Best 3 Ring Binders

Best 3 Ring Binders 2020

From school, college to the office, the 3 ring binder is one of the most essential elements to manage files and important documents. Whether you are a manager at the office, or a student in school, the college you need 3 ring binders for organizing presentations, keeping track of progress reports.

In this era of cloud computing, the use of papers has significantly decreased. But since the beginning of civilization, we are very dependent on papers. No matter for which work you are using papers, a great disciplinary way to organize important documents and files is a 3 ring binder.

There is a wide variety to choose from depending on which work you are going to need for. It might seem to be a very regular task. But selecting the best three ring binder according to your necessity can actually be overwhelming.This is where this guide can help you.

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1. Samsill 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" Book Style Mini Ring Binder| Best Heavy Duty 3 Ring Binder

Samsill Vintage Hardback Mini 3 Ring Leather Binder, Professional Binder Organizer, Planner Binder, 1 Inch 3 Ring Binder, Mini Binders 5.5 x 8.5 Three Ring, No Zipper, Faux Brown Leather
  • DIY PROJECTS and ORGANIZER - Mini binders are the perfect solution for making a recipe binder, work planner, playbill binder, coupon binder, mini planner, etc. The possibilities of customizing your...
  • DURABLE SOLUTION – Designed for frequent daily use with premium faux leather, sealed over thick and rigid chipboard. Mini binder is perfect for carrying in bags, purses, or backpacks

Are you an old soul? Do you like to keep your life organized in note-book like the old-time? Or a professional planner, event manager/organizer, real-estate agent, or simply put, a professional who always needs to take notes in works?Samsill 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" Book Style Mini Ring Binder is a perfect fit for you.

This one is my personal favorite to use in regular life for both professional and personal reasons. It features a unique combination of vintage stylish look and multifunctionality.

The size is compact book style, and it measures almost 14 inches long and 11 inches wide, so it’s easy to carry around in purse, briefcases or bags. The hardback cover is thick and robust for more prolonged use. And the sturdy cover always ensures maximum protection for the stored pages inside.

This 3 ring binder comes with 3 metal O-ring mounted in the strong spine that can hold up to Two hundred pages easily. It focuses on heavy-duty build and long durability. So,it will survive frequent and heavy usage.

The binder can accommodate 5.5 x 8.5" standard A4 size sheets of papers, indexes, sheet protectors. Inside part of the cover has two pockets to store your relevant documents, extra unpunched papers or office supplies. The 1 inch O-ring’sperfectly continued curve provides enough room to turn the pages quickly.

Samsill makes excellent products, they know the importance of your documents. Focused on that, the binder features a zipper attached with the covers to wrap around zipping the binder.

2. Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder, Blue, D-146-BLU | Best 3 Ring Binder for School

Case-it The Mighty Zip Tab Zipper Binder - 3 Inch O-Rings - 5 Color Tab Expanding File Folder - Multiple Pockets - 600 Sheet Capacity - Comes With Shoulder Strap - Blue D-146
  • School Supplies - Case-It’S 3-Inch Mighty Zip Tab Zipper Binder Has A Standard O-Ring Size Of 3 Inches And Holds Up To 600 Sheets Of Paper
  • Expandable - Stay Organized With The 5-Color Tabbed Expanding File For Important Papers And Documents. With That Much Room, Keeping Up With Your Classes Is A Breeze

Are your kids in middle school? Looking for an all in one binder solution? Let me assure you, this is more than a binder! Perfectly designed for middle schoolers as well as professionals.

As most middle school requires its students to carry 3 inches 3 ring binders,the Case-it D-146 Mighty Zip Tabis an ideal fit. It comes with 5 tabbed expanding file folders with different colors for your important papers and documents.

You can just write titles in tabs like Arts, science, history, etc. to make things simpler and easier to find out in a hurry. This 3 O-ring binder features 3 inches rings, so it holds enough papers to meet any kind of necessities.

It comes with a shoulder-strap and a carrying handle for easy mobility. Any way you or your kid like it to carry, this binder get it covered.  It’s a large capacity binder with multiple compartments and mesh pockets to keep all kind of essential school papers or office supplies.

It has an all-way wrapping zip featured so, zip it, strap over the shoulder, and you are ready to go! Rhere is a special angle of zipper design for smooth closing and opening. Gusseted zipper provides easy access for files in busy moments.

The squire pattern traps of ripstop material make it extra secure from tearing easily. As usual,Case-it uses kraft board instead of PE board. That gives the binder a stiff and firmshape, so it won’t get wrapped or buckled like other binders.

3. Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder| most durable 3 ring binder

Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder, 1 Inch Binder with Tabs, Notebook and 3 Ring Binder All-in-One, Black (72009)
  • LASTS ALL YEAR. GUARANTEED!* Acts like a binder. Works like a notebook.
  • Plastic cover folds back over the rings to lie flat like a notebook cover. This provides durability and convenient notetaking in class.

What’s most fascinating about this 3 ring binder is it’s designed like a notebook to help students take notes in class. So, it’s a perfect hybrid combination of a binder and a notebook. Whether you are a college student or a school student, you need this.

Five Star Flex is a well-known brand for making the best 3 ring binder for school and college students. This hybrid NoteBinderfeatures plastic cover. The cover folds back over the ring. This feature allows the binder to act and look like a regular notebook, making it more convenient to take notes during busy class without any extra hassle.

The 3 O-ring is made of sturdy and flexible plastic. The element is strong enough to make sure it’s durable and won’t misalign by regular usage. The rings feature parented techlock, very easy to open for adding or removing pages anytime you want. The 1 inch O-ring is able to hold a massive 200 pages approximately.

When I say it’s specially designed for college and school students, know this bonus feature: It comes with 60 college ruled sheets & 20 graph ruled sheets.Exciting right? There are more. There are 5 tabbed pocket dividers for you to organize class subjects!

 The three ring binder measures 11-1/2" x 10-3/4" with enough room to accommodate standard A4 size papers. You can easily carry inside your bag. Most of all, it comes with a very affordable price tag for students.

3 Ring Binder Buying Guide

With different sizes, colors, and features, there are wide ranges of choices out there for a 3 ring binder. And I’m going to help you choose what are the best three ring binders for you by breaking down a few significant features and key elements.


The longevity of your 3 ring binder mostly depends on its cover. In the old days' binder’s cover mainly were made of heavy cardboard. Those days are long gone.

In modern times, binder’s covers are mostly made of PVC, plastic, polypropylene, and paper overboard. The materials of the cover can contribute a lot in the longevity of the 3 ring binder depending on the frequency of usage.

Also, your application of a 3 ring binder can be important. Generally, non-view binders, which are used for archiving purposes, have more durable, stiff covers. For regular and daily usage, the binder’s cover can be flexible and soft to giving it a handy carrying purpose and making it easy to use.

Ring Size and Style

3 ring binders come with various sizes and styles of ring. The binder’s ring size determines the amount of paper holding capacity. The style impacts how easy and fast it will be to turn the pages. Also, how easy it will be to add or remove papers.

There are mostly two standard shapes ring styles you will find in the market: The round-rings or O-rings and D-rings.

The O-rings are the most common and handy for regular purposes. Its importance comes in when you have fewer amount sheets and smaller documents to carry or collect.

So, if you have a kid in school or you are a regular office employee or college student who does presentations, you will need mostly the O-ring shaped 3 ring binder.

Then the D-ring provides particular advantages for heavy usage. If you need to manage larger documents and a big number of sheets, D-ring is what you need. The unique one-touch detachment technology of the ring makes it easy to add or remove pages. If you frequently add or remove pages from your file, this feature will be of great advantage for you. D-shape also adds great page turnability.

The amount of sheet a binder can hold depends on the size of the ring. Generally,the rings sizes vary from ½" to 4". Sizes also contribute to how easily you can flip the pages. The ½" O-ring can hold up to 75 pages, and a 4" D-ring can hold up to 800 pages.

Color and Sheet Size

If you prefer a binder for personal use, choose colored ones based on your personal taste. Keep in mind about where you are carrying it, office, or college or kid’s school. Choose accordingly.

Whether you work in a company or small business, try to choose a color that matches your company logo, advertisements. In most of the binders, the cover pocket there will be room to keep the poster of your personal choice, you can print your company logo, ads and put it there.

So, pick a color that represents your personal view or matches your work organization.

Three ring binder comes in multiple sizes. You will find binders that can accommodate from a standard A4 to A3 paper size. So, focus on the size you need.

Final Verdicts

Call me old school, but in this modern age of smartphones and tabs, I still feel like organizing my professional and personal life in a binder. Taking notes, planning my vacation, day to day chores, I write it all down, it’s an ease of mind.

Whether you are a professional, just a regular person who is very disciplined, or a small business owner who likes to take notes, you need a binder. 3 ring binders are easy to organize; the pages can be replaced easily.

I hope you have a clear picture already about the best 3 ring binder for you. Hpefully you can choose the appropriate one for your kid’s school, personal needs, or professional applications.

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