Hewlett Foundation awards $84 million in grants

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has announced $84 million in grants for 199 nonprofit organizations around the world. The foundation has six major areas of grantmaking: global development, the environment, education, performing arts, philanthropy and population.

In an effort to help promote global literacy, the foundation made two grants totaling $7.5 million to Pratham USA, the U.S. affiliate of an Indian nonprofit that works to improve reading and math skills for elementary school children there. The new grants will work to extend the program’s reach into higher grade levels and support the organizations annual survey of math and reading skills.

Among the 47 organizations that received education grants was the Health Effects Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, which is conducting research on the continued health effects of air pollution.

The foundation’s education program awarded $6.7 million in 28 grants for education programs. One of the grant recipients was the Alliance for Excellent Education. It works to develop policies and teacher training programs that help bring deeper learning skills – like critical thinking and problem solving – into more schools nationwide.

The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir was one of many performing arts organizations that received funding. The choir received a $90,000 general operations grant from the foundation to help promote equality in one of the country’s most culturally diverse regions.

The remainder of the grants went to dozens of organizations working in philanthropy and healthcare programs.

The foundation also makes select grants to special projects in areas such as the political realm. It made a special grant of $750,000 to the Washington D.C.-based State of the USA, a bipartisan group that works to create a set of common measurements to find a true measure of the country’s progress.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has made grants to organizations working on social and environmental problems since 1967. Last year, the foundation gave out nearly 600 grants and gifts totaling more than $345 million.

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