Best ATV Tires For Deep Snow

6 Best ATV Tires For Deep Snow in 2021

Tired of putting chains on your tires to go through deep snow? Not getting enough traction?

Imagine trying to pull a log with your ATV up a hill on a day of heavy snowfall, and to make your life more miserable, your tyres are just skidding on your way up! The last thing you want to see is snow flying everywhere while you accelerate, and you are not getting anywhere.

Stress no more; it’s all about choosing the best ATV tires for deep snow to make your work convenient. Sometimes the work is not hard, as long as you have the right tools!

So, choosing the right set of tires for your ATV plays a key role to drastically improve the performance of your ATV to stay atop deep snow. The best ATV tires will help you to have improved traction and control in the snow, making your winter riding more enjoyable.

Let’s find out more about choosing the best ATV tire for you.

list of Best ATV Tires For Deep Snow

ATV Tires For Deep Snow Reviews

1. Kenda K299 Bear Claw ATV Bias Tire

From the name itself “Bear Claw”, you can tell how strong this tire is meant to be. This tire can be used not only in deep snowy conditions but also in various other conditions such as mud or trail.

This tire is one of a kind, it’s the original of the Bear claw available in the market and for the price it’s going for, it’s a winner as long it suits the specifications you are looking for.

This tire has a rating of 6ply which as mentioned before in this article, means that the tire is at maximum durability when it comes to strength. This tire has angled knobs which increase the traction between land and the tire.

The increased lugs make this tire have more control based on the speed you travel at and the side rings on the tire protect it from puncture or dents. Overall the rider doesn’t need to worry about is a flat tire with this bad boy!

Having such strong thread and thickness, this tire is long-lasting compared to other brands available in the market. The Kenda k299 Bear Claw can easily serve you a couple of years without any headache through different climate conditions.

This tire is worth the money. Its brand and experience in the industry help explain the quality they upheld for the past decade. So when the ATV is sinking in the snow, look no more, this is the best-suited tire for you!


  • Durability2. Light weight3. Suitable for various conditions4. Original “Bear Claw”, been around 15+ years


  • Quality means expensive2. Not suitable for road (highways)

2. Sunf Power.I ATV/UTV All-Terrain Tire

The SunF Power tire is a tire well set for all terrains. The front size is 26×9-12, and the rear is 26×11 – 12. So the front 2 are a bit smaller and the back 2 are slightly bigger.

The directional angled knobs help to improve the performance of the tires in conditions such as mud, dessert, dirt or even rock. It’s durable and strong to roll over nearly anything!

The most special aspect of this tire is that it is not only suitable for ATV but also for UTV, Go Kart, Golf Cart or even Lawn Mower. It also has a ply rating of 6 with resistance to punctures and dents.

The lugs on the tire are huge and the depth of them allows the rider to get more control and traction on the road with less possibility of skidding. The excess knobs on the side of the tire enable the inner walls of the tire to be protected from damage.

The SunF tire is made from premium quality material and just the right amount of gap between the lugs to avoid getting big pieces of stones/rocks stuck in the tire. The high-quality material also explains the lifespan of the tire, as they last longer than the factory default ones that come with your ATV/UTV etc.

This great tire comes at a reasonable price compared to its competitors. So, if you are looking for ATV tires for cheap and also strong, then without a doubt, SunF Power. I ATV/UTV tire is just what you need!


  • Long lasting2. All-terrain tire3. Amazing traction4. Comparatively Cheap Price


  • Not suitable in heavy mud2. Rims not included

3. ITP Mud Lite AT Tire 24×10-11

When it comes to ITP/ATV vehicles, the first thing that comes to your mind is the tire. You want to know if the tire will be good enough to tackle hard surfaces and also give you the comfort you deserve during the ride.

Baring this in mind, the manufacturer makes these tires to justify the traction and durability in a variety of conditions.

The ITP Mud Lite AT Tire comes with ¾ lugs and fits most of the late models. The tire is made from extended-wear rubber which makes the tire strong and longer-lasting with great value for money.

This tire is also a 6ply rating tire. However, the special center thread enables the rider to experience a much smoother ride in heavy places. These tires can handle mud and slug with minimal problems.

