – WE LISTENED TO PROFESSIONAL Feedback and completely redesigned this to OUTRIVAL ANY Business, Student, Interview or leather portfolio case competitors carry, adding a FULLY SOLAR...
  • POWER UP LIKE THE PROS – HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT TO CREATE THAT UNFORGETTABLE IMPRESSION? LUXURIOUS PU VEGAN leather portfolio binder boasts stylish fabric-adorned metal zippers that easily gliding...

How about some elegance and gorgeousness to reflect your unique persona?

If you are a person who always stands out with his/her unique sense of fashion and style,Cossini Premiumpadfolio must be your first love!

This padfolio is made with a sense of style yet professional look and multi-functionality. Cossini focuses on quality, as well. They handcrafted the portfolio from the most durable and smooth PU leather. It was made sure that the leather survives rain, snow, dust, water, even coffee.

To ensure the elegance fityour professional look Cossinihired some of the finest designers from Europe to design this portfolio. Besides, the Cossini monogram adds a royal touch to that elegance.

This padfolio was made to meet your professional and academic need of any situation. Whether you are a student in a college, a fresh graduate, a lawyer or an entrepreneur, it can go anywhere you need it to be by your side.

The legendary storage capacity will surprise you even more! Cossini features special-made tablet pocket, pen holders, 4 card holders, calculator pocket and many more in this perfect sized business portfolio.

Their satisfaction guarantee policy will blow your mind. If you are not satisfied for any reason with their product they offer a refund policy.

When it comes to style and quality, Cossini left no stone unturned to ensure customer satisfaction.

Highlighted Feature

1. Handcrafted from premium PU leather.

2. Revolutionary storage capacity.

3. Zippered closure with a 10.1-inch interior tablet sleeve.

4. Elegant look featuring multi-purpose applications

4. Case-it Executive Padfolio with Removable 3-Ring Binder

Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio with Removable 3-Ring Binder and Letter Size Writing Pad, Black, PAD-40
  • Stylish zippered padfolio with removable 1 inch 3-ring binder
  • Includes letter size writing pad

If you are not looking for either a giant-sized binder nor a ‘not-enough-pages’ Ceo style portfolio, Case-it executive padfolio with a removable 3-ring binder is the perfect one for you.

With an affordable price tag, this executive padfolio cum 3-ring binder is ready to meet all your necessities. As the title says the word, ‘executive’, this binder can serve business and academic purposes at the same time.

It features a letter-sized notepad which is perfect for taking quick notes during class. There are 8 pockets for storing credit cards or id cards, 2 pen-holders, 2 extra pockets for storing papers and more. There’s so much room for everything you possibly need.

If you travel long distances and need to keep all your papers, documents with you most of the time; you will love the carrying handle. With the handle, it works like a mini briefcase. I especially love this feature so much.

Like always Case-it uses kraft board instead of PE board to make the padfolio firm and stiff. There is almost zero possibility of its getting buckled or wrapped. 
Overall it’s great to look at, multi-functional executive padfolio with a 3-ring binder.

Highlighted Features

1. It features a removable 1” 3-ring binder.

2. Multiple pockets for credit cards and ID cards.

3. Dedicated protective pockets for important documents.

4. Comfortable handle for carrying like a briefcase.

5. Includes pen and pencil holders and letter-sized writing pad.

6. All-around zipping facility with a stylish back zipper
Five Star Advance Spiral Notebook, 5 Subject, College Ruled Paper, 200 Sheets, 11 x 8-1/2 inches, Black (73144)
  • Lasts all year. Guaranteed
  • Includes 5 movable plastic dividers that you can arrange in your notebook to organize your work; Tab on the divider is always visible from front cover so you can easily find and flip to any section

This spiral notebook is solely designed keeping college students in mind.

Do youwant just a notebook with no extra fancy features?Or something just to take notes, collecting handouts, prepare homework, practice at home, you better get one of these!

To make organising easy and straightforward, this notebook features movable colour-coded tab dividers.You can easily manage and browse to the sections/subjects you created in your notebook. Each plastic dividers hasanexpanding pocket, so, you don’t have to carry handouts in extra folders.

There is a pen/pencil loop on the front to hold any of your pen or pencil for quick access. It is kind of cute and of course a very essential feature a notebook can have. Also, it has a writeable spine section where you can write the subject/topic name.

It’s a large capacity notebook. There are more than enough pages to let you stay hassle-free of changing notebooks every now and then throughout the semester.

One of the vital features of notebooks is its cover. If your cover is not sturdy enough, it won’t survive the frequent usage during busy classes.

The Five Star Advance Spiral Notebook has a plastic back and a front cover. The cover is very durable. It can go strong all the way through the semester.

Highlighted Features

1. Includes 200 college rules paper sheets.

2. Comes with 5multi-coloured movable pocket dividers for easy organising.

3. 2 pockets on each side of the coloured divider tabs for collecting handouts.

4. A writable section on the spine for easy labelling.

5. Pen loop on the front side for carrying the pen.

Binder for College Buying Guide

1. Pick Something Strong and Sturdy

I remember being a med student how I used to carry my backpack, one or two books and mostly binders full of assignments. Most of the time, the backpack used to go under the desk.

So when you choose a binder, keep that in mind. The binder must be sturdy and strong enough to live up to the abuse its gonna face. Durability and strength to handle frequent usage should be the crucial factors when choosing a binder.

You should also look for the edges and cover that is strong. Because the binder’s strength mostly depends on its coverings. So, check if the coverings and the edges are tough enough to prevent tearings and eliminate the possibilities of breaking.

2. Look for Your Style

Sure look doesn’t matter that much but we can’t deny the appeal.

There is a vast range of models, designs and colours available in the market to choose from. So go with something that represents your personal taste and interest.

3. Prioritise the Functionality

There will be cheap school binders with less page capacity and less functionality. I hope you don’t choose one of those just to save a few bucks.

The best binder for college students features rooms for hole-punched handouts. It’s a smart move to talk to someone of the senior year from your department to get an idea of how much documentation you are going to handle per semester.

So, in a way, you can sort out how large your binder should be. Also, keep in mind how many classes there will be, how often you are going to takes notes.

The binder’s cover should include pockets to keep extra papers in case of emergencies. If you are a person who carries a lot of things wherever he/she goes, then your binder better has some additional rooms for items like credit cards, id cards, loose documents, etc. Also if it comes with some free sheets, it’s a bonus.

4. How Much Are You Willing to Pay for A Binder?

The cheap advertised binders might sound very appealing sometimes, but you don’t want them.

If your binder’s pages start falling apart just after a few days you bought, it surely will be a mess and waste of your time and money. I suggest you have a moderately flexible budget if you want a quality binder.

Also, pay attention if you are getting what you are paying for. Your money must bring the value and quality you deserve.

5. Choose How You Like It

These options might vary from person to person.

Binders feature a zipper closure attached with their cover.

A zipper closure brings more safety to your documents for sure, but some people don’t like it. I don’t know how you feel about opening and closing the zipper every time you need to use the binder.

It sure depends on personal taste and usage habit. While zipper closure brings more security, one can get bothered by this option.

Then there are O and D ring shapes. The D-ring binder holds more pages, and it’s easier to flip through the pages.

Final Thoughts

As a college student, you must choose the best college binder to ensure your success rate keeps up.

With a crucial assignment deadline ahead, busy week’s late-night studies, it can be pretty daunting to keep track of essential papers.Binders come in very handy when you want to manage your class notes, assignments, tests and all other necessary things.

It’s gonna be a mess if you don’t find your important paper in the morning when you are going for a presentation.So, what are you waiting for? Go, order one for yourself right now!

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