The Daily Tell is a chronicle of the better side of human nature.   There are thousands of inspiring stories out there of products, people, and businesses making a real difference in people’s lives.  Unfortunately, many of these stories are often passed over and never told.  The Daily Tell is here to tell on those stories.  Our mission is to show how products and brands are striving to make this world a better place, one person at a time.

We believe there is a real demand for these types of review and informative articles.  It is NOT our intention to directly compete with the standard review sources and wires.   There are already plenty of sources competing to report on products and their features.  Rather, we are to pick up on the neat, unbiased reviews that the sources do not provide most of the time.  By reading The Daily Tell, a reader can get a more complete picture of an individual product or the brand behind it beyond the usual focus on sales pitch in most review websites.

The Daily Tell reviews and archives a wide range of products on various niches, including Home, Tools, Outdoors, Camping, and Hunting, everything that we use on daily basis and need unbiased information before purchase.

The ultimate goal of The Daily Tell to remind readers that all is not “doom and gloom” out there.  Brands and organizations are working hard to improve the quality of life, spread happiness and empowerment, and clean up our world.  We believe it is time these brands and their products get the recognition they deserve, and we hope the reviews will inspire our fellow readers to respond in kind.

Please note that The Daily Tell is NOT a source of funding for the brands and products we report on. Our mission is to give quality products and dedicated brands more publicity, and encourage our visitors to appreciate these groups by purchasing from them. We do not give out grant money of any kind.

However, we might make a small affiliate commission for every purchase you make from our affiliate links. We assure you the system is there because with this little help, we can continue working and provide you unbiased reviews. Also note, these commissions don’t influence our judgement on products.