The unique thread on these tires will enable you to push the mud away as you ride, and this results in more contact with the ground which enables you to have more power while you ride. Here is something most of you might not know, this tire can also be used in deep snow due to its strong abilities of this tire.

However, since the lugs are huge and the thread is thick, keep in mind that on normal roads, due to its immense traction, there could be higher wear and tear for this tire.  This ITP Mud was specifically built for mud and snow, so if you want something more for normal road use, the best option is to choose a different tire.

This tire is a force to be reckoned! This affordably priced tire will make your cruise through most trails and mud at ease compared to other expensive substitute tires in the market.


  • Light weightImproved PowerImproved Handling Strong TireInexpensive


  • Not suitable in all conditionsWears out quick

4. FOUR 26×9-12 26×11-12 KT MASSFX big TIRE SET

These massive tires are made from high-quality material straight from the MassFx factory. The tire comes with a factory-backed warranty.

This tire has a muti directional thread and bit lugs which provide better traction and control while riding. This tire has a rating of 6 ply.

The most special aspect of this tire is the special focus the manufacturers put in the sidewall of the tire to make it an unmatched puncture and increased resistant tire.

This tire has top-notch handling in tough trails or uphill. You can take smooth turns around corners and won’t need to worry about the tires getting worn out that easily. Its high durable material consists of elements to make is strong and durable.

This tire tends to hold the air for an extended period of time. You can also use this tire in deep snow going up or downhill. This tire has enough capability to handle the pressure. People in Texas are using this MassFx tire and riding over mesquites and cactus chasing their cattle’s and they seem to be impressed by the power that bestows in the tire.

This tire comes at a reasonable price compared to the power and ability of the tire. If you want to rely on a good adventure without any hassle of a tire bursting your fun, this is the ideal set you need to get your hands on. This tire is great value for the money as it’s nearly half the price of some of it’s competitors.


  • ​Superior Grip Multi-Directional threadLug Design provides better braking Special Focus on sidewall protection Comes with factory warranty by an authorized dealer


  • Heavy tire for handling Can tend to shake wheel at higher speeds sometimes not effective in mud

5. Complete Set of 4 All Terrain ATV/UTV Tires

This set of tires come with 4 All-terrain tires with a ply rating of 6. The tire is constructed with heavy nylon to avoid punctures and damage. There are additional lugs put on the side of the tires to protect it from damage on the side. Basically, this tire has a good protective outer layer.

The immense power this tire holds enables exceptional handling capability on terrains such as woods, desert, mud, or even rocks.

All four tires are of the same size 26 x 12 x26 inches. Being heavy and the same size enables steady control for the riders. This tire is good for the muddy situation. Just imagine with these big tires hooked onto your ATV, you can run over nearly anything with ease!

If you increase the speed in your ATV, some tires tend to make the vehicle shake, but it’s not the same for these sets of tires.

The weight of these tires is a bit higher than the other ones, this enables you to have firm control and grip on the ground. These are one of the affordable, best ATV tires for trail and mud.

If you normally live in a place where you have different seasons throughout the year, this set of tires can be of great help to ease the adventures with your ATV.

If you are a sporty type then these heavy bad boys can give you girth with traction control for drifting. These tires wears off very slowly with time thanks to the deep threads used. It’s a set of long-lasting tires.


  • ​​Full set6 ply rated with nylon construction Superior handling in various conditions Good traction


  • Can’t buy a single tireNot that suitable for deep snow

6. MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual Compound Tread

If you aren’t bothered by the amount of money you spend on ATV tires for the rough snow outside, the MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual Compound Tread is a good option to get your money in. The tires come in a pack of 4 and are 6 plies rated, which is a reason enough why you wouldn’t regret splurging out on this.

The tires are constructed with the heavy-duty, chip, and tear-resistant rubber with a dual compound that can seamlessly brave through the rough snow outside. Also, the tires come with an aggressive tread block design that offers optimal grip, especially when you are riding through a thick blanket of snow.

The integrated sidewall protector in the tire protects the sidewall against damage and destruction, especially after a long day of riding. It also makes the tires abrasion resistant, which is another reason why it is a bestselling product.

The unique feature in these ATV tires is the Sidewall traction that wraps the sidewalls and offers optimal protection and added strength. They are also available in a range of different sizes, making them compatible with different ATV bikes.

The 6-ply bias rating in these tires makes them one of a kind and is made with heavy-duty 6-layers that are ideal for the roughest trails that you ride your car through. Also, the rubber is of the best quality you can expect buying.

The best feature of the MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual Compound Tread has to be the micro tread technology. There are smaller treads in between the larger ones, preventing risks of damage and collision that many would otherwise expect.


  • Made with a 6-ply rubber design
  • Comes with sidewall traction and protection
  • Heavy-duty and tear-resistant construction
  • Come with micro-tread technology


  • Pretty on the expensive end

How To Choose The Best ATV Tires For Deep Snow 

Throughout the year, seasons change and you want to be well equipped to battle the seasonal challenges. As the leaves of the trees will fall in winter, you want to stay afloat the snow.

Most tires will adapt to different conditions like the dry season, mud, or even rainy days. But, when the snow starts to pile and it goes knee-deep, you want your vehicle to have the best ATV tire for snow. By doing this, you will be able to extract the maximum enjoyment of the season and work in some cases.

When you get out with your ATV during the beginning of snowfall, you might not feel the straining of going up hills or digging deep into the snow. However, after a heavy snowfall, you will need a good set of tires for your ATV.

Thinking what would be a bang for the buck for your ATV? Keep reading.

1. Weather Condition And Terrain 

Well, there are various ATV tires available for you, but it’s very important to know what condition you are mainly targeting to use your ATV tires in. Sometimes depending on what you are looking for, you might just get the best ATV tire for cheap. Not all manufacturers make tires specific to weather conditions; most tires would be all-purpose, road or mud tires.

In this case, for deep snow, you will want to look for rigid tires of ATV, have a large radial paddle to power through the deep snow. These tires would also have additional traction due to the raised ribs of the tires.

The tire will also be wide in shape, and this would result in your ATV to have balance in deep snow to stay on top rather than getting sucked into the pile of snow.

Another key thing to remember when choosing your next tires for ATV is the fit. You need to find the optimum design best suitable for your next adventure.

2. The Ply

Every ATV tire will specify the rating of the ply in the tire. This usually ranges between 2 – 6 ply. So, the higher the ply count, the stronger the tire will be giving more traction and aggression to conditions such as mud and deep snow.

3. The Tread Pattern

The tires which generally have shapes to move in a certain direction are good for tough conditions. The directional tread patterns help to extract the water that accumulates by the tire and concentrates more on having contact with a dry surface, hence it would be less slippery in deep snowy conditions.

4. Lugs

These are the blocks on the thread of the tire which help the tire to maintain its grip to the surface. They are often referred as tread block, tread lugs, or simply treads.

Choosing the right ATV tire is not an easy task, you might want to have a look at the winter ATV tires listed below to get some ideas to assist you in your decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What’s The PSI On These?

Ans: Always read your manual to determine the psi for the tires. Overinflating the tires can reduce the life of the tire and make the tires vulnerable to bursting. The normal ATV’s psi range from 4 psi to 8psi.

2. What Would Be Suitable For My ATV?

Ans: Make sure you are specific about the conditions you will be mostly using your tires in, this will help you to pick out the right one based on weight, traction, and power.

3. What Happens If The Tires Is Damaged In A Few Months?

Ans: Some tire manufacturers provide authorized dealers to provide a guarantee on the tires. You should check to see if those are available in your range of choices as this could prove to save you money in the case of a fault in the tires.


To top it off, the best tires for deep snow are the “bear claw” K299 Tenda tires which are offered at an affordable price and also in single units. Other types of tires are offered in various ways like in sets or with guarantees. Some tires are not suitable for deep snow as they might not have enough traction or proper directional lugs, so make sure you choose the best ATV tire for deep snow to enjoy every moment of your adventure.

If you are more of a dirt drifter, then make sure to pick the tires which have superior grip and braking capability.


